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Rex Marine is a
Certified Mercury
Marine Dealer and
Repair Center,
offering, sales,
service and genuine Mercury parts.  
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If you are looking to purchase 
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please contact Whit Miller  
at Rex Marine.
See the listings... HERE 
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and so is
Rex Marine's
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This Saturday, 3/25
Seminars All Day   

Food & Libations, Comradery and New Boats to Explore

New Raymarine Seminars Added! 
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and sale items)

*KUMA STOW-N-GO 125 GRILL $139.95

See the Event Flyer and Sales Items... HERE  
Seminar Registration:  

This Friday Night - Tickets still available! 
Sea Scout Ship 6 Pasta Dinner Fundraiser
 Sea Scout Ship 6 is having their Spring fundraiser & Pasta Dinner.  Please help support the Ship!
Please register ASAP and bring canned food for the food bank and spare change from your car or under the couch!    This is a GREAT group!!

See the flyer... HERE 
Norwalk Cove Store Sale - Also This Saturday!
To celebrate the Rex Open House, the Cove Ships Store will match the incredible Rex SALE prices! 

Remember, all Cove members  
are welcome to the seminars  
at Rex !!

Register... HERE 
The Coast Guard is Ready to Remove Buoys
Near Bridgeport & Next Generation Navigation Technology May be the Reason !  
  • Date Reported: Mar 16, 2017
  • Source: CG 1st District LNM 01112017
  • Description:
The U.S. Coast Guard is considering making the following changes to Aids to Navigation to this waterway: 
DISCONTINUE the following aids:  
Bridgeport Harbor Entrance Channel Lighted Buoy 2 (LLNR 24550) 
Bridgeport Harbor Entrance Channel Buoy 3 (LLNR 24555) 
Bridgeport Harbor Entrance ChannelBuoy 4 (LLNR 24560) 
Bridgeport Harbor Entrance Channel Lighted Buoy 5 (LLNR 24651) 
Bridgeport Harbor Entrance Channel Lighted Buoy 6 (LLNR 24570) 
Bridgeport Harbor Entrance Channel Buoy 7 (LLNR 24575)   
Why could this be happening? For some time the Coast Guard has been conducting an experiment using electronically synthesized AIS "Buoys" off Bridgeport and Port Jefferson (and NY harbor, San Francisco, and others). Those AIS buoys are actually created by a land based antenna which broadcasts the position of the synthesized buoy over VHF channel 70 which can be received by all nearby vessels using AIS. They have been very reliable and obviously require no physical upkeep, so maybe the future is NOW !

 See the AIS "Buoys" (marked as pink circles) HERE 
Don't know about AIS or DSC on your VHF radio?  
Come to the Rex Seminar on Saturday!
Boating and CT Certification Courses  

Spring is Here - Now is the time to take that boating course!

See the list of local courses... HERE 

Note: If your organization is offering courses or seminars, please e-mail the info or links to Capt. Rick: 

Every year some boaters decide its finally warm enough to do some early spring boating (when the water is still in the 40's!). Too often the police boat isn't even in the water.

Please recognize that the water is still very cold, the winds relentless and that there are very few boats out there to rescue you should something go wrong. 

Before the season really starts is a great time to review the Cold Water boating guidelines and Hypothermia signs...

Read the Rescued Kayaker article... HERE

and the Cold Water Boating guide... HERE

LIS Blue Plan Updates for Spring 2017  
The Long Island Sound Blue Plan - a new State and stakeholder initiative to better guide future uses of the Sound kicked off with a meeting in November at the Maritime Aquarium. In case you haven't heard of it or what it hopes to accomplish, here is a summary:

The Vision of The Blue Plan:
"A Long Island Sound where the different human uses and thriving marine life are compatible"

The Goals are: 
#1  A Healthy Long Island Sound Ecosystem
#2  Effective Decision Making
#3  Compatibility Among Past, Current, and Future Ocean Uses    
The need for the Blue Plan is driven by the fact that public recreational users, commercial fishermen, boaters, commercial transportation companies and eventually wind power groups all vie for the same water resource. Doing a study and putting some guidelines in place will help protect the interests of every possible user (or animal) and increase the awareness of people who may not realize there are "competing" needs of others. It's about how to "play nice" in the beautiful resource that is Long Island Sound.   

Read the latest newsletter... HERE

See the two "Ocean Frontiers" documentaries that helped kick off the Blue Plan Meetings... HERE
Free Boating Handbooks    

Steve Dashew, a boat designer, world voyager and author who is the driving force behind some of the most innovative sail & power voayagers ever seen feels it's ready to give back... 

He writes, "Dashew Offshore, Beowulf Publishing, and the FPB team have been blessed with the support of the cruising community for many years, and we'd like to return the favor in a small way. We are making Mariner's Weather Handbook, Surviving the Storm, Practical Seamanship and Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia available for free as PDF files. We hope Mariner's Weather Handbook helps you avoid the need for Surviving the Storm, and that Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia and Practical Seamanship enhance your tools for successful cruising. If these books help a few of our fellow cruisers have a more enjoyable experience, and perhaps stay out of difficulty, we will have been amply repaid." 

Download them... HERE     See his website... HERE

Editor's note: The Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia has been a reference book on my bookshelf for years! 
Rex Valet Rack Service 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Summer Valet Rack Service for powerboats up to 32 ft.
  • Keep your boat looking NEW !  Indoor Valet Rack Service is like a garage for your boat. Helps it look better, longer.
  • Includes free dockage for consecutive day use.
  • Annual, seasonal, monthly, or weekly availability.
  • Easy and convenient 5 minute, "Launch on Demand", no advance notice required during operating hours. Or use the mobile Launch App.
  • 24/7 access: Your boat can be used anytime, including night or early morning.
 Learn More   See the RACK MAN video

See the winter storage Drone Clip... HERE
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