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Fuel Prices at  Norwalk Cove
89 Octane Gas
$ 4.76/gal   &
Diesel  $ 4.40/gal

 *Prices subject to change

Fuel Dock Hours
Sun - Thurs 8-7 PM
Fri & Sat  8-8 PM
Weekend Weather:
Saturday, Aug 11th
Mostly Sunny. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the 60s.
Tides: H 7:07 AM, L 1:15 PM 
Sunday, Aug 12th
Sunny. Highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s.
Tides: H 8:03 AM, L 2:10 PM


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Welcome to this week's edition of Harbor Talk Weekly, bringing you updates, ideas and events around Norwalk.

Dinghy Owners..... Start Your Engines !


Register ASAP for our first Dinghy Poker Run, NEXT SATURDAY 8/18 !      Participants of all ages are encouraged.  Join your friends and enjoy a fun day on the water !   Dinghys, Jet Skis or kayaks are allowed and water pistols are encouraged.  


There will be 5 card pick-up checkpoints around the harbor. Registration is 11 - 11:30 and game time is noon - 2pm followed by a BBQ and awards behind the ship's store for all participants. Entry fee is $5 per 'hand' and multiple hands per dinghy are allowed....  Please pre-register by 8/15/12


                                           For more CLICK HERE

Mid Season Maintenance SPECIAL Pricing


Now is the time to schedule your boat for a short haul for mid season maintenance. Regular maintenance helps to identify possible problem areas as well as keeping your boat running its best. Inspecting your zincs will insure your running gear is protected from corrosion and a bottom power wash will help with fuel efficiency.


For the month of August, both Norwalk Cove

and Rex Marine Service departments are offering

$2 per foot off a short haul and bottom wash. Scheduling will be for Monday through Thursday only with at least 24 hours notice.


To schedule please call Norwalk Cove Service dept at 203-838-3681 or email or Rex Service dept at 203-831-5234 or email

 Severe Thunderstorm Alert - what it means


A thunderstorm that precedes a cold front is generally stronger and more dangerous than thunderstorms associated with warm, humid tropical air masses. Pushed by strong jet stream winds, the line of storms associated with the cold front is often called a squall line. Severe thunderstorms are fast moving and can create incredible violence as they pass over an area.


By definition, a severe thunderstorm is a thunderstorm that contains any one or more of the following three weather conditions: Hail that is 3/4 of an inch or greater in diameter, Winds 58 miles per hour or greater and Tornadoes, along with very heavy (torrential) rain and ground lightning.

Among their most devastating side effects are Downbursts.


A downburst is severe localized wind blasting down from the thunderstorm. A microburst is a downburst that covers an area less than 2.5 miles in diameter and lasts less than 5 minutes. This downward and outward burst of colder air creates damaging winds at or near the surface that are often mistaken for a tornado and can cause tornado-like damage. Wind shear is any sudden change of speed or direction in wind flow. Since a microburst is a sudden vertical drop of air, it produces dangerous wind shear.


For More, including how to predict & how to avoid..... Click Here 

Special Offer from Rex Valet Rack Service


For those of you who trailer your boat (or have a friend who does), this month is a great time to try out Rex's valet rack service. Try it for a week and get the second week free. You'll have 24 hour access to your boat and we guarantee that you'll use your boat more often. For more information, call Ermine at Rex at 203-866-5555 or go to and click on the link to watch a video of our rack service at work 



Rules of the Road Review:    Rule 9 - Navigating in Narrow Channels (paraphrased for brevity)


(a)     While traveling in a narrow channel, stay as far right as possible


(b)     A vessel less than 20 meters long or a sailing vessel shall stay out of the way of a vessel that can only safely navigate within the channel   (large vessel or deep draft)


(c)     A vessel fishing shall not impede the passage of vessels in the channel


(d)     Do not cross the channel if you will impede a vessel that can only safely navigate within the channel


(e)     If overtaking a vessel in a narrow channel, the overtaking vessel shall keep clear (is the "give way" vessel)  


Note: The rules above assume you are also obeying posted speed limits (6 MPH within 100 feet of moored vessels and 300 feet from the shore)

On a final note,