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Rex Marine is a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, offering, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts.  
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If you are looking to purchase a new, used or trade-in boat, or to sell the boat you own, please contact Whit Miller at Rex 
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Rex customer Rich Alexander's latest work 

We may have Dodged a Bullet Again -
Hurricane Matthew is Forecast to Move Offshore

Since "It ain't over till it's over" it's probably not wise to say it will completely miss us, but the various models have Matthew heading offshore... 
The forecast wind track through Sunday doesn't affect the Metro NY region at all.   Let's keep an eye on it though!
Here's the link - National Hurricane Center.... NHC.NOAA 

For the BIG PICTURE... Click HERE   
It's that time again... 

Winter Contracts are Available Online 

Norwalk Cove Storage and Service Contracts...
Rex Marine Storage and Service Contracts...  HERE 

Now is the time to discuss this winter's projects! Large or small, the crews at Norwalk Cove and Rex Marine will work with you to make next season unforgettable.

Winter projects often include: Repowering, Air Conditioning, Davits & Cranes, Refinishing, Prop and Drive Maintenance, Rigging Replacement, LED Underwater Lights, Bow Thruster Installation, Sound Systems, you name it! 
Brokerage Personnel Update  
We are pleased to announce that Whit Miller continues our 80 year tradition in Boat & Yacht Sales and hasRex/Cove logo begun representing boat sellers and boat buyers through our Brokerage operation. 

Whit is an experienced boater and fisherman, having spent may years on the water from Mystic to Cape Cod. His most recent boat, a 33' Phoenix Express Sport Fisherman, was a canyon running tuna machine! His passion for boating and attention to detail is a perfect fit for our brokerage operation.

If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a boat, Whit welcomes the opportunity to talk boats. Please stop by to see him at Rex, give him a call at 203-866-5555 ext 135, or email him at

To Fill or Empty, That is the Question

It's that time of year when you need to decide, do I fill my fuel tanks or should I empty my tanks?

Pick a Side:

"FILL" proponents argue that a partly filled (or empty) tank promotes condensation and a buildup of water in the tank, exactly what you don't want. They believe that the stabilizers in the fuel (i.e. ValvTect) will stabilize the phase separation of the ethanol in gasoline and prohibit the growth of bacteria in diesel.

"EMPTY" proponents argue that phase separation is inevitable and since ethanol is known to attract moisture, a full tank will end up with more water in it than could condensate on the tank walls... YIKES

We encourage you to do your research,  but will add that the current thinking in the yards is to fill the tanks 80% (to leave some room for expansion when it gets warm in the spring)

See our detailed answer... HERE

In any case, PROTECT YOUR ENGINE and prevent ethanol damage and corrosion in the carburetor(s) by ideally running NON Ethanol fuel treated with ValvTect and oil through it as you fog it. (Non-ethanol fuel is available in gallon cans if you search around, but SHOULD NOT be used in engines with catalytic converters).

We see a HUGE number (increasing yearly) of small engines come into the repair shops with preventable carburetor damage.  

See a winterizing article... HERE

Thus the cartoon below...

Rex Marine & Norwalk Cove
        Your Winterizing Headquarters! 
Newbies... Discover what "seasoned boaters" h
ave known for years, the pros at Rex and Cove have you
covered with winterizing supplies and expert knowledge gained from years of boating themselves.  After all, do you feel comfortable asking a teenager in a chain store how to correctly winterize your expensive baby?

 Get your pink stuff now - we're stocked up! 

A good winterizing summary to get you started... HERE 
The Annapolis Boat Show is a GO!  

Hurricane - Smuricane, or so they seem to be saying for this weekend's US Sailboat Show.

They've doubled and tripled up all of the pilings and brought in extra weights for the tents... and the crowds were lining up this morning to buy tickets, so it's business as usual.
See a video clip... HERE

Bring foul weather gear! Boat shows are better in the rain - it filters out all the "tire kickers"!

Annapolis US Sailboat Show  Oct 6 - 10th    Web Site 
Annapolis Powerboat Show  Oct 13 - 16th  Web Site  
10 Things Racers Need to Know About Cruisers

From the Cheasapeake Bay magazine "SpinSheet"

FYI: This is a sailor thing (Power boaters, imagine the differences between trawler and sport cruiser owners) 

Whether you race or cruise, there are certain typecasts or stereotypes of the "other" half of sailing that stand out.
This great article sums them up in a very humorous way!

1. Cruisers don't adhere to any sort of schedule.
If they say they're going sailing at 11 a.m. but then it's pouring rain at 11 am, they won't even leave the restaurant where they're having brunch. Racers, there could be absolutely no wind and it's pouring buckets, and they'll still show up to knock somebody off a podium. Cruisers just don't care. Don't get mad if they don't show up. They think there's something better to be doing.

2. Jewelry to cruisers is like Mount Gay hats to racers.   I know, I know. I don't get why you'd want an anchor around your neck, either. But they think our matching Mount Gay hats make us look like the saddest Little League team reunion ever. So we're at an impasse.

See the entire article "What Racers need to know about Cruisers"...HERE

Then see the rebuttal "What Cruisers need to know about Racers"...HERE  
2016 Calendar of Fun Things to do
Around the Sound  

It's time to make your summer boating plans - check out our 2016 Calendar of fun things to do around the Sound !

See it... HERE 

E-mail additional events to: 
Boating Courses and Seminars

Safe Boating Certs, Navigation & Boat Handling 

See the updated list...    HERE 
NOTE:  New Seminars and Courses Listed

Virtual Fishing Contest Winner

This summer's contest was based on the honor system: Catch a fish, ID it, weigh it, take a selfie while measuring and either release (greatly encouraged) or keep for eating. Include angler name and where it was caught. Weight is important and will be the primary method of judging. The catch must be made in the Sound between Throgs Neck and the Milford - Port Jeff line.

And the Winner is........

Mark Hiller -striped bass - July 8 at Norwalk Cove  
40lbs 2oz

Mark, Stop by Rex Marine to pick up your Rex /  Cove
Gift Card

Bass Pro Shops acquires Cabela's for 5.5 Billion 

Bass Pro Shops won't complete its $5.5 billion acquisition of Cabela's (CAB) until 2017, but one thing already seems clear: the hunting and firearms retailer isn't going anywhere.

Sidney, Nebraska-based Cabela's, known for its megastores featuring outdoor gear and wildlife displays, has been on the block for nearly a year, and Bass Pro Shops was long rumored to be interested in a combination with its main rival. While some details have yet to be revealed, Bass Pro Shops indicated that it will continue to coexist with Cabela's under the same roof.

On a Final Note,