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"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May."
     ~ Edwin Way Teale   

This time of year we often focus on our activities to help educate Congress about the effects of chronic digestive disorders.
 In this issue of Digestive Health Monthly we highlight our advocacy efforts and the ways that you can get involved to help increase awareness and advocate for additional research and understanding of functional GI and motility disorders.
Last week to register for DHA Advocacy Day! 

Next month advocates from across the country will meet in Washington, DC to help educate policy makers about functional GI and motility disorders and the needs of those affected by them - and you can join us! This is your chance to explain to Congress how essential it is for more research and advancement in this area. The deadline to register is May 30 - sign up now! 
What is post-infectious IBS?   
One topic that we often discuss when we advocate in Washington, DC is the impact of functional GI disorders on veterans. Post-infectious IBS is something that was first recognized in soldiers returning to the United Kingdom after service in World War II. Learn more about this condition by clicking below. 


Another new cosponsor for HR 842! 

Representative Andr Carson from Indiana's 7th congressional district is the latest member of Congress to sign on to cosponsor The Functional GI and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act (HR 842) after hearing from constituents like you. Has your Congressperson heard about this landmark bill? 
Lend your voice on Congressional 
Call-In Day, June 17!
You don't need to come to Washington to be an advocate for digestive health (though we would certainly love to have you)! You can make a real impact from your own home by picking up the phone and calling your congressional office. By making this call you can encourage your Representative to take action like Rep. Carson and sign on to cosponsor HR 842. Your call can make a difference!

IFFGD, a nonprofit organization, and its grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance (DHA), rely on donor support to fund research and to provide reliable information and support to those affected by functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders.


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