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Makiko Tada Kumihimo Books for Disk & Plate
Jacqui Carey Kumihimo Book
New "Staggered Spiral" Petals Bracelet Kit
Sort of New "Mixed Media" Focal Bead Necklace Kit
New! Crimp Style End Caps
New! Super Sleek Magnetic End cap
Kumihimo Artist of the Month
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Kumihimo Braiders

Oh boy, has it ever been a Fun and BUSY month. I spent the first week of February in Tucson, Arizona at the Bead Show. It's huge, to say the least, with tantalizing goodies at every corner. None of the reports I had heard prior to attending, even remotely, prepared me for the enormity of the adventure! For those that have not been, Tucson turns into a mecca of individual bead and gem shows, too numerous to count and all connected, conveniently, by shuttle buses. The "Bead Loop" was the blue loop and that's what my mom and I did for 3 solid days! I had a very good time and now my creative little brain is bursting with ideas and not enough time to try everything. Not too mention my arms are 3" longer from carrying my heavy bags of treasures home with me! What a great time.   

I have lots of new things to share with you this month. New books, new kits, new tips and new ideas. Enjoy. 


Just a reminder, I will be away for the first couple of weeks of March exploring San Miguel de Allende Mexico and teaching a few Kumihimo workshops. While I am away, you are welcome to place orders, just know that I won't be shipping anything while I am away.

So, get your orders in before March 2nd. I will resume shipping on March 20th. 


With much gratitude, 


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Makiko Tada Kumihimo Books - Disk & Plate
Makiko Tada, of Japan, is a master craftsperson with over 40 years experience as an internationally recognized Kumihimo Master. 

Makiko Tada designed the Hamanaka Kumihimo Disk and Plate and she is largely responsible for the growing international interest in the art of
 Kumihimo. She is a braider, designer, researcher, doctor of engineering and lecturer at Japan Women's University and Kyoto Institute of Technology. She is the author of seven "Comprehensive Treatise of Braids" books along with other books and publications. Her research into braiding has taken her all over the world. She creates Kumihimo braids from both traditional designs and from her own original designs inspired by nature.      
If you are new to Kumihimo, treat yourself to these two books that are written for use with the Kumihimo Disk and Plate. These books will be treasures in your Kumihimo library. These are not "project" books, but rather an invaluable resource for learning about and understanding the essence of Kumihimo braids.

Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VI: Kumihimo Disk and Plate   

To understand and appreciate Kumihimo and the art of braiding, in this book, Makiko Tada will take you on an exploration of 8 and 16 strand round braids, flat braids, tubular braids, zig zag braids, flowers and more. A must have for all braiders using the Kumihimo Disk and Plate. I recommend starting with the first braid and slowly working your way through all of the braids so you get familiar with the different braid structures. This is your foundation for braiding. Softcover 89 pages  $42

NEW!! Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VII: Kumihimo Disk and Plate 2 
This is Makiko Tada's brand new book also written for use with the Kumihimo disk and plate. This book has more advanced techniques and includes techniques like color switching, winding spirals, picot edged flat circle spiral, flat square spiral and frilled flat circle spiral just to name a few. The book has photographs of jewelry pieces that incorporate these techniques. Softcover 99 pages  $42 




NEW! Jacqui Carey Kumihimo Book
Jacqui Carey, of Devon, Englandis another world recognized Textile and Kumihimo expert. Her work stems from the traditional, although it is the creative possibilities that inspire most of her braids. The braiding process, with its aesthetics and sense of continuity, is an integral part of Jacqui Carey's work. The joy of making is enhanced by exploring a wide range of materials and playing with structure, color and pattern. The results cover a broad spectrum of uses and have been widely exhibited, both in the UK and abroad.
NEW! The Book of Braids - A New Approach to Kumihimo

The Book of Braids (
2014) has naturally evolved from Creative Kumihimo, another of Carey's books, and there is no reason why a total beginner cannot grasp the principles described in this new book. It is assumed, however, that the reader has a basic knowledge of making Kumihimo on a Marudai. The method of translating some Marudai moves to disks and plates is also illustrated with clear diagrams. This is a beautiful book and is a strong statement of Jacqui Carey's creative approach. I think that anyone that braids on a Marudai will love this book. The numerous photographs are beautiful. Softcover 128 pages $39.95


 Click here to visit my Bookstore.

NEW!  "Staggered Spiral" Petals Bracelet Kit
Does this bracelet look like Spring?  
The staggered and spiraled petals mixed in a bed of 6/0 and 8/0 seed beads creates a flower garden of a bracelet. In this kit you will do some bead counting for petal placement, work with 6/0 and 8/0 seed beads, braid with beads and petals and finish your bracelet with the Button & Loop closure. 

You will Need:
 Kumihimo Disk, 8 Bobbins, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Glue (I like WeldBond), needle and heavy duty thread.  
You Should Know: Kumihimo Round Braid, how to "drop" beads. If you aren't sure how to "drop" beads, it's very easy and you can check out Kumihimo Tip #14.


