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This month digestive health advocates from across the country took part in our Congressional Call-In Day and annual Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. We are grateful to have committed supporters who are passionate about making difference to better serve the FGIMD community. Thank you!


Telling our legislators the effects that digestive disorders have on our lives is important. It not only raises awareness, but it also lets our Representatives know that research for these disorders is essential. Whether you share your story with your Representative or your neighbor, you are doing your part to broaden understanding of functional GI and motility disorders. You have the power to inspire others to take action - we know you inspire us.

Advocates in Action

On June 18 and 19, supporters of digestive health traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the 2013 DHA Advocacy Day. Advocates visited 26 offices, expressing to legislators the importance of research, education, and awareness for functional GI and motility disorders. After our visits, Congressman Gerald Connolly (VA-11) became the tenth co-sponsor of the FGIMD Research Enhancement Act (H.R. 842).

Thank you to all who participated in making this event a success including all the advocates across the country who showed their support by contacting their Representatives prior to our visit.

Pennsylvania advocates in front of the Capitol

Controlling Intestinal Gas

Passing gas is normal; nevertheless, it can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. A better understanding of what causes intestinal gas can help most people reduce symptoms and find some relief.
Research Corner
Meet basic scientist, Gary Mawe, PhD

In April, we presented Dr. Gary Mawe with the IFFGD Research Award for Senior Investigator in Basic Science. Dr. Mawe's research focuses on how the nervous system regulates activity in the intestinal and biliary tract. His work is important to understanding the changes that occur in the digestive tract when you have an FGIMD. We're happy to introduce you to Dr. Mawe!


Surgery for Hirschsprung's Disease
Find this topic and more on the DHA discussion board

Does anyone have a child who has undergone surgery for Hirschsprung's disease? Surgical treatment for HD is common, but we want to know how your family coped with the surgery. What was the experience like?

IFFGD, a nonprofit organization, and its grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance (DHA), rely on donor support to fund research and to provide reliable information and support to those affected by functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders.


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