JaDuke Scene Shop


JaDuke Scene Shop brings you quality Broadway style theatrical sets packaged  

at affordable prices to help you produce the show of your dreams.  

Ja'Duke Broadway Show Packages are designed to help lower  

production costs without lowering production quality.  

JaDuke's show package helps you present a total  

visual and artistic setting for your next show.  

JaDuke Scene Shop is now renting a  

complete "Mary Poppins" Theatrical Set

for only $1,400.00 plus shipping.

Mary Poppins Theatrical Set Includes
32 Linear Feet Exterior
24 Linear Feet Interior
12 Linear Feet Nursery
12 Linear Feet Kitchen
12 linear feet rooftop second level
32' London Skyline
Two set exit stairs
2 - 4' x 6' Rooftop Wagons
2 - 2' x 2' small chimneys
2 - Beds with coverings
1 - White Fireplace

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