Kit includes:

- Pressed Glass Petals

- 1 Spool C-Lon  Beadcord (you will have plenty for additional projects)

- 8/0 Toho or Miyuki Seed Beads  

- 6/0 Toho or Miyuki Seed Beads

- Button and Barrel for Closure

- Wide Eye Beading Needle
- Instructions with Photos  

Cost $24
6 Colors: Hematite & Dk Rose, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Hematite & Black, Purple Iris, Green Iris (photo above) 



Mixed Media Focal Bead Necklace Kit
Sort of new! When I sold out of the La Brique Focal Bead Necklace Kit last month, many of you wrote and asked if I could come up with something else to teach the techniques of "starting in the middle" and the "adjustable closure" and this was my answer. The Mixed Media Focal Bead Kit was introduced the middle of January. 
The "Mixed Media" Focal bead Necklace is an adjustable, all-beaded necklace. The beaded portion of the necklace is a mix of 6/0 and 8/0 seed beads which create "visual texture". With this kit you will make an all beaded necklace (you should already know how to drop beads - it's easy, see Kumihimo Tip #14), you will learn the "starting in the middle" technique and you will finish the necklace with an adjustable closure. These are techniques that can be used over and over and over again. This is my new favorite.
I really like the adjustable closure which allows you to wear the necklace shorter or longer. For example, I can shorten the necklace when I am swearing a scoop neck top and I can wear it longer over my turtleneck making this a perfect "all season" necklace. The finished length of the beaded portion is right around 15 1/2 inches and 16 inches(depending on beads and braider) and the braided tails are about 6 inches (could be longer) on each end. You can wear this necklace as short as 16 inches and as long as 27 inches or so (a longer necklace would have more braid showing and a shorter necklace would have less braid showing). This is a very versatile, fun and easy necklace to make.
You will Need: Kumihimo Disk, 9 Bobbins, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Fray Check (optional) and reading glasses if you use them!
You Should Know: Kumihimo Round Braid, how to "drop" beads. If you aren't sure how to "drop" beads, it's very easy and you can check out Kumihimo Tip #14.

Kit includes:

  • "Mixed Media" Focal Bead (18mm and 25 mm)
  • 1 Spool C-Lon Beadcord (you will have plenty for additional projects)
  • 8/0 Toho or Miyuki Seed Beads
    6/0 Toho or Miyuki Seed Beads
  • Barrel for Closure
  • Wide Eye Needle
  • Instructions with Photos
  • Kit Cost $27.00
  • One time offering while focal beads last!
Click here to see this and more Kumihimo Projects.

Crimp Style Hook & Eye End caps

New! The Crimp Style Hook & Eye End Cap 
It looks great and it's super easy. Just finish the end of your braid in your usual fashion, cut off any excess and insert the end of braid into the crimp style end cap. (You may certainly use a little glue at this point to to make things nice and strong). Then take a crimping tool or other suitable pliers and compress the crimp into the braid. You are done. If you look at the photo of the Crimp Style Hook & Eye End Cap, you'll see and indented area in the midpoint of each end cap. This is the area where you want to apply pressure with your pliers. The Crimp Style End Cap is 4mm. The assembled unit is 27mm in length and the diameter is 4mm. I have used this end cap with 8 strands of C-Lon Tex 400 and I have also used it with 8 strands of Kumihimo Rayon Gimp (KRG). The Gimp is quite a bit more substantial than the C-Lon Tex 400 but I have found that if I roll the Gimp (or other types of cording) between my fingers, I can often get the tip narrow enough to fit in the Crimp Style End Cap. You just need to experiment but this does give another option for finishing your braid.



4mm Crimp Style End Cap (1 set)  $3.25   Antique Silver Plated  
4mm Crimp Style End Cap (1 set)  $3.25  Antique Brass Plated   


Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap

New! Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap 22 mm x 6mm

This is my new favorite! Constructed of base metal, the Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap has a very strong flush magnetic join, the receptacle for the braided/beaded ends is plenty deep and it just plain ol' looks great. For those who are so inclined, this magnetic closure is perfect for embellishing with Peyote or other bead stitch coverings. Love, love, love it!

I am carrying this closure in a 6mm size and it is incredibly versatile. Like magic, it pairs perfectly with 8 strands of Kumihimo Rayon Gimp (KRG), 8 strands of Petite Satin cord and it even looks great with the 8 strands of C-Lon Tex 400 and 8/0 & 6/0 seed beads. Check out my examples below.

This end cap is easy to use. Simply finish the end of your braid, apply glue and insert braided and/or beaded end into end cap. Give it a good chance to dry (I recommend 24 hours). The magnetic ends will align and snap together when you bring the ends close to each other. Remember, to release the magnetic bond slide the magnets apart instead of pulling.  22mm x 6mm (id 6mm)  3 colors: Silver Plated, Gold Plated and Copper Plated (Gold and Copper arriving soon)!

6mm Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap Silver Plated  (1 set)  $3.00
6mm Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap Gold Plated (1 set)  $3.00
6mm Super Sleek Magnetic End Cap Copper Plated (1 set)  $3.00

Click here to view End Caps.

Kumihimo Artist of the Month 
Shelley Casey - Los Altos, CA
Happy Valentine's Day! I love what Shelley did with the Blended Beaded Necklace. She used Pink and Red 6/0 Seed Beads, Shanghai Red C-Lon Tex 400 cord and the All-in-One Silver Hook and Eye End Cap to make her own version of this popular necklace. It is just beautiful.
Thank you for sharing Shelley!
I have 6 "Kumihimo Shops" to meet all of your Kumihimo needs. All orders are through PayPal (or use the credit card option) and I ship orders via USPS First Class Mail. This has been amazingly reliable and incredibly fast. Most orders are shipped the same day I receive them. 
 Kumihimo Books 
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