JaDuke Scene Shop


JaDuke Scene Shop brings you quality Broadway style theatrical sets packaged  

at affordable prices to help you produce the show of your dreams.  

Ja'Duke Broadway Show Packages are designed to help lower  

production costs without lowering production quality.  

JaDuke's show package helps you present a total  

visual and artistic setting for your next show.  

JaDuke Scene Shop is now renting a  

complete "Shrek the Musical" Theatrical Set

for only $1,400.00 plus shipping.
All drops are hung from the
JaDuke's Shrek Theatrical Set.
You do not need a fly system to
use JaDuke's Drop

Shrek Theatrical Set Rental Includes:
 24' x 12' Free Standing Castle

that includes: 
Castle Exterior opening to a 8' x 16' Dungeon
Dungeon Scene
 and/or Cathedral Window 8' x 16'

30' x 12' Dragon Castle Interior

30' x 12' Swamp/Forest Drop
Scary Forrest

Double Sided Wagon 4' x 8' x 8'

Side A - Shrek's House
Side B - Cabin Exterior

Double Sided Wagon 4' x 8' x 8'
Side A - Tower Exterior
Side B Fiona's Castle Bedroom

Lord Farquaad's  Bath Tub

Rolling - Log/ Rock



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