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                                                  October 2013
                                           WOOF!  Gilbert Dogs Edition
                                           Issue 1, Volume 1
Halloween Pet Safety


Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults; however, the scary creatures, silly costumes, decorations and treats can be frightening and even dangerous for dogs and cats.  I recommend following these guidelines to keep your pet safe and stress-free on Halloween:  Read on Link

Dog of the Month - Leo
Leo has been coming here since he was a baby and is loved by all. He is a Cane Corso , and is so beautiful clients are 
always asking what breed he is and commenting on how pretty he is. Leo is a staff favorite and he often gives us love bites on our fannies. Leo loves to play around with kongs and is great at fetch. He loves to wrestle with his doggy friends here at Gilbert Dogs. Some of Leo's best friends are Broca, Ryker and Ryder..We love Leo!
Staff Spotlight - Amy Martinez
Hi I'm Amy Martinez, Manager at Gilbert Dogs 24/7. I have been with the company for two years and I love it! I started my canine career about 14 years ago in a grey hound kennel, and have been working with dogs ever since. I've worked for many years in veterinary offices as a tech and receptionist. I enjoyed the medical setting where I learned about dog heath and behavior from veterinary doctors. But my passion is working with packs of dogs in cage-free environments. I just love how harmonious they become when they are all together. Its just amazing! I am always open if you need tips or help with your dogs behavior, or advice on heath and nutrition. I have a five year old son named Casey, who just recently started pre-school. I have four dogs as well--A Mastiff named Vixen, A Schnauzer named Beau, A Maltipom named Lutz and a Chihuahua named Whichi.
Gilbert Dogs 24/7 | 480-252-8207 | | 868 N. Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85234

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