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Cove Mini Golf is OPEN !
Summer Hours
Starting Saturday
Open Daily
10:00am - 10:00pm
- weather permitting -

Please call if the weather
is 'iffy'..... 203-853-8282

Mercury Marine Update

As a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, Rex Marine offers, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts to make your boating painless and trouble free.  
The Longshore Pavilion 
at Norwalk Cove

The Inn at Longshore is now hosting all events at the former Ascension Beach Club (Harborview) site at Norwalk Cove.
We welcome them as the exclusive caterers for all affairs.

To book your next event, please call
or click... HERE 

The Origin of  
Nautical Terms:

Bahamian Moor  
Anchoring by setting two anchors, one fore and one aft; as in: A bahamian moor will limit the amount of swing room while at anchor.
Dead reckoning
The process by which the position of the ship at any moment is found, without any observation of the sun or stars, by applying to the last well-determined position the run that has been made since, using for this purpose the ship's course indicated by its compass, the distance indicated by the log, and taking into account drift and leeway.
Before the Mast
Literally, the area of a ship before the foremast (the forecastle). Most often used to refer to men whose living quarters are located here, officers being quartered in the stern-most areas of the ship (near the quarterdeck). Officer-trainees lived between the two ends of the ship and become known as "midshipmen". Crew members who started out as seamen, then became midshipmen, and later, officers, were said to have gone from "one end of the ship to the other"

2015 Osprey babies in the harbor are flying and learning to fish ! 
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Mid-Summer Short Haul Special


Schedule a short haul at either Norwalk Cove or Rex Marine and save $ 2.00 per foot off the regular price!   Good thru August 31st.

Rex Service 203-831-5234 


Cove Service 203-838-3681     
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Paper Charts, Chart Plotter or Both ? 

This week we were cruising from Newport to Martha's Vineyard. Discussing the various islands we realized we had never been to Cuttyhunk!

Throughout the cruise we had been using the Navionics Charting App on a tablet in the cockpit, with an older Garmin GPSmap as backup and additionally had a large Maptech Chartkit paper chartbook as the hard copy on the nav station chart table. When plotting the course for the final approach to Cuttyhunk harbor we realized the paper charts jumped to a small blowup chart that didn't include the approach buoy and the Navionics tablet program had almost too many details to be useful. (and didn't seem to include that small blowup chart) We quickly booted a PC running an open source "free" charting software called OpenCPN (see it HERE) using free government raster and vector charts. This program allowed us to seamlessly zoom in and out and change from one chart to another of the area to verify our inbound progress.
The point is, navigation backup is good, multiple navigation sources with paper backup is better! If you are going to cruise and have a dedicated chartplotter, it's time to identify your primary backup and figure out how to backup your backup!
Paper charts still have a place on your boat!   

Find free NOAA ECN & RCN (vector & raster) charts...HERE


 Fri, Sept 11th 6:00 - 11:00pm
Sat, Sept 12th 11:00 - 11:00pm
Sun, Sept 13th  11:00 - 8:00pm

It's time to start planning for Fall events! The Oyster Festival in Norwalk this year features:

Fri -
John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band

Sat - 
Dennis DeYoung: The Music of STYX

Sun - 
Smash Mouth

Info and Tickets... HERE 
Using Currents to Speed your Progress
& Save Money

Not long ago vessels used to depart "on the tide".  Mariners have long used tide calendars and current charts to find ways to get a free boost from nature. Closely watching weather forecasts helped avoid headwinds or adverse sea conditions, with an occasional boost from tailwinds or waves.
Boaters were spoiled by years of cheap fuel and bigger engines, which made using tidal currents less important. Then higher fuel prices made everyone more conscious of  how careful scheduling and routing to take advantage of tides, currents, and predicted winds would save both money and time.

Now we have less expensive fuel again, but need to remember what we learned about using the current in our favor.

Read more... HERE

Tropical Storm Danny

Danny might be the first Atlantic storm of the season that we have to keep an eye on. (pun intended) He could be a hurricane by Friday!

Hurricane Season is June 1'st through Nov. 1'st. Even though the 2015 hurricane season prediction sources are all forecasting "at or below normal hurricane activity" for this season, we still must pay attention so we have time to prepare.

Follow  Danny's path... HERE
Follow the Advisory... HERE

2015 Storm Names
 The following list of names will be used for named storms that form in the North Atlantic in 2015.   


See hurricane preparation info...   HERE  

Things to Do, Events, Seminars and Courses
Events at Norwalk Cove 

Friday August 21st

BINGO night at Norwalk Cove
7pm-9pm in the breezeway at the Ship Store

The Norwalk Concert Series
at Calf Pasture Beach
Held in the city park next to Norwalk Cove Marina. Bring a folding chair and picnic supper.  Be prepared to sing along or get up and dance!
Click HERE for the schedule of Wednesday evening concerts.
Save the Date - September 5th  
Huntington Lighthouse Festival 
A great on-the-water party accessible only by boat! Bands play from the roof of the Lighthouse to an fleet of anchored boats from 11 am til dusk.
More info...  HERE  
Saturday September 12th 
Duck Island Yacht Club Laser Regatta

Laser Sailor Unite!  Come to Westbrook,  CT and compete in the Duck Island Yacht
Club Laser Regatta!
Get the details... HERE 

Save the Dates

It's boat show time soon... 

Newport Boat Show  Sept 17-20   Web Site

Norwalk Boat Show   Sept 24 -27th   Web Site 
Annapolis US Sailboat Show  Oct 8 - 12th   Web Site

Annapolis Powerboat Show  Oct 15 - 18th  Web Site


SEA Safe Boating Courses
With the Sea Dolphins, You're on your way to being Safe, Legal, and Confident!    

Sign Up...... HERE 


NY Times - Things To Do Around CT

See the Times website & list of events...   HERE 
On a Final Note,