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Concord, California 94520
February 1, 2015

To: Friends of the Hume Center:

With all of your support the Hume Center has been serving the Bay Area Community for the last 22 years. We have attempted to promote the Psychological well being of the community. We reach out to the community members while they are struggling with the life's stressful situations by strengthening the already existing resources in the community through providing Behavior Health Consultation to academic and human service organizations. We aim to provide the highest quality, comprehensive and culturally sensitive Behavioral Health services to individuals and families and make them accessible to the underserved and un-served populations.

At present we have the following Programs:

I. Alameda County Behavioral Health Promotion Programs
a. South Asian Community Health Promotion Services
b. School Based Prevention and Early Intervention Services
II. Alameda County Behavioral Health Service Programs
a. School Based Outpatient Services
b. Comprehensive Assessment Services
c. Alameda County Child and Youth Services
d. Alameda County Adult Service
e. Integrated Intensive Community Outpatient Program
III. Contra Costa Behavioral Health Services Programs
a. Concord Outpatient Services
b. Pittsburg Outpatient Services
c. Partial Hospitalization Program
d. Community Support Program
IV Behavioral Consulting Services for Developmentally Delayed population
Serving San Francisco Bay Area 
V. Training Program for Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral Psychology Interns
Training Program Serving National and the Bay Area Psychological
Graduate Programs
VI. Continuing Education for practicing mental health professionals

It is obvious that as a non-profit organization we cannot provide such services without your support.

If you are a graduate of our Internship and Post-doctoral Training Program please support us so that we can continue training the future professionals.

If you are affiliated with a Graduate School of Psychology please support us so that we can continue training your students.

If you are interested in the psychological well being of the community you live in, please support us.

We have been fortunate that one of the Friends of the Hume Center has started this fund raising campaign by offering us a $15,000 challenge grant, i.e., for every dollar you contribute this donor will match it dollar for dollar. Your contribution will be doubled!

Please make the Hume Center your priority charitable institute for the year 2015.

You can contribute through the PayPal buttons below or send a check to the Hume Center at the address above.

Gratefully Yours,

R.K. Janmeja (Meji) Singh, PhD                       Bill Bindal, Member, Board of Directors
For Joty K. Sikand, President                            Chairperson, Fundraising Task Force


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Thank You!
Double Your Impact! 
Donate in 2015 and your money will be matched 100%!


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