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Rex Marine is a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, offering, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts.  

Rex Yacht Sales

has long been known in NY & CT as the place to find, purchase and sell a boat. 
If you are looking to purchase a new, used or trade-in boat, or to sell the boat you own, please visit 
or give us a call at 203-866-5555.


Rex Valet Rack Service
If you have a busy life  
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This Saturday !!

Run at
Norwalk Cove
Even if you can't participate in the Run, Come for the Fun!

Participants of all ages are encouraged, and Pre-Registration is REQUIRED!!

Everyone is welcome... Shore & Country, South Norwalk Boat Club, Norwalk Boat Club, Ischoda Yacht Club, Sprite Island... Come on down! Party and BBQ with live music to follow. 
Dinghys, Jet Skis or kayaks are allowed (squirt guns and water cannons are encouraged).   Join your friends and enjoy a fun day on the water !
There will be 5 card pick-up checkpoints around the harbor.  Collect a playing card (in an envelope) at each checkpoint. Bring the envelopes back to Cove and find out what hand you have for a prize !
Registration is  at 1:30 and Game time is 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Put away your dinghy & change between 4:00 - 5:30 with card collection at 5:30 followed by awards and a BBQ with live music till 9:30. Entry fee is $5 per 'hand' and multiple hands per dinghy are allowed. 

If you can't participate in the Poker Run, stop by for a burger and the PARTY !  Plan to stay for the day.    

More info & "the rules"..... HERE

See the Flyer... HERE

Waterguns are still available at the Cove Ships Store! 
Rex Marine Ambassador Program

Rex is excited to be launching our Rex Marine Ambassador Program! It's a great opportunity to win prizes  by sharing Rex Marine news and images with your friends.

To learn more, go here: You'll also find it on the Rex  home page with the title "Ambassador." 
It's easy to start - just sign up and earn points! Then share as you like with friends and earn more points to win a $50 Gift Card! We'll be awarding one each month to the points leader. Get a head start now!
Long Island Sound & Art Festival - Northport Aug 2nd

Held in Northport Village Park overlooking Northport Harbor, the Long Island Sound and Art Festival brings together bands, artists, a drum circle, live paining, vendors and Hula demonstrations - all accessible by boat!

See the website... HERE

The 2016 SWIM Marathon is July 30th
St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound Marathon is the fundraising event for the SWIM's cancer prevention, education and assistance programs.  It will be held Sat, July 30th beginning at Port Jefferson, New York and ending at Captain's Cove, Bridgeport.
The annual fundraiser involves more than 250 swimmers making the 26 kilometer (15.5 mile) trek from West Beach in Port Jefferson, Long Island to Captain's Cove in Bridgeport, CT for pledges.

For Info about the SWIM Marathon, please click..... HERE 
Short Haul Special
Schedule a short haul at either Norwalk Cove or Rex Marine
and save $$$. It is especially recommended that zincs/anodes
be replaced on Bravo3 sterndrives 

August 1st thru 31st  

Rex Service 203-831-5234 
Cove Service 203-838-3681  

Call for Details 

Cove Service News 
A 44 foot sailboat is in the paint shed getting a midlife makeover and another sailboat who had an "intimate encounter" with a reef is getting some keel/fiberglass work done.  Stop by to see! 
478.4 lb Thresher Shark

Rex & Norwalk Cove are hosting a
"virtual" fishing contest. (Virtual as in "please don't bring fish in to be weighed" !!)

Get the Details... HERE

E-mail pictures to
Cove Member Activities

Dinghy Poker Run...  This Saturday with LIVE Music for the party  

Bingo Night #2 ............ Friday August 19
Radio Communications 101 
If you carry a VHF radio onboard, (a good idea for all boaters) you should maintain a watch on channel 16 whenever the boat is underway. Commercial vessels and all vessels over 20 meters and those carrying passengers for hire are required to maintain a radio watch.  (see the Federal Regs... HERE)
Most radios have a memory scan option where you can add specific channels to the memory and press scan. The radio will quickly switch (scan) through and listen to each channel, pausing only if someone is talking on that channel and then resuming the scan.
Channels you should program into memory:
Ch. 16  Safety and Hailing, Emergency and Mayday calls. Monitor ch.16 at all times. Hail other vessels on 16, then switch to a working channel. Emergency calls always made on ch.16.
Ch. 9  Supplementary calling channel for noncommercial vessels (recreational boaters).
Ch. 22a   U.S. Coast Guard operations channel. Contact should be made on Ch. 16 and switched to Ch. 22a as directed.  
Ch 13  Navigation and piloting. Drawbridges and Commercial ship-to-ship. (tugboats and ships) Monitor (along with 16) when entering or exiting a busy commercial port or traveling on the Sound.
For more, and to see the entire alphabet and a list of VHF channels, 
click... HERE  

Three tips for playing Pokémon Go while boating:
With global reports of accidents, collisions, trips and falls by distracted Pokemon GO players, BoatUS recently released a guide for boaters to curb Pokemon boating accidents!

BoatUS posts, "The reality-game-meets-exercise app currently taking the nation by storm, "Pokémon Go," now has 21 million users every day - reportedly the most successful mobile game ever in the US. The game features characters called Pokémon that players capture in the real world using a combination of GPS and augmented reality. That also means that Pokémon-mania has also come to the water and with it, BoatUS, the national boating advocacy, services and safety group has three tips for playing Pokémon Go while boating."

See their tips... HERE      (you can't make this stuff up !) 
Whale Sighted this Week in the Sound!  
Reports of a large whale right off the Norwalk Islands were flying about last night, but not confirmed. Last week's confirmed sighting of a HUMPBACK WHALE off Milford indicate that "they're here" and are big. The Milford whale dwarfed the 30 foot boat nearby...

See the NOAA Whale Watching Guide... HERE

2016 Calendar of Fun Things to do
Around the Sound  

It's time to make your summer boating plans - check out our 2016 Calendar of fun things to do around the Sound !

See it... HERE 

E-mail additional events to:

Boating Courses and Seminars

Safe Boating Certs, Navigation & Boat Handling  

See the updated list...    HERE

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