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THANK YOU !   The crew at Rex Marine thank all who attended our "March Madness Sale and Seminar Day" last Saturday. It was great to see so many old friends returning to kick off the 2017 boating season!

As you prepare your boat for the season, please be aware that both the Rex Marine & Norwalk Cove Ships Stores always have VERY competitive pricing on the supplies you need. (We will ALWAYS beat West Marine prices).  Give us a try, you'll be happy to find very experienced boating experts ready to help you.

NEW PAINTS for 2017

International Paint's water based Micron WA & Aqua-One. 

Micron WA is the new water based version of International's favorite Micron series. It's a unique multi-season Water Activated Matrix - which provides outstanding protection against all types
of fouling in all types of water, including high-challenge areas, for up to 24 months.    Get the WA details... HERE 
Aqua-One is a new water based ablative single Testyear paint. It's designed to slough off during the season and helps eliminate heavy sanding each year. With the right mix of toxins, it protects from barnacles, zebra mussels, slime, algae and
other forms of marine fouling.    Info is... HERE 
The "Metrification" of Charts is Getting Closer
The United States is one of only a few countries that routinely use traditional or "Imperial" units of measure such as gallons, pounds, and feet. In 1919 an international group, the IHB "International Hydrographic Bureau" was formed to standardize charts internationally.
The conference passed a resolution that, "strongly recommended that all countries, as soon as convenient, adopt the metric system for their nautical publications." After a half hearted attempt in the early 90's, the US gave up trying to convert to metric.  

The US Coast Survey is now re- investigating the feasibility of converting all depth values into meters on both ENC and raster charts. This will be a considerable effort, but much less onerous than it was 25 years ago since all chart data are in digital format and more efficient computer tools are available.

Don't Panic !  You should be able to choose to convert values to feet or fathoms in your navigation system.    Read more... HERE 

The Nautical Boutique is waiting for you!  Beautiful new arrivals that will add that "Coastal Living" Nautical flare to your home, or look great on the boat! 

Navionics is Offering a New Series of Webinars on Navigation & Fishing Tricks 

Here's what they say:   "Spring has finally sprung and it's time to heighten your nautical knowledge! Our team of Navionics experts have put together their best tips and tricks to help you experience more success on the water! Check out our April webinars for insight on fishing techniques, sailing strategies and much more!   Visit for updates and more webinars into the summer months!
Boating and CT Certification Courses  

NEW Courses Added This Week!   
Spring is Here - Now is the time to take that boating course!

See the list of local courses... HERE

Note: If your organization is offering courses or seminars, please e-mail the info or links to Capt. Rick: 
April 20th, 7:30 at the Norwalk Doubletree Hotel: The little known and "undersung" saga of America's raucous Revolutionary War privateers...

Author Robert H. Patton will speak about his book "Patriot Pirates".
He tells a sweeping story of courage, capitalism, naval warfare, and political intrigue set on the high seas during the American Revolution. Colonial privateers played a pivotal role in defeating Britain and gaining American Independence. Essentially legalized pirates, they grew from a ragtag squadron of New England schooners in 1775 to a massive seaborne insurgency involving thousands of money-mad patriots plundering Britain's maritime trade throughout the Atlantic.

SUS is a social group who's mission is to bring together single people with an interest in sailing, boating and related activities, and to provide opportunities to share those activities.  Their upcoming "Meet the Skippers" meeting on 4/6, 7:30 at the Ponus YC in Stamford kicks off the season.  Get more info... HERE 
Heading Offshore ?  This is for you!        

The Storm Trysail Club & Foundation will be hosting its fifth hands-on Safety-at-Sea Seminar on May 20 at the campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College at Fort Schuyler in the Bronx..

According to UK Sailmakers past president and Safety At Sea Event Chairman Butch Ulmer, "The popular format of one-day Hands-On activities will be supplemented by online video presentations.

Over 250 attendees will participate in four 90-minute Hands-On "blocks" bracketed by opening and closing sessions. The four blocks include: on-the-water Man Overboard practice held on eleven 40-50 foot ocean racing yachts loaned by STC members; Survival Training in the swimming pool using inflatable PFDs and life rafts; Firefighting and Flares, (where fires are extinguished and hand held flares and parachute flares are fired by each person); Damage Control with rig cutting, hull patching, steering gear repair, use of pumps, and actual plugging holes in a mockup of a sinking yacht.

If you are considering a serious cruise or heading offshore, this course is a must!    It's also lots of fun to attend with your crew!
More info... HERE

New CT Bill introduced      

Three lawmakers from Connecticut are part of an effort to stop the Trump administration from slashing $65 million a year in funds used to protect and restore Long Island Sound.

The Long Island Sound Restoration  and Stewardship Act, introduced last week, is also supported by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy (both D-Conn.)  and U.S. Sens. Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (both D-N.Y.) and U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.).

The act combines two water quality and shore restoration programs at their previous levels of $40 million and $25 million per year, respectively, which the Trump administration has proposed to cut completely.

More... HERE 
Rex Valet Rack Service 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Summer Valet Rack Service for powerboats up to 32 ft.
  • Keep your boat looking NEW !  Indoor Valet Rack Service is like a garage for your boat. Helps it look better, longer.
  • Includes free dockage for consecutive day use.
  • Annual, seasonal, monthly, or weekly availability.
  • Easy and convenient 5 minute, "Launch on Demand", no advance notice required during operating hours. Or use the mobile Launch App.
  • 24/7 access: Your boat can be used anytime, including night or early morning.
 Learn More   See the RACK MAN video

See the winter storage Drone Clip... HERE
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