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Cove Mini Golf is CLOSED
for the Winter

See You in the Spring!

Mercury Marine Update

As a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, Rex Marine offers, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts to make your boating painless and trouble free.  

Rex Yacht Sales
has long been known in NY & CT as the place to find, purchase and sell a boat. 

If you are looking to purchase a new, used or trade-in boat, or to sell the boat you own, please visit 
or give us a call at 203-866-5555. 


A fleet of Police / Fireboats paraded up the Norwalk River Wednesday.

Were they here for training or a fireboat convention?


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Freezing Weather Is Coming 
We were teased yet again by some 70 degree afternoons, but last week's 30 degree overnights were a wake up call to get your boat winterized.

A comprehensive winterizing guide has been introduced by Boat US called "The Boater's Guide to Winterizing"

Download the PDF guide... HERE

PS:   Please pump your holding tank before the pumps are shut off for the season! 


Consider having the Pros at Rex or Cove  address your boat's winter needs, even if you store it in your own driveway. The right tools, additives, filters and know-how are key ingredients to successful winterization. 
Your boat will thank you by looking and running great in the spring!   
See the Rex and Cove Links Below
Winter Contracts are Available from
Norwalk Cove and Rex Marine
 Make your plans now - Fall is in the air.... 
Norwalk Cove Winter Contracts are ...  HERE  
Note: Plan your Rigging Work Now!

Rex Marine Winter Contracts are...    

State of the Art Boat Design, Engineering & Building
At no other time has there been so many successive technological breakthroughs in boat design and construction as right now.

Yes, the Bermuda rig, dacron sails, aluminum spars, SS rigging, polyester lines, the fin keel, performance catamarans, windsurfers and the secretive winged keel on Austrailia II, laminated sails... all radically innovative, but also all over a multi-decade period.

Today we see new ideas and really radical designs flowing at a mind boggling rate - it's hard to even keep up with them! Many are due to carbon fiber and other such high-tech materials. The great strength and capabilities of these fibers and composite construction techniques allow the most radical designs to work. They can be combined and molded into fantastic shapes, light weight and almost impossibly strong. Previously, titanium was it, the strongest and lightest material available, but still a metal, and comparatively heavy and harder to work with. Expect to see new materials and fabrication techniques showing up tomorrow.

Some Examples:  (watch full screen!)

        The Moth Sailboat...

         Video link... HERE

The Americas Cup Catamarans...     

Video link... HERE

A Foiled, Canting Keel Monohull      (huh?)

Video link... Here

Rex & Cove are your 
Winterizing Headquarters 
Everything you need - From A to Z 
(Antifreeze to Zincs) including:   
  • Fuel and Oil Filters
  • Tarps
  • Pink Stuff (antifreeze)
  • Fuel Stabilizer
  • Engine Fogger
  • Spark Plugs
  • Engine Oil
  • Shrink Wrap Supplies
  • Bubbler Systems
  • Jack Stands
  • Gear Case Lube
  • Zincs
  • Outboard Muffs
  • Marine Sanitation Filters
And More !! 
Humpback Whale Found Dead in Lloyd Harbor
One of the Humpback whales which have been surprising boaters on the sound appears to have been killed by blunt trauma, likely from being hit by a boat. 
Biologists, interns and volunteers from The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation in Riverhead, N.Y., performed a necropsy on the dead humpback whale Sunday.

See the full story in the Norwalk Daily Voice... HERE    

This is really unfortunate considering how much publicity they got, and how many warnings were given to boaters.  If you missed it, see the NOAA whalewatching guide... HERE 
Things to Do, Events, Seminars and Courses 

City Island NY - Ship Building Exhibit 
Now through Dec. 20th at the City Island Nautical Museum
See the history of City Island's contribution to shipbuilding.

Info is... HERE 


Mystic Seaport Exhibit - Ships, Clocks and the Stars
Open through March 2016, the captivating exhibition is on tour from England for a limited time only. "Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude" tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude at sea. Spurred on by the promise of rich rewards, astronomers, philosophers, and artisans-including John Harrison and his innovative timekeepers-finally solved one of the greatest technical challenges of the 18th century. 

See more... HERE


Christmas at the Newport Mansions - Nov 21 - Jan 3

If you've never seen them... GO!  This season the Breakers, the Elms and Marble house will be decked out in yuletide finery

Get the info... HERE 

Going Cruising Next Summer ?

Sign your crew up for the SOUND BOATING SYMPOSIUM
to be held at Mystic on Feb. 6th 2016

This is a US Sailing & US Powerboating approved Near Coastal Safety at Sea seminar.

Every serious boater who cruises the Sound and beyond should take this course. Even the most experienced boater will learn something new... guaranteed. 

The seminar provides mariners with the information and skills required to be safe on local coastal waters. Topics new for 2016 include boating safety, common medical problems at sea, safety equipment, communications, diesel engine maintenance, NOAA weather, and life raft inflation.

Sign up... HERE

NY Times - Things To Do Around CT

See the Times website & list of events...  HERE    
On a Final Note,