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Cove Mini Golf is OPEN !
Summer Hours
Starting Saturday
Open Daily
10:00am - 10:00pm
- weather permitting -

Please call if the weather
is 'iffy'..... 203-853-8282

Mercury Marine Update

As a Certified Mercury Marine Dealer and Repair Center, Rex Marine offers, sales, service and genuine Mercury parts to make your boating painless and trouble free.  
Sign up to Help!
Participate in the annual SWIM Marathon by volunteering your boat and time for this one-day event.

This year the Marathon will be held on  
Sat. July 25th 

To register as a support boat,
click...  HERE   
The Longshore Pavilion 
at Norwalk Cove

The Inn at Longshore is now hosting all events at the former Ascension Beach Club (Harborview) site at Norwalk Cove.
We welcome them as the exclusive caterers for all affairs.

To book your next event, please call
or click... HERE 

The Origin of  
Nautical Terms:

"A collision at sea can ruin your whole day" Attributed to Thucydides, Greek seaman, adventurer and statesman of the IV century.


A two masted sailboat, the after mast being shorter and stepped forward of the rudder post. From the old French "Quaiche" and English "Catche"

The right side of any craft when facing forward. (XIII) Before the advent of the stern rudder, vessels had their steering oars on the right side, or the "Steering Board" side. From the Anglo-Saxon "steorbord" and middle English "sterbord"  

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Rex Marine: Sale on Inflatable Dinghy / Motor packages.... Now take an extra $100.00 OFF the VERY competitive regular price! 


Norwalk Cove

Take an extra 15% OFF Fins, Masks and Snorkels by HEAD

Ethanol is STILL Causing Small Engine Problems


During the gas crisis, when the US was highly dependent on foreign fuel, the EPA mandated that a percentage of corn based ethanol was to be added to the nation's gas. What seemed like a good idea at first quickly soured in the marine industry when it was discovered that ethanol can draw water from the atmosphere and absorb condensation from the walls of fuel tanks and also acts like a solvent on plastic parts, hoses and gaskets. Additionally, it was found that ethanol's sulfate salts can corrode metals in the fuel system, fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports and combustion chambers. If that wasn't enough, ethanol was found to break down and separate from the gasoline or suffer from "phase separation" over time.


While those problems didn't surface immediately in automotive use (where fuel is used and refilled in a relatively short period), it became disastrous for small marine engines (especially dinghy engines and small outboards) which could sit for some weeks between uses.


It was originally believed that the proper additives could maintain fuel for about one year. Research (and practice) indicate that untreated regular gas lasts about 28 days before separation begins and high test fuel maybe 6 months.  The truth is, if you started the season with some fuel, used the boat infrequently, then added some new fuel, there is still a good portion of old fuel in the tank.   Read More.... HERE      Say NO.... HERE 


Is Your Dinghy Ready ?
The Dinghy Poker Run is July 25th !!

Is the dinghy patched and ready, the engine tuned and  running? Where are the oars and pump? A wire and lock?  

Remember, Rex is an authorized inflatable repair station for almost every brand of inflatable.

Double Park.... Please!

OK, when do you ever hear that request?   With the parking at Rex very tight on a busy weekend, we are encouraging

family members or guests to double park their cars to maximize the available space. It also shortens the walk to the docks!  

See the picture and please, Double Park!


With that said, we must also request that you not block in someone you don't know! 

Dramatic Rescue Last Weekend 


Two men were rescued when their fishing boat hit rocks and sank off Sheffield Island at 4:00 pm last Saturday.

See more... HERE

Rigging Department at Norwalk Cove  

The Rigging Department at Norwalk Cove is
"hanging around" to help you!


Retail Store / Office Space Available at Rex Marine.

Prime marine commercial / retail / office space (1500 sq ft) has become available at Rex Marine along the north side of the rack building.

This is an extremely rare occurrence and will go fast! It is being offered to the Rex & Norwalk Cove community before it is formally "listed" 

Please contact Bill Gardella Jr. with your
interest at 203-984-1278 

Places to Visit by Boat:
Captain's Cove Seaport 

Located in Blackrock Harbor, tucked behind the Penfield lighthouse (use your charts), Captains Cove offers something for both young and young at heart boaters.

Featuring a boardwalk with colorful "BIG little buildings" built in Colonial and Victorian architectural styles, Captains Cove's miniature shops present a wide variety of gifts, delectable foods and ice cream!

