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Rex Marine is a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, offering, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts.  
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has long been known in NY & CT as the place to find, purchase and sell a boat. 
If you are looking to purchase a new, used or trade-in boat, or to sell the boat you own, please contact Whit Miller at Rex 
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This Weekend 
Annapolis Powerboat Show
The weather is forecast to be perfect and the US Powerboat Show will have 350 boats, miles of docks exhibit everything from luxurious motor and ocean-going yachts and "down east" trawlers to high-performance powerboats and offshore fishing machines. On display are boats of every style from 8' to 80' including water toys of all types, express cruisers, inflatables, paddle boards, ski boats, trailerable powerboats, pontoons, and an extensive collection of center console fishing boats.

You know you want to go!  For info, click... HERE

Meet the Captain of "Wicked Pissah', Paul Hebert, Star of the National Geographic TV Show "Wicked Tuna" on Friday & Saturday Only!
It's that time again... 

Winter Contracts are Available Online 

Norwalk Cove Storage and Service Contracts...
Rex Marine Storage and Service Contracts...  HERE 

Now is the time to discuss this winter's projects! Large or small, the crews at Norwalk Cove and Rex Marine will work with you to make next season unforgettable.

Winter projects often include: Repowering, Air Conditioning, Davits & Cranes, Refinishing, Prop and Drive Maintenance, Rigging Replacement, LED Underwater Lights, Bow Thruster Installation, Sound Systems, you name it! 
Long Island Sound Report Card
from Save the Sound 

There is a gradient from west to east of unhealthy (F) to healthy open Sound water quality (A-). The Western Narrows, home of the highly populated New York City metropolitan area, scored very poorly, reflecting a very high load of nutrients and very poor water clarity. In addition to the polluting impacts of dense population and development, the western end of the Sound is further impacted by having only minor flushing and tidal exchange with New York Harbor.

As you move east, you generally move toward a lower density of people and toward stronger tidal flushing from the Atlantic Ocean at the Sound's east end, which is reflected in better grades. It is important to note that these grades are for open water conditions only. Communities on bays and inlets in any part of the Sound can experience water quality problems similar to the Western and Eastern Narrows due to low tidal flushing rates combined with high pollutant loads.

 To see the report, click... HERE 
This Weekend !
Oyster Bay Oyster Festival 2016

Make it a day trip or the last overnight of the season! Dubbed the largest waterfront festival on the East Coast, the Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay is a celebration of fresh oysters and mouthwatering seafood.

The two-day annual affair was originally a homecoming salute to Theodore Roosevelt but has since morphed into a smorgasbord of delectable seafood dishes from culinary pros and expert chefs.

There are also live musical performances, pirate shows, tall ships, carnival attractions and shucking contests.

See the website...
Rex Marine & Norwalk Cove
        Your Winterizing Headquarters! 
Rex and Cove have you  covered with winterizing supplies including antifreeze, zincs, oil, fuel additives, tarps plus epoxies, sandpaper, caulk, paint, wire, switches and hardware for your winter projects.

P.S.  It's time to get started!
Marine Electronics Have Taken a BIG STEP!   

This time of year is fun in the marine business because the electronics manufacturers introduce new equipment.

This year may be a banner year for electronics and Standard Horizon seems to be leading the way with a new VHF radio, the Quantum GX6500. This new radio is a super radio on steroids! The list of it's capabilities is amazing, but first a picture:

Pretty impressive looking, but what can it do ? Beyond regular commercial grade VHF communications, it incorporates DSC (Digital Selective Calling) which allows you to call another boat or the Coast Guard (digitally like a phone). Now add a built in GPS, so it always knows your exact position (and can send it to the CG or SeaTow), then add a built in dual zone, talk back hailer, complete with fog signals.

But there's more!!! Included is a full Class B (non-commercial) AIS (Automatic Identification System) transceiver so you can receive AND transmit the name, heading, location, speed and closest point of advance of yours and other boats with AIS. (All commercial vessels and a growing number of private vessels).

If you've been watching over the past few years, all of these technologies have begun to shine, and Standard is the first to bundle them into a serious package without having to spend a fortune in money or time trying to network various stand alone units. One data wire to your chart plotter and you have full AIS displayed on the chart... amazing !

Now add up to 5 wired and wireless full featured remote mics (for dual or triple stations plus roaming) and you get the whole story - your existing radio just went obsolete.
Dinosaur obsolete.

It's not available yet, awaiting FCC approval. Maybe under your Christmas tree ???

See more info... HERE  
Norwalk Boat Ramp Update

Please spread this news. Effective Monday morning October 31, 2016 the Veterans Park launch ramps and parking lot will be totally fenced off and inaccessible for use.

The very last chance to access ramps for small boat hauling will be Sunday October 30, 2016. Project is scheduled to be completed on or before May 01, 2017.  
2016 Calendar of Fun Things to do
Around the Sound  

It's time to make your summer boating plans - check out our 2016 Calendar of fun things to do around the Sound !

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E-mail additional events to: 
Boating Courses and Seminars

Safe Boating Certs, Navigation & Boat Handling 

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NOTE:  OCT - Nov Seminars and Courses Listed

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