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Tides: H 6:41 AM, L 1:13 PM    

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Fishing Report & Update


It has come to our attention that we have been remiss by not addressing a segment of our readers.....   Fishermen ! (and ladies)


Please forgive us for not including you, and going forward we will include some articles from Eric Johnson of Westport  Outfitters and links to his fishing reports.    


Here's the most recent:


Well folks, could this be the weekend we have been waiting for? Finally after temperatures bouncing around between the high 30s at night to barely 60 during the day then back up above 70 to come right back down to the 40s....I can't speak for the bait or the fish, but I am surely confused. Is this pattern actually what we should be expecting? If you think about it, the last few years we have gone right from winter to summer, bypassing spring completely. This year we actually witnessed the normal fluctuations that springtime in New England is normally all about. How easily we all forget what the atypical weather pattern is in this glorious region, but despite all of this, it looks like we are finally going to break through...   


For more,   Click Here 

Rules of the Road Review - Overtaking Another Boat

This is an easy one. The rule (paraphrased) is "Overtaking boat shall keep clear".   So if you are in your boat and another is approaching you from astern with the intention of passing you (overtaking), you are the "Stand On" vessel and should maintain your course and speed.


The overtaking boat (the "Give Way" vessel) MUST give you plenty of room and not cause you to alter speed or course. The overtaking boat should not, however, exceed the posted speed limit in a channel.


Here are some additional things to consider:


Danger ahead. If you see a dangerous situation unfolding that the overtaking boat can't see, you must sound the danger signal (5 short horn blasts) and possibly alter course or speed to help avoid the danger or collision.


Sailboats. A sailboat under sail cannot easily throttle back and may become the overtaking vessel. In such a situation, she must give way to the boat being overtaken (power or sail). Note: This is one of the few times a sailboat under sail must give way. ALSO, for the same reasons, a sailboat can legally exceed the posted speed in the channel. This should not be abused, i.e. high speed catamarans zooming about across a channel. The local marine police will politely ask you to "take it out of the harbor".


Boating Destinations:  How Does This All Work ?


Some feedback we received on the boating  destination piece,

  "The BeerGarden @ Harbor Point" was:


"Where in the area can I take my boat and dock for an hour or two, grab lunch, ice cream, coffee, sandwich (eat in), and how do these places operate when arriving by boat ?  Do I need to call ahead to make a reservation for a slip?  Can I just show up ?  What are the costs?     Where are these places located ?  Do they monitor any radio channels ? " 


Whew, we can't answer all of that in one article, but we can pass along the tips and tools you will need to plan trips like this. We can also cover some popular local places that might fit the bill to get you started.


 For More............Click Here 
National Safe Boating Week kicks off tomorrow with 

Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day.

We dare you.   But the point is well taken. 

Boating fatalities are reported to be down - likely due to increased boater education, but the sobering fact is almost 71 percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, with 84 percent of those victims not reported as wearing a life jacket.
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On a final note,