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Mercury Marine Update

As a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, Rex Marine offers, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts to make your boating painless and trouble free.  

Rex Yacht Sales
has long been known in NY & CT as the place to find, purchase and sell a boat. 

If you are looking to purchase a new, used or trade-in boat, or to sell the boat you own, please visit 
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Happy Halloween!

Haunted Lighthouses in CT
- from Connecticut Magazine's Haunted Connecticut Edition 
Penfield Reef Lighthouse
Unlike other haunting tales, the Penfield Reef lighthouse off the Fairfield coast can document its tragedy. On Dec. 22, 1916, keeper Fred A. Jordan drowned when his boat capsized while trying to row to shore in a storm. Subsequent keepers reported seeing a gray, phosphorescent figure in Jordan's old room and around the lighthouse in addition to hearing phantom footsteps. Also, there is a story of a yacht that ran into trouble around the reef but was guided to safety by a strange man in a rowboat, as well as another report of two boys being saved by "a mysterious man who appeared from the rocks" after their canoe capsized; when they were safe, the good Samaritan disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Apparently, keeper Jordan is still standing watch, ready to help those in distress.

New London Ledge Lighthouse
One of the most "famous" ghosts of Connecticut is "Ernie," who legend has it is the soul of a former keeper of the distinctive New London Ledge Lighthouse. Built atop a concrete pier in New London harbor, the red, three-story building has been protecting sailors for more than a century. The story goes that in the 1920s or '30s, the keeper (possibly a man named John Randolph) was so distraught that his wife ran off with the local ferry captain that he jumped from the roof to his death. Although there's no evidence of this story, visitors have nonetheless reported strange happenings, from doors opening and closing randomly, unexplained knockings, bedsheets flying off of beds, cups moving around, electronics spontaneously switching on and the foghorn sounding on its own. Oh, and the ghost of a tall, bearded man in a rain slicker has been seen...  

Here's a list of the most Haunted Places in CT....  BOO!

And, of course, there is always Bridgeport's...
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Don't Forget About Your Boat !! 
Marine Medical Training and Supplies

Venturing offshore or doing some serious coastal cruising ?  How complete is your medical kit and training?  A Stamford company, Marine Medical Systems, is offering training and medical supplies just for boaters. 


  • Customized to your needs, your boat
  • Prepared in cooperation with your physician
  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs available
  • Portable, watertight plastic or metal containers
  • Emergency medical supplies for on-board and dockside accidents

Medical Supplies 

  • Medical/pharmaceutical and safety items from over 200 manufacturers carried
  • Licensed Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
  • Licensed Medical Surgical Provider
  • Specialist in cost-effective marine drug list
  • Competitive pricing, substantially less than the major medical suppliers
See their website... Here 

Rex & Cove are your 
Winterizing Headquarters 
Everything you need - From A to Z 
(Antifreeze to Zincs) including:   
  • Fuel and Oil Filters
  • Tarps
  • Pink Stuff (antifreeze)
  • Fuel Stabilizer
  • Engine Fogger
  • Spark Plugs
  • Engine Oil
  • Shrink Wrap Supplies
  • Bubbler Systems
  • Jack Stands
  • Gear Case Lube
  • Zincs
  • Outboard Muffs
  • Marine Sanitation Filters
And More !! 
Now it's Called "Yacht Rock"
Once labeled "soft rock", it's any music that would sound good on a boat.  You know the songs: "Steal Away", "Baby Come Back", "How Much I Feel" , "Reminiscing" and "On and On".

You know the artists:  Ambrosia, Stephen Bishop, Robbie Dupree, Player, Christopher Cross, David Pack.

Now, with a trendy new name and many younger listeners, it's back in a big way, in concert halls packed with folks wearing Captain Hats!

Some of the artists have gone from wondering if the phone would ever ring again to playing venues packed with 5,000 fans. Sirius XM even has a summertime yacht-rock station.

Read the WSJ article... HERE

See the Yacht Rock Review page.... HERE 
Things to Do, Events, Seminars and Courses 

City Island NY - Ship Building Exhibit 
Now through Dec. 20th at the City Island Nautical Museum
See the history of City Island's contribution to shipbuilding.

Info is... HERE 


Mystic Seaport Exhibit - Ships, Clocks and the Stars
Open through March 2016, the captivating exhibition is on tour from England for a limited time only. "Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude" tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude at sea. Spurred on by the promise of rich rewards, astronomers, philosophers, and artisans-including John Harrison and his innovative timekeepers-finally solved one of the greatest technical challenges of the 18th century. 

See more... HERE


Christmas at the Newport Mansions - Nov 21 - Jan 3

If you've never seen them... GO!  This season the Breakers, the Elms and Marble house will be decked out in yuletide finery

Get the info... HERE 

Going Cruising Next Summer ?

Sign your crew up for the SOUND BOATING SYMPOSIUM
to be held at Mystic on Feb. 6th 2016

This is a US Sailing & US Powerboating approved Near Coastal Safety at Sea seminar.

Every serious boater who cruises the Sound and beyond should take this course. Even the most experienced boater will learn something new... guaranteed. 

The seminar provides mariners with the information and skills required to be safe on local coastal waters. Topics new for 2016 include boating safety, common medical problems at sea, safety equipment, communications, diesel engine maintenance, NOAA weather, and life raft inflation.

Sign up... HERE

NY Times - Things To Do Around CT

See the Times website & list of events...   HERE 
On a Final Note,