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In a few days IBS Awareness Month will be upon us. IFFGD first designated April as IBS Awareness Month in 1997 to bring attention to the disorder and the impact it has on quality of life. We have been working for many years to raise awareness for the needs of those with IBS and other functional GI and motility disorders - and we are determined to continue. Many thanks to all of you who are joining us on this journey! 
Earlier this month we also attended the Digestive Disease National Coalition (DDNC) Public Policy Forum in Washington, DC, reaffirming our commitment to speaking up for the digestive health community. While we were there Nancy Norton, our president and founder, was honored with the DDNC Lifetime Service Achievement Award for her dedication to helping people affected by chronic digestive diseases. Congratulations Nancy!

New IFFGD mobile app puts IBS Info in the palm of your hand 
Looking for reliable info to help better understand and manage the symptoms of IBS?  Download the new IBS Info app on your smartphone or tablet and gain easy access to topics like diagnosis, symptoms, causes, treatments, diet, and more! 

April is IBS Awareness Month: 
Learn to recognize IBS
The symptoms of IBS can change from day to day. As IBS Awareness Month approaches, here's a little reminder of what to look for to identify this complex disorder.  



Advocate for digestive health on Congressional Call-In Day: June 17, 2014

Can't make it to Advocacy Day in Washington, DC? You can still make a difference for digestive health. By picking up the phone on Digestive Health Congressional Call-In Day you can advocate for the needs of those with chronic digestive conditions from your home. Your voice matters! 

Online surveys help advance science
Sharing your experience about life with a functional GI or motility disorder is a great way for you to help researchers better understand these chronic conditions. From time to time we learn of online surveys that are looking for participants to help find out more about digestive disorders and the needs of those who have them. It's easy to let us know that you're interested in opportunities like these. Just click the button below to update your profile!  
IFFGD, a nonprofit organization, and its grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance (DHA), rely on donor support to fund research and to provide reliable information and support to those affected by functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders.


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