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Cove Mini Golf is OPEN !
Summer Hours
Starting Saturday
Open Daily
10:00am - 10:00pm
- weather permitting -

Please call if the weather
is 'iffy'..... 203-853-8282

Mercury Marine Update

As a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, Rex Marine offers, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts to make your boating painless and trouble free.  
The Longshore Pavilion 
at Norwalk Cove

The Inn at Longshore is now hosting all events at the former Ascension Beach Club (Harborview) site at Norwalk Cove.
We welcome them as the exclusive caterers for all affairs.

To book your next event, please call
or click... HERE 

The Origin of  
Nautical Terms:

Bear away
To put the helm up and run off to leeward. To put before the wind.

Dead reckoning
The process by which the position of the ship at any moment is found, without any observation of the sun or stars, by applying to the last well-determined position the run that has been made since, using for this purpose the ship's course indicated by its compass, the distance indicated by the log, and taking into account drift and leeway. 

Dog Watch
One of the two two-hour watches between 4 and 8 p.m. The dog watches permit a shift in the order of the watch every 24 hours so that the same men will not have the same watch every night.  

Have you seen the osprey chicks in their nests ?


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Mid-Summer Short Haul Special


Schedule a short haul at either Norwalk Cove or Rex Marine and save $ 2.00 per foot off the regular price!   Good thru August 31st.

Rex Service 203-831-5234 


Cove Service 203-838-3681     
REX Store Specials

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Dinghy / Motor packages....  


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The Dinghy Poker Run Was a BLAST !

Over 75 people in 21 boats played 67 hands in the 2015 Norwalk Cove Dinghy Poker Run and the grand winners (who wish to remain anonymous) made out like bandits.

With checkpoints disbursed throughout the harbor, dinghies armed with squirt guns made the cross harbor runs (staying within the speed limit - of course!) returning to Norwalk Cove for a fun BBQ.

Thanks to all who participated - see you next year!!

Click HERE for 2015 Pictures
Ready to Go on a Cruise? 


Before you set off on a boating trip (of any kind) there is one thing you MUST do to insure the safety of your crew:


Run through a safety checklist to insure everyone aboard knows the basic safety procedures and where safety equipment is stored and how it works.


As the boat operator or skipper you should have learned the basics of boat operation and safety well before your first trip to the marina or launch ramp with a crew. No matter how much experience you have, these boating safety rules should be reviewed with everyone before each departure.  


As captain of the vessel you are responsible for the safety for those on board. Make sure everyone understands where the safety equipment is located and what to do in the case of an emergency.


Click HERE to review your responsibilities... before you shove off! 

It's Time to Review Some Rules
of the Road BASICS !!

Ok, it's been a while since you took the 8 hr boating course, and you've been boating for a while... you've got it down, right?   Well, if the behavior of some boaters this past weekend was an indicator, the answer is a resounding NO !!
So - lets review the procedure for leaving your slip, exiting the marina and entering the fairway (or the channel):

Leaving your slip:  Look both ways first (don't just pull out) - let the boat heading in pull into her slip before you pull out
(think about the added pressure you put on that skipper when you
impatiently pull out as he is trying his best to dock!)

At the end of your dock, especially if you can't see around the boat on the end of the "T", sound your horn one long (4 second) blast to announce your arrival at the fairway and intention to enter it. This will allow any boat that will have you in their right side "Danger Zone" to take appropriate action.  

If you are in the channel and a boat enters from your right, don't assume you have the "right of way" because you are in the channel. Because he is in your right side "danger zone", you must give way.   See THIS article to review that rule. 
This Weekend !  The VIBES in Bridgeport

Gathering of the Vibes is an annual music, arts and camping festival now in its 20th year. Rock On!


Hint:  You can hear the music from the water! Seaside Park, Bridgeport

Info... HERE     
Access by Boat.... HERE 
"Once in a Blue Moon" is THIS FRIDAY

This is your chance to get away with whatever you needed to do "Once in a Blue Moon".

OK, maybe not really blue, but it will be a large full moon that you MUST see, especially as it rises (around 8:12). It's illumination % will be 97.    

A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year, either the third of four full moons in a season or, a second full moon in a month of the common calendar.


The phrase has nothing to do with the actual color of the moon, although a literal "blue moon" (the moon appearing with a tinge of blue) may occur in certain atmospheric conditions; e.g., when there are volcanic eruptions or when exceptionally large fires leave particles in the atmosphere. This phenomenon is specific to calendars.   Keep the howling down! 

Save the Date - Aug. 15th 
Chili Cookoff at Norwalk Cove 

When: Saturday August 15th 


Where: The Ship's Store at Cove


Time:   2:00pm-4:00pm


Who Will Make the Chili?

Norwalk Cove would like our customers to show off their creative cooking skills by creating a delicious chili dish for fellow dock mates!


Who are the Judges?

Rally the troops on your docks because your dock mates are the judges in this event!!


Prizes will be awarded to the top two winners AND we will have a special category for 'Most Creative Chili'


 Sign up now to cook some chili!   


Please contact Kate Russell


Things to Do, Events, Seminars and Courses


Events at Norwalk Cove - Save the Date:

Friday August 21st, another fun BINGO night - 7pm-9pm in the breezeway at the Ship Store



The Norwalk Concert Series
at Calf Pasture Beach
Held in the city park next to Norwalk Cove Marina. Bring a folding chair and picnic supper.  Be prepared to sing along or get up and dance!


Click HERE for the schedule of Wednesday evening concerts.



Long Island Sound and Art Festival   

Sunday August 2nd   Noon - 6:00 pm  


Held in Northport Village Park overlooking Northport Harbor, the Long Island Sound and Art Festival brings together bands , artists, a drum circle, live paining, vendors and Hula demonstrations - all accessible by boat!  

The show includes "ArtMOSPHERE", an ongoing series of unique Art Exhibitions, each showcasing approximately 300 selected paintings, plus Live Classic Rock, Jazz Fusion, and Blues situated at a cool venue. Each event spotlights dozens of artists exhibiting a variety of styles. More than one-hundred Long Island artists will be taking part in this series.


 Get more info...HERE  





Save the Date - September 5th  

Huntington Lighthouse Festival 


A great on-the-water party accessible only by boat! Bands play from the roof of the Lighthouse to an fleet of anchored boats from 11 am til dusk.



More info...  HERE  
Saturday September 12th 

Duck Island Yacht Club Laser Regatta

Laser Sailor Unite!  Come to Westbrook,  CT and compete in the Duck Island Yacht
Club Laser Regatta!


Get the details... HERE 



SEA Safe Boating Courses


With the Sea Dolphins, You're on your way to being Safe, Legal, and Confident!    
Sign Up...... HERE 



NY Times - Things To Do Around CT

See the Times website & list of events...     HERE   
On a final note,