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10/23/14  Vol 5.32
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Fuel Prices at Norwalk Cove
89 Octane Gas
$3.85 /gal   &
Diesel  $3.90 /gal 
Prices subject to change

The freshest fuel in town, with the fastest high speed pumps! 
Saturday, Oct 25th 
Highs in the 60's
and Lows in the 50's.

L 6:51 am H 12
:52 pm  
Sunday, Oct 26th
Mostly Sunny
 Highs in the 60's  
and lows in the 40's
L 7:33 am H 1:33 pm 

Rex Marine is a Certified  Yamaha Service and Stocking Parts Dealer



Rex is a certified
lectric Propulsion Dealer 

Mini Golf  is CLOSED

See you in the Spring!
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Featuring coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte, plus teas, iced coffee, several flavors of fruit smoothies, baked goods, croissants, muffins plus healthy breakfast choices like juices, oatmeal, yogurt, and a daily hot soup or Chili.

In addition, we now offer
fresh egg burritos, egg sandwiches and fruit cups delivered daily from Cove Deli! 
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Almost Time to Winterize - Here are Some Ideas

If you are winterizing your own boat, here are some things you should add to your list to protect your boat from moisture, freezing or corrosion damage:
  • Drain your fresh water tanks, including the hot water heater and winterize with non-toxic antifreeze (AKA Pink Stuff). Winterize all other plumbing including fresh and salt water pumps and drains, air conditioning, refrigeration, ice makers, including all water-using appliances, wash down pumps, toilets, filters and holding tanks.
  • Change your engine oil and filter(s), lube and gear oil. Run and fog your gas engine per the manufacturers instructions. Drain all water from your engine. Winterize the cooling systems with Pink Stuff. Check all belts and hoses, steering and trim gear. Lubricate shift and throttle cables and linkage.
  • If your boat is stored on land, remove the batteries, check the water levels, bring to full charge with a small portable trickle charger and store in dry place.  If you are in a boatyard and can plug in the boat for a day during the winter, batteries can be left on board with the charger ready to go. Just remember to charge them once a month or so and unplug the boat before you go home.
  • Top off fuel tanks to minimize fuel contamination with water from condensation. Add stabilizer if you don't use ValvTect fuel to prevent ethanol separation and potential gum up in gasoline engines and to prevent algae in diesel engines.
  • Remove, inventory, and store electronics that are not cabinet installed in a warm, dry place. Spray all exposed electrical terminals and junction blocks with a protective coating.
  • Inspect and store sails, canvas, bimini tops, dodgers, vinyl curtains and cushions.
  • Often the installation of moisture absorbing units and air treatments will help prevent the formation of mold and mildew while the boat is closed up for the winter. Try Kanberra, a blend of tea tree oil and natural ingredients which will neutralize and eliminate mold problems and associated odors.
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Winter Storage Contracts are Available  
for Rex Marine and Norwalk Cove

REX Winter Storage & Service
Find the on-line application HERE  and a printable version HERE

Check out the Rex
"Refer A Friend" Program
for additional savings!

Norwalk Cove Winter Storage and Service

Norwalk Cove offers storage for yachts to 80 feet along with engine and system winterizing, mast and rigging services and shrink wrapping service.

Cove Storage and Service contracts are 
Now is the time to plan Winter & Spring projects !
Norwalk Cove's

Planning a rigging upgrade, lifeline replacement project, new halyards, antennas or refinishing?  Make your plans now!


Drop-off / Pick-up location for
North Sails, Fairclough Sailmakers
and Hathaway, Reiser and Raymond


Fill the Tank or Empty the Tank? 


Fuel additives can usually maintain and stabilize fuel for about one year. If you started the season with some fuel, used the boat infrequently, then added some new fuel, there is still a good portion of old fuel in the tank. Ethanol (added to fuel sold in theUnited States to comply with federal  EPA standards) in the fuel can draw water from the atmosphere and from condensation on the walls of the tank. It also acts like a solvent on plastic parts, hoses and gaskets. Additionally, it's sulfate salts can corrode metals in the fuel system, fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports and combustion chambers.     


When ethanol bonds to moisture, it separates from fuel and drops to the bottom of a tank. This is called "phase separation" and it causes two problems...  1: Because ethanol boosts fuel octane by about two points, when it drops out, it leaves fuel that is below the recommended octane for your engine. This results in hard starts, poor acceleration and loss of power. 2: It can actually create a situation where your engine is forced to run on water....not good !


So, use as much of your existing fuel as possible and then fill the tank for the winter. Using ValvTect fuel from the Cove Fuel Dock or Rex fuel station, which includes blended ValvTect fuel stabilizers, will maintain the fuel for up to one year. Alternatively you can add gas stabilizers and for diesel, a biocide to prevent bacteria, fungus and algae from growing.


Doesn't that give you a great excuse to go boating this weekend ?


Think We Make a Big Deal About Pumpkins?


The Pumpkin Boat Race at the Ludwigsburg Germany Pumpkin Festival has people racing each other in hollowed out pumpkins across Ludwigsburg Lake.


Known as the biggest pumpkin related event in the world, the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival draws in pumpkin enthusiasts from all around the globe. Every year they travel to the small German town to see over 500,000 pumpkins, from 450 different varieties, arranged in all kinds of different shapes, from animals to abstract sculptures.


One of the most eagerly awaited events of the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is the pumpkin boat race. Giant pumpkins (some of them over 90 kg) are hollowed out and launched onto Ludwigsburg Lake, and contestants paddle their way to the finish line cheered on by crowds of onlookers.


For Pictures and videos... Click  HERE 

Things To Do:       

Movies at the Maritime Aquarium
Through Nov. 25  1 & 3 pm daily 


Narrated by Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett, "Journey to the South Pacific" will take audiences on a breathtaking IMAX adventure to the lush tropical islands of remote West Papua, where life flourishes above and below the sea.


See a video clip.... HERE 

Nov 5th - Voices of Sept 11th "Always Remember" Gala   


Join the Voices of Sept 11th organization's unwavering commitment to supporting those impacted by 9/11 with a fundraiser to provide long-term support services for the 9/11 community, families, responders and survivors, as well as communities impacted by other tragedies. 
Save November 5th for the VOICES "Always Remember" Gala in NYC. Norah O'Donnell, Co-Host of CBS This Morning will moderate a keynote conversation with Governor Thomas H. Kean and Senator Joseph Lieberman. Jeff Fager, Chairman of CBS News, will receive VOICES Building Bridges award.

For more information, click HERE


35th Annual International Marine Art Exhibition - Mystic Seaport
Sep 28 - Dec 31, 2014
The exhibition showcases the most recent works of more than 100 award-winning marine artists from around the world. Mystic Seaport Maritime Gallery 


Mark your Calendar

Jan 21 - Jan 25   New York Boat Show 
See Website....   HERE 


CT Events from the NY Times.....     HERE

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Courses and Seminars
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