The restaurant and upstairs dance hall (whose bar boats a HUGE model of the Titantic) will appeal to those who want to dance, rock out or line dance. See the music schedule ... HERE

Historic Vessels Captain's Cove has long been involved with the restoration and operation of traditional sailing vessels. From 1984 to 2001 The Cove was the homeport of the famous tallship H.M.S. " Rose". In 2002 Rose was cast by 20th Century Fox Studios as the lead vessel in the film "Master and Commander" staring Russell Crowe. Currently on view at the seaport's main wharf is the oyster vessel "John E. Pfriem", a classic Chesapeake Bay "bugeye" ketch. During the off season the marina provides a safe winter berth for two historic sailing vessels: the schooner "mystic Whaler" and the brigantine "Unicorn".


Aquaculture School

At the western end of the property is the 8 acre campus of the Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture School. This state funded facility, built in 1992, provides training in the maritime trades to some 250 high school students from area communities. A recent 31 million dollar addition will increase the enrollment to over 500.


Special Events

The Seaport has become the venue for numerous annual fundraisers and celebrations. The signature yearly event is the St. Vincent's Hospital "Swim Across the Sound" now in it's 20th year.


See the Captain's Cove Website...  Here 
and have Fun! 

Save the Date - Cove Dinghy Poker Run
July 25th!!

Pre-Register ASAP !!  

Participants of all ages are encouraged, and Pre-Registration is REQUIRED!! 

Everyone is welcome... Shore & Country, South Norwalk Boat Club, Norwalk Boat Club, Ischoda Yacht Club, Sprite Island... Come on down! 


Dinghys, Jet Skis or kayaks are allowed (water pistols are encouraged).   Join your friends and enjoy a fun day on the water !

There will be 5 card pick-up checkpoints around the harbor. Collect a playing card (in an envelope) at each checkpoint. Bring the envelopes back to the finish and find out what hand you have for a prize !


Registration is  at 1:00 and Game time is 2:00 - 4:00 pm, Put away your dinghy & change between 4:00 - 5:00 with card collection at 5:00 - 6:00 followed by a BBQ and awards. Land your dinghy between "B" and "C" docks to finish. Entry fee is $5 per 'hand' and multiple hands per dinghy are allowed. Winner takes the proceeds!!!


More info & "the rules".....  HERE 

Things to Do, Events, Seminars and Courses


Events at Norwalk Cove - Save the Date:


Friday, July 17th will be BINGO night - 7pm-9pm
in the breezeway at the Ship Store


Saturday, August 15th will be Chili Cook-Off!

2pm-4pm in the breezeway at the Ship Store.


Friday August 21st, another fun BINGO night - 7pm-9pm in the breezeway at the Ship Store



The Norwalk Concert Series
at Calf Pasture Beach
Held in the city park next to Norwalk Cove Marina. Bring a folding chair and picnic supper.  Be prepared to sing along or get up and dance!


Click HERE for the schedule of Wednesday evening concerts.



Long Island Sound and Art Festival   

Sunday August 2nd   Noon - 6:00 pm  


Held in Northport Village Park overlooking Northport Harbor, the Long Island Sound and Art Festival brings together bands , artists, a drum circle, live paining, vendors and Hula demonstrations - all accessible by boat!  

The show includes "ArtMOSPHERE", an ongoing series of unique Art Exhibitions, each showcasing approximately 300 selected paintings, plus Live Classic Rock, Jazz Fusion, and Blues situated at a cool venue. Each event spotlights dozens of artists exhibiting a variety of styles. More than one-hundred Long Island artists will be taking part in this series.


 Get more info...  HERE  




Save the Date - September 5th  

Huntington Lighthouse Festival 


A great on-the-water party accessible only by boat! Bands play from the roof of the Lighthouse to an fleet of anchored boats from 11 am til dusk.



More info...  HERE  



The VIBES - Bridgeport July 30st - Aug 2nd  

Gathering of the Vibes is an annual music, arts and camping festival now in its 20th year. Rock On!


Hint:  You can hear the music from the water! Seaside Park, Bridgeport

Info... HERE     
Access by Boat.... HERE 


SEA Safe Boating Courses


With the Sea Dolphins, You're on your way to being Safe, Legal, and Confident!    
Sign Up...... HERE 



NY Times - Things To Do Around CT

See the Times website & list of events...   HERE 
On a final note,