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8/14/14  Vol 5.22
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Fuel Prices at Norwalk Cove
89 Octane Gas
$4.28 /gal   &
Diesel  $4.25 /gal 
Prices subject to change

The Freshest Fuel in Town! 
Saturday, Aug 16th 
Highs in the 80's
and lows in the 60's.

L 10:41 am H 4
:48 pm  
Sunday, Aug 17th  
Chance of Showers 
 Highs in the 70's  
and lows in the 60's
L 10:38 am H 5:45 pm 

Rex Marine is a Certified  Yamaha Service and Stocking Parts Dealer


Rex Store now stocks Evinrude

outboard oil 

Mini Golf  is OPEN
Summer Hours

Open 10:00 till 10:00
Every Day   

- weather permitting -
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Sunday 8:00 - 6:00

-Weather Permitting-

Captains Cup Hours

7 Days a Week
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-Weather Permitting- 


Rex Store Hours
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Sat 8:00 - 5:00
Sun  9:00 - 3:00 
Fishing Report ! 
Captains Cup Coffee

Featuring coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte, plus teas, iced coffee, several flavors of fruit smoothies, baked goods, croissants, muffins plus healthy breakfast choices like juices, oatmeal, yogurt, and a daily hot
soup or Chili.

In addition, we now offer
fresh egg burritos, egg sandwiches and fruit cups delivered daily from Cove Deli!

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Summer Sale at Rex Marine & Norwalk Cove


Get a FREE towing bridle with any watertoy purchase over $80.00

Special pricing on Tubes and Accessories

Masks, Snorkels and Fins from HEAD
at Norwalk Cove only

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On Sale at the Nautical Boutique at Norwalk Cove

the Nautical Boutique!!

    The Best Things About August

  1. August has the maximum number of days in any month.
  2. If Mother Nature cooperates, you can boat all 31 days in August.
  3. August 2014 has five weekends.
  4. The average August temperature on Long Island is 80 degrees.
  5. The sun sets later than 7:30 pm every day this month.
  6. The water temperature is about 70 SuperMoondegrees.
  7. It has a SuperMoon!
  8. We average less than four inches of rain in August.
  9. It's not September.
  10. It's not February. 

  11. From our friends at Boating Times LI
Summer Storms - A Textbook Example
Last week we talked about Summer storms and how to use Intellicast to help predict (and avoid) them. As that edition was being finalized last Wednesday, a VERY strong and fast moving Summer storm ripped through Norwalk harbor with wind gusts of 54 MPH and "white out" conditions...

Here are the details of that squall, with a look at how specific internet websites and technology can help us predict and avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time:

The storm moved quickly southward from Massachusetts, through CT and dissipated as it crossed the Sound.

The view below is from Intellicast as it hit Norwalk.
For the whole story, including some interesting views of this fast moving squall cell... Click HERE

Cove and Rex Offer VALVETECT Fuel for a Reason

ValveTect fuel additive can maintain your fuel for up to one year. If you started the season with some Ethanol "enhanced" fuel, used the boat infrequently, then added new fuel, there is still a good portion of original fuel in the tank. Ethanol (added to fuel sold in the US to comply with federal  EPA standards) is known to draw water from the atmosphere and from condensation on the walls of the tank, and also acts like a solvent on plastic parts, hoses and gaskets. Additionally, it's sulfate salts can corrode metals in the fuel system, fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports and combustion chambers.

When ethanol bonds to the moisture, it separates from fuel and drops to the bottom of a tank. This is called "phase separation" and it causes two problems. First: Because ethanol boosts fuel octane by about two points, when it drops out, it leaves fuel that is below the recommended octane for your engine, resulting in hard starts, poor acceleration and loss of power. Second: It can actually create a situation where your engine is forced to run on water! (not good). 


Use as much of your existing fuel before refueling and plan on filling your tanks for the winter. Using ValvTec fuel from the Cove Fuel Dock or Rex fuel station will maintain the fuel for up to one year, and includes all necessary fuel stabilizers, and anti-separation ingredients. Pre-measured and scientifically mixed, ValveTect is an easy way to protect your engine. 

Short Haul Special


Schedule a short haul at either Norwalk Cove or Rex Marine and save $ 2.00 per foot off the regular price!   Good thru August 31st.

Rex Service 203-831-5234


Cove Service 203-838-3681    

Huntington Lighthouse Festival  - August 30th


A great on-the-water party accessible only by boat! Bands play from the roof of the Lighthouse to an fleet of anchored boats from 11 am til dusk.


Read THIS article or 

See THIS website for info.
Things To Do:       

The Norwalk Concert Series at Calf Pasture Beach. 

Held in the city park next to Norwalk Cove Marina. Bring a folding chair and picnic meal.  Be prepared to sing along or get up and dance!

WED, August 20th, 2014, (raindate: Aug 21st)

6:30 Kids Show (TBD)

7:30 Concert by Desert Highway - Music of the Eagles  

Click HERE for the schedule of Wednesday evening concerts. 

Sept 5, 6 & 7th  2014  Norwalk Oyster Fest   (Sat: Joan Jett)  



CT Events in August from the NY Times..... HERE 


Boatshow Season is Coming!  


Sept 11- 14 2014   Newport (R.I.) International Boat Show 


Sept 18  - 21 2014    Norwalk Boat Show    


Things to Do and See, Fun Activities,
Courses and Seminars
On a Final Note