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Fuel Prices at  Norwalk Cove
89 Octane Gas
$ 4.35 /gal   &
Diesel  $ 4.25 /gal

 *Prices subject to change

Holiday Weather:
Wed, July 3'rd 
Possible T. Storms
Highs in the 80's
and lows in the 70's.
Tides: L 2:39 PM H 8:48 PM 
Thursday, July 4'th
Possible T. Storms     
Highs in the  80's
and lows in the 70's.
Tides: L 3:29 PM H 9:37 PM

Saturday, July 6'th    
Iso. T. Storms     
Highs in the  80's
and lows in the 70's.
Tides: H 11:04 AM L 5:10 PM
Sunday, July 7'th    
P Sunny. Highs in the  80's and lows in the 70's.
Tides: H 11:46 AM L 5:52 PM

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Cove Store Hours
Mon - Sat  8:00- 6:00
Sun  8:00 - 4:00
July 4'th 9-1
Cove Fuel Dock Hours
Mon - Fri  8:00 - 7:00
Sat 8:00 - 8:00
Sun  8:00 - 5:00

Weather Permitting 


Captains Cup Hours

Mon - Sat  7:00 - 5:00 
Sun  7:00 - 4:00

Rex Store Hours  
Mon - Fri  8:00 - 5:30 
Sat  8:00 - 5:00
Sun  9:00 - 3:00
July 4'th 8-1  
The Dinghy Poker Run  
is July 27'th 

Tune up your Dinghy Engine ASAP !

Need a Dinghy ? See the Rexperts at Rex. 

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Happy 4'th of July !

The crew at Norwalk Cove and Rex Marine wish you  
and your family a joyful, safe holiday !  

Firework Schedule:

Norwalk   (Calf Pasture Beach)
Wed. July 3rd   Rain Date  7/5

Tide:  L 2:39 PM  H 8:48 PM 


 Rowayton, (Bayley Beach)

Thurs. July 4th  Rain Date  7/5   

Westport, Wed. July 3rd    


Rex Note:  On July 3rd, for the Norwalk Fireworks, the Rex rack service hours will be extended to accommodate returning boats.  


Cove Note: Please notify the Dockmaster if you will

be away over night or during the holiday week. 

What is Being Done to Restore and
                                 Protect Long Island Sound?


The federal Clean Water Act of 1972, started water pollution control programs which have led to measurable improvements in the water quality of Long Island Sound. Obvious sources of pollution were controlled through permit programs. Tidal wetlands were protected, sewage treatment plants improved, and industrial discharges controlled.

However, to fully restore the health of the Sound, a cooperative effort focusing on the overall ecosystem was needed. As a result, EPA, New York, and Connecticut formed the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) in 1985, a bi-state partnership consisting of federal and state agencies, user groups, concerned organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and protecting the Sound.

 For more, including a link to the latest "Sound Health Report"



Prepare To Be Boarded !

The US Coast Guard and local marine police are going to be extra diligent this holiday weekend to prevent another tragedy like that of a year ago, where the overloaded boat capsized off of Long Island.


Nationwide, enforcement efforts are

aimed to detect impaired boat operators in conjunction with the national "Operation Dry Water" campaign. Last year some 67 percent of boating accidents in Connecticut that resulted in fatalities were alcohol-related. The national average is about 17 percent.


Boat operators found in violation of the law can face huge fines and even impoundment. Nationally, thousands of local, state and federal marine law enforcement officers will be highly visible on the water as they conduct spot safety checks and enforce BUI (boating under the influence) regulations.




1. Assign a "designated captain" to soberly pilot your boat.

2. Check your Running Lights before you leave.

3. Go slow, and practice defensive navigating.

4. Check the date on your flares.    

5. It's illegal to run at night with a spotlight (or docking / fishing lights) constantly on, where another boater may be affected. Additionally, they must not obscure your running lights.           


Link to the Rules 

So, Where is the Traditional 4'th of July
Pool Party ?   

Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy brought one more tradition to an end, and the Ascension Beach pools, along with the clubhouse and bathhouses are no more.  In their place is Harborview at Norwalk Cove (see below). Due to circumstanses beyond our control, the party has been cancelled.

Introduction Party for Harbor View at
Norwalk Cove a Great Success !

Over 250 people attended the  party to introduce the most beautiful waterfront venue in Fairfield;
Harbor View at Norwalk Cove.  


A big thank you goes out to the everyone who attended.  The party went off without a hitch and even the predicted rain held off !  Many thanks to the generous caterers who provided the delicious food.  For party pictures and information about hosting your own party,
Click   HERE  


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