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Norwalk Cove Rigging Department News


The Rigging Department at Norwalk Cove is now a drop off and pickup facility for Fairclough Sailmakers, Hathaway, Reiser & Raymond and North Sails.

We will be accepting sails, boat and sail covers, etc., for storage, washing and repair.

Please call service at 203-838-3681 or email

On the Water News
The Dredge is Here - and it's HUGE

The Cashman Dredge"Dale Pyatt" arrived in Norwalk harbor right on schedule and it's imposing silhouette dwarfs the harbor.

Call it humongous, or ginormous, it's just REALLY big at 1,500 tons X 185 feet long with a 65 beam.  The new barge - believed to be the largest of its kind in the nation - is equipped with a crane and two mammoth custom clamshell buckets......  which could have easily swallowed the
20 foot boat we were on taking pictures.

A clamshell bucket used for dredging digs from two directions, trapping mud and waste in between. The clamshell being used in Norwalk harbor can hold 54 cubic yards of material, which would fill about five dump trucks.

The barge has living quarters for up to nine people and a high-tech office with sophisticated navigation equipment that can sense exactly where the dredge is digging

The schedule is to dredge the outer Norwalk River (from the power plant to the Stroffolino Bridge) working 24/7 and then to dredge New Haven Harbor. The combined total for the project is just over eight million dollars. The Norwalk portion of the project will remove about 150,000 cubic yards of sediment from the 12-foot channel.

From New Haven, the dredge will head north to a project in Portland, Maine before returning home to Quincy Massachusetts in March.   


For more & pictures of the dredge..... CLICK HERE 
Spaces are Going Fast !


Norwalk Cove  Winter spaces are filling fast - If you need a winter contract, please contact the Service Department at  203-838-3681 or Click HERE


For Cove Winterizing Service: Click HERE  


Rex Marine contracts are:  HERE


Note: Rex has limited indoor storage space   still available.   


Reserve your space and winterizing service now !  


Norwalk Cove Welcomes Petzold's

Petzold's Marine Center of Portland, CT, exclusive dealers for Sabre, Back Cove, Regal, and Edgewater Yachts in CT and western RI, has opened their first satellite office, Petzold's Yacht Sales, at Norwalk Cove Marina.

The Petzold's family has been serving the boating public since 1945, and has built a strong reputation in the marine industry. The sales office is staffed by Diana McCabe, the managing broker, and her assistant and office manager, Dan Chalons-Browne. They are looking forward to getting to know everyone at Norwalk Cover Marina, and encourage all to stop by and say hello!

The End of the Traditional Paper Chart


NOAA's Office of Coast Survey, which creates and maintains the nation's suite of over a thousand nautical charts of U.S. coastal waters, announced yesterday major changes ahead for mariners and others who use nautical charts. Starting April 13, 2014, the federal government will no longer print traditional lithographic (paper) nautical charts, but will continue to provide other forms of nautical charts, including print on demand charts and versions for electronic charting systems.


Since 1862, those lithographic nautical charts -- available in marine shops and other stores -- have been printed by the U.S. government and sold to the public by commercial vendors. The decision to stop production is based on several factors, including the declining demand for lithographic charts, the increasing use of digital and electronic charts, and federal budget realities.

For More......Click Here

A very good article from our friends at Active Captain: "The Second Most Dangerous Thing Aboard a Boat" ........ Click Here

How Long to Decompose ?


Years ago we tossed aluminum cans overboard after ripping them open under the illusion that they would disintegrate in a year or so....

Today we know better !

To see what the decomposition rate is for various items you likely have onboard.....  CLICK HERE
 You'll be surprised.  For example a tin can:  50 YEARS
Oyster Bay's 30'th Annual Oyster Festival Update  

With the last of the Indian Summer warmth, we left for Oyster Bay Friday night late under a bright full moon.  Light winds and calm seas made for an easy trip.  Anchoring behind Center Island was a snap and the harbor was empty.  We moved the boat closer in the morning (warning: Oyster Bay mud is very sticky & you'll need to spray down the anchor chain !) and anchored right off the festival along with five or so other boats.  A quick dingy ride to the docks at the launching ramps (ramps closed for the festival) put us right in the party.  Great music and food, lot's of arts and craft vendors, oyster eating contests, pirate reenactments complete with cannons and a working fireboat spraying plumes.   FUN

Put it on your list for next year.  With the right weather, it's the perfect last trip of the season.    We'll see you there !
Fall Boating Seminar- TONITE 

Navigating the Norwalk Islands   

Two Evenings,  Thurs. Oct 24th and

*Wed Oct. 30'th  from  7 - 9:30 PM 
This two session seminar will focus on The Norwalk Islands.... History, Secrets, Tips and Navigation around and between the 25 plus Islands.   (* Note date change due to Halloween)


Click HERE for Information or e-mail / text Capt. Rick     203-216-7800
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