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Many aspects of functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders (FGIMDs) remain a mystery. Although treatment has improved for these conditions, much more still needs to be learned. This is why research is so important. Support of this critical progress is at the core of our mission at IFFGD/DHA. Whether it be participating in a clinical trial or raising funds to support research grants, you can help propel scientific advances. We hope you will join our mission.

Take Part in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials or research studies are important tools in the scientific process to understanding and treating illnesses. Trial investigators find new and better ways to treat, control, prevent, diagnose, or detect conditions. By becoming a participant, you can help advance medical research.


The Cheryl Aaron Memorial Fund - Halfway to its goal!

Lonnie Aaron became active in DHA last year when he established the Cheryl Aaron Memorial Fund to raise money for gastroparesis research. He set a goal of $20,000 and hasn't looked back. This month, Lonnie passed the halfway point, raising over $10,000! You can help him reach his goal, and if you feel inspired, start your own fundraiser to help make better treatments for these disorders a reality.  



Research Corner
IFFGD is sponsoring 3 research grants for idiopathic gastroparesis 

Because of generous donations from people like you as well as the efforts of our DHA fundraisers like Lonnie, we are sponsoring three grants to fund research related to idiopathic gastroparesis. These grants represent our commitment to scientific advancement and our hope that medical research will lead to meaningful results in the treatment of gastroparesis and other functional GI and motility disorders.  



Advocacy Results
H.R. 842 receives 2 new cosponsors

After our advocacy efforts in the month of June, two new cosponsors have signed on to the FGIMD Research Enhancement Act (H.R. 842)! Representatives Louise Slaughter (NY-25) and Bill Posey (FL-8) join 10 other cosponsors of the bill. DHA Advocacy Day participants visited Congresswoman Slaughter's office in June; Congressman Posey supported the bill in the 112th Congress. We are pleased to see continued positive results from our advocacy activities.


IFFGD, a nonprofit organization, and its grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance (DHA), rely on donor support to fund research and to provide reliable information and support to those affected by functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders.


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