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Cove Mini Golf is OPEN !
Summer Hours
Starting Saturday
Open Daily
10:00am - 10:00pm
- weather permitting -

Please call if the weather
is 'iffy'..... 203-853-8282

Mercury Marine Update

As a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, Rex Marine offers, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts to make your boating painless and trouble free.  
The Longshore Pavilion 
at Norwalk Cove

The Inn at Longshore is now hosting all events at the former Ascension Beach Club (Harborview) site at Norwalk Cove.
We welcome them as the exclusive caterers for all affairs.

To book your next event, please call
or click... HERE 

The Origin of  
Nautical Terms:

A shipboard song, sung while at a specific job, such as walking a capstan, hoisting sail, etc. (circa XVI) A "chantyman" would usually lead the singing and the crew or work party would join in. From the French chanter, to sing

Ditty Bag
A small bag in which a sailor keeps small tools, equipment and person items. (XVII) Possibly from the Hindi dittis, a type of cloth, or the Anglo-Saxon dite, tidy.

A "stink bomb" or smoke bomb thrown onto the deck of a ship being attacked to disorient the crew (Circa XVIII). (You know the more modern meaning...) 

Boy, are we lucky! 
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Mid-Summer Short Haul Special


Schedule a short haul at either Norwalk Cove or Rex Marine and save $ 2.00 per foot off the regular price!   Good thru August 31st.

Rex Service 203-831-5234 


Cove Service 203-838-3681     
 Store Specials  

Cove Store: Take an extra  20% OFF Fins, Masks and Snorkels by HEAD

Rex Store: 20% OFF Sperry Men's & Woman's Topsiders

Rex Store:  20% any O'Brien Water Toy 
(Tubes, Wakeboards or Skis)    

A 5 year old girl was thrown off a swim platform boarding ladder while anchored off Cockenoe Island last weekend by the wake of a boat speeding through the anchored fleet.

Have boaters forgotten the rules... or common courtesy??

Legally, you are responsible for your wake. What kind of wake does your boat throw at 4 or 5 knots? How about at 6 or 7 knots? Sometimes the difference will surprise you. A large boat could throw a smaller wake than a 16 foot skiff and the same speed.  The point is, the law says you MUST go a "Slow-No-Wake" speed within 100 feet of an anchored boat. If your boat throws a wake at 5 knots, you must go slower!

Here's what the CT Regulations say:  
"When no limits are posted, operate the boat so it will not endanger others. The boat must be able to stop safely within the clear distance ahead. When passing near marinas, fishing areas, swimming areas, a vessel at anchor, or similar places, reduce speed. Operators are responsible for damage caused by their wakes." Editor's Note (and pet peeve) this also means near boats on moorings in the channel!

It goes on to say: "No person shall operate a motorboat, excluding a personal watercraft, at a speed in excess of Slow-No-Wake within 100
feet of shore, or a dock, pier, float or anchored or moored vessel, unless taking off or landing a water-skier."

Definition: "Slow-No-Wake. A vessel shall not produce more than
a minimum wake and shall not attain speeds greater than
6 miles per hour over the ground unless a higher minimum
speed is necessary to maintain steerageway when traveling
with a strong current. In no case shall the wake produced by
the vessel be such that it creates a danger or injury to persons,
or will damage vessels or structures of any kind."

And if you see someone speeding, YELL AT THEM ! 
(Self policing does have a place among boaters)

Weather Tools to Use Before Boating  


It's no secret that we LOVE the Intellicast weather website and apps. It's a tool that you truly shouldn't "leave home without".

This time of year, when sudden summer storms can pop up with little warning, a prudent mariner will check the weather radar both before and while out on the water.

A storm like this could
(and did) bring sudden BLASTS of wind. A fast moving squall might travel at 35 knots, giving you only minutes of warning, even if you did see it on the radar !

Check the forecast before you go out. The Intellicast weather graph gives you all the data you need. Barometer, temperature, % chance of rain, wind intensity and direction, etc.

Also, check your home internet service provider to see if they offer WiFi hotspots. For example, Optimum (Cablevision) offers hotspots all along the CT (and Long Island) coastline.

For current conditions in Norwalk harbor, Check the Norwalk Cove Weather Station before you leave home.
Docking and Dining

See the comprehensive "Boating Times Long Island" list of waterfront restaurants to find where to go by boat...... HERE

Remember, you can't go swimming right after eating! 

Have fun.

Chili Cookoff at Norwalk Cove 

Sorry, but we had very few signups,
and some cooks who changed plans.... 


Things to Do, Events, Seminars and Courses


Events at Norwalk Cove - Save the Date:

Friday August 21st, another fun BINGO night - 7pm-9pm in the breezeway at the Ship Store



The Norwalk Concert Series
at Calf Pasture Beach
Held in the city park next to Norwalk Cove Marina. Bring a folding chair and picnic supper.  Be prepared to sing along or get up and dance!


Click HERE for the schedule of Wednesday evening concerts.



Save the Date - September 5th  

Huntington Lighthouse Festival 


A great on-the-water party accessible only by boat! Bands play from the roof of the Lighthouse to an fleet of anchored boats from 11 am til dusk.



More info...  HERE  
Saturday September 12th 

Duck Island Yacht Club Laser Regatta

Laser Sailor Unite!  Come to Westbrook,  CT and compete in the Duck Island Yacht
Club Laser Regatta!


Get the details... HERE 



SEA Safe Boating Courses


With the Sea Dolphins, You're on your way to being Safe, Legal, and Confident!    

Next Course is this Saturday at Rex !

Sign Up...... HERE 



NY Times - Things To Do Around CT

See the Times website & list of events...     HERE  
On a final note,