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Fuel Prices at  Norwalk Cove
89 Octane Gas
$ 4.60/gal   &
Diesel  $ 4.40/gal

 *Prices subject to change

Fuel Dock Hours
Sun - Thurs 8-7 PM
Fri & Sat  8-8 PM
Weekend Weather:
Saturday, August 4th 
Sunny. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the 70s.
Tides: L 7:43 AM, H 1:43 PM 
Sunday, August 5th
Sunny. Highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s.
Tides: L 8:25 AM, H 2:28 PM

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Welcome to this week's edition of Harbor Talk Weekly, bringing you updates, ideas and events around Norwalk.

SONO Arts Festival !


August 3-5  Fine Art, paintings, jewelry,

ceramics, glass, wood, puppet parade

and lot's of live music in South Norwalk


Take the Cove Shuttle

right to the enterance gate !


For more CLICK HERE 

Kids Activities at Cove !    Saturday 10 - Noon


Meet in the breezeway near the Captain 's Cup coffee house on

Saturday mornings from 10 till Noon for games, crafts and stories !  

Dinghy Poker Run !


Join us Saturday, August 18th at 11:00

at the Norwalk Cove service dock near

the Travelift with your dinghy or jetski.


Pre-Registration is required !  Please  

e-mail to pre-register.



There is a $ 5 cash entry fee per contestant...and there can be multiple contestants in each dinghy.  Entry fee will be collected at registration.

All participants must sign in between 11:00 - 11:30 am in order to receive game package and checkpoint map. Start and finish will be from the Service Department docks.  All participants should be back by 2:00 PM and winner will be selected at 2:30 PM.



NOTE: Participants must adhere to speed limits and no-wake zones as well as proceed with caution in congested areas and in the channel.  This is a run......not a race and there is no benefit to finishing ahead of everyone else.    Safety  First !!



 For Info and Rules : Click Here 


                          Water guns are allowed (and encouraged)

New Marina Added to Long Island Loop Cruising Club


We are happy to announce that Matt-A-Mar Marina, in Mattituck on the eastern end of Long Island, has joined the Long Island Loop Cruising Club as a participating marina. 


Matt-A-Mar has a pool on site and is within walking distance of town with restaurants, bars and a candy store.  Mention that you are a Rex/Cove member when booking to receive a 10% discount on transient dockage. 


Their website is and their dockmaster, Brenda, can be reached at 631-298-4793

Seafaring Gene Found


What did Thor Heyerdahl, Captain Ahab, and Odysseus have in common? They all may have shared a common variant of a gene for "love of the sea".


Researchers at Mystic University in Connecticut have identified a gene associated with "seafaringness", according to an article to be published tomorrow in the journal Genetic Determinism Today. Patterns of inheritance of the long-sought gene offers hope for "sailing widows," and could help explain why the boating life has tended to run in families and why certain towns and geographical regions tend historically to have disproportionate numbers of sea-going citizens.


For More......Click Here 

Boating Rules:  Duty to Provide Assistance at Sea


A master or individual in charge of a vessel shall render assistance to any individual found at sea in danger of being lost, so far as the master or individual in charge can do so without serious danger to the master's or individual's vessel or individuals on board.


The "Law of the Sea" demands that you MUST render assistance to a person or boat in distress.  ("Shall" in the rules = must) You can actually be fined for not doing so !  And yes, "at sea" means "upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by seagoing vessels" aka the Sound. 


For a good article on this subject.... Click Here

On a final note,