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If you have a busy life  
but love the water,  
it's the answer!  


Do you know
what this
buoy is for ?

Safe Water Markers are white with red vertical stripes and mark mid-channels or fairways. They may be passed on either side, as long as other safe navigation rules are followed.

See one at the entrance to the Bridgeport harbor channel.

Congrats to George & E. Roberts who got it right! 
Do you Know What This Means on a Chart ?


Hint: It's very important to know in the Norwalk Islands!!

E-mail your answer  

Wow, It's AUGUST already !!   Where did the summer go?

Remember last winter, when you were (secretly) adding up boat expenses and making a pledge that "to justify the expense we just have to go out more"...

Well, now is the time to keep that pledge!

A midweek "sunset cruise to nowhere" is still possible (the sun is still setting after 8:00 pm). Coming back in after twilight is beautiful - especially without the weekend traffic! Start soon, the days are already getting shorter and the sun is setting about one minute earlier each day!  
Rex Marine Ambassador Program

Rex is excited to be launching our Rex Marine Ambassador Program! It's a great opportunity to win prizes  by sharing Rex Marine news and images with your friends.  

It's easy to start - just sign up and earn points! Then share as you like with friends and earn more points to win a $50 Gift Card!

We'll be awarding one each month to the points leader. Get a head start now!
Are You a Secret Armchair Cruiser?

Well then, joint crowd! You may be boating regularly on the Sound, but still secretly harbor "the dream". Yes, that one... sailing off across the ocean, visiting strange new worlds, boldly going where no man has gone before. (oops, wrong blog...)

Now you can live the dream vicariously and even contribute to those who are "out there".

Through the wonders of technology, the internet and go-pro style cameras, a sub-culture of sailors documenting their voyages has surfaced, mostly on YouTube. They including individuals, couples, families and groups who are documenting the preparation (often rebuilding a vessel), the outfitting, provisioning and ultimate setting off on their dream voyage. It's real reality TV by those who actually DO something rather than BUY something (or talk about someone)!

Many are partially subsidized through a subscription site called "Patreon". There you can pledge $2.00 (or more) for each video produced and stipulate a monthly maximum. That way they can, as the Patreon website states, "Harness the power of your biggest fans by giving them the opportunity to fund your ongoing content creation with a monthly subscription amount of their choice".

One sailing couple put together a website aimed at introducing those out cruising to those dreaming (or preparing) called "Sailing-
Sailing Videos before GoPro 
Channels".  It does a good job of listing youtube channels that are related to sailing, circumnavigation or people living aboard their boats by doing a network analysis and calculating the number of subscriptions.

So come out of the cruising closet and follow a few channels!  

See the Sailing-Channels Website...  HERE

See a sample cruising couple's writeup...  HERE
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August 1st thru 31st  

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Call for Details 
Huntington Lighthouse MusicFest   September 3rd  

For the 10th year, the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society presents the Lighthouse Music Fest. This event, held each Labor Day weekend, is
the ONLY Music Festival in the WORLD held on top of a working lighthouse in the middle of the water!
This year, thanks to the folks who present the Musicfest, you can go to bed with the Dead and wake up to a breakfast Buffett! That's right, there will be a concert at 7:00 pm on Friday September 2, prior to the daylong Musicfest on Saturday. The Grateful Dead cover band, Blacklight Allstars, is scheduled to perform. Check the website for updates and details.

The event has grown each year, with participants attending by yacht, boat, kayak, canoe or inner-tube !  Boaters are drawn from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey! The music begins at 11 am and runs through 8 pm.


For More...CLICK HERE 

Cove Member Activities

Bingo Night #2 ............ Friday August 19

Poker Run Fun 
"Great White Doghead Shark" 

Rex & Norwalk Cove are hosting a
"virtual" fishing contest. (Virtual as in "please don't bring fish in to be weighed" !!)

Get the Details... HERE

E-mail pictures to
The Greater Norwalk Arts Council Presents:

INside/Out will be a one day event Saturday August 6th, presenting "Open Studios" and public exhibits celebrating the Norwalk Arts Community.

The Greater Norwalk Arts Council is a Norwalk 2.0 public arts project founded by Jackie Lightfield to provide a member-powered organization passionate about promoting, coordinating and celebrating the vibrant and culturally diverse greater Norwalk arts scene. 

See the website... HERE       
VHF Channel 13 - Why It's important   
Monitoring channel 16 while underway allows you to hear emergency and warning calls. If you are entering a particularly busy harbor or underway at night it would also be prudent to monitor channel 13 - the primary channel used by commercial shipping to communicate their actions and confirm passage.

In your safe boating class (way back when), you learned about honking horns to indicate your intentions, one short blast if leaving another boat on your left & two short blasts if on your right. In reality, we never honk at each other, except when entering a channel (one long), backing out of a slip (3 short) or danger (5 short).

Though we might not be honking our passing intentions and
agreements, commercial vessels do all the time! They just do it on  the radio, on channel 13. Listen in one day and see if you can decipher "captain speak" - it may be useful someday in the fog! 

It's likely your radio has memory channels and a scan function. By programming Ch 13 (and also ch 22a - the Coast Guard working channel) into your memory and turning on scan, your radio will quickly run though all the memory channels and stop at the one with voice traffic. On a long trip or at night you'll have a much better picture of what's going on around you. 

Not like... THIS!! 
2016 Calendar of Fun Things to do
Around the Sound  

It's time to make your summer boating plans - check out our 2016 Calendar of fun things to do around the Sound !

See it... HERE 

E-mail additional events to:


August 13th & 14th 
Norwalk Seaport Association's 
Haunted Lighthouse
on Sheffield Island

Sheffield Island visitors are in for real scare this summer as they embark on a ghost-hunting adventure to the Norwalk Seaport Association's ''Haunted Sheffield Island Lighthouse" on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14.  Waiting to greet guests are ghosts, goblins, ghouls and things that go bump in the dark.

The delightfully creepy hosts have fiendishly decorated the historic Sheffield Lighthouse to provide spine-tingling thrills for youngsters of all ages.  Haunted Lighthouse activities are free, but participants must purchase round-trip ferry tickets
Info... HERE 
Boating Courses and Seminars

Safe Boating Certs, Navigation & Boat Handling  

See the updated list...    HERE


SEA Safe Boating Course THIS SUNDAY! 
On a Final Note,