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It has been nearly 20 years since IFFGD first designated April as IBS Awareness Month. Since then irritable bowel syndrome has become a more recognized condition, but there is still more to do to increase awareness and promote research to find answers to help those with IBS find relief. Learn more about what you can do in this issue of Digestive Health Monthly.

Take the IBS Survey
Help better us understand what it takes to make a good relationship between a patient and a healthcare provider by taking this confidential online survey. This IBS Awareness Month we invite you to take the survey and share it with others whose lives are affected by the condition. You can help doctors and other providers better meet the needs of those with IBS.

Diet, Eating, & IBS
Peter Whorwell, MD estimates that half of his patients with IBS see improvement in their symptoms just by making simple dietary changes. Diet, food, eating - all three of these things can affect symptoms. In this video, Dr. Whorwell discusses the right way to identify dietary triggers to start to feel relief.

Support Funding for Digestive Health Research
President Obama's Budget Request was issued last month, including several items important to the digestive health community like increased funding to the National Institutes of Health, more research projects for the Gulf War Illness Research Program, and support of the new Precision Medicine Initiative. Help Congress understand the importance of this research by making contact and encouraging their support. 

IFFGD, a nonprofit organization, and its grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance (DHA), rely on donor support to fund research and to provide reliable information and support to those affected by functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders.


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