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May-June 2016
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Can You Find the Magic Faucets?
On May 3, will partner with Help 2 Others and Give Local 757 to raise awareness about the importance of tap water by hosting two pop-up Drinking Water Week events in Hampton Roads. Ready for this? Two magic faucets will suddenly appear like, well, magic, on May 3---    one on the Peninsula, another on the Southside. The question is: Will you be able to find them? Get the clues you'll need to track down the faucets by listening to HOT 100.5, EAGLE 97.3 and 92.9 The Wave; visiting the Let's Talk Green blog; or following on Facebook or Twitter. Find us, and our magic faucets, and you'll receive an goodie bag plus a chance to win great prizes. Our first 200 guests at each location will receive an reusable shopping bag and water bottle!
The magic faucets are a great reminder that having clean, safe tap water delivered to your taps really isn't magic at all. There is an entire water system, working behind the scenes, to pull water from its source, clean it, test and monitor it for safety and then deliver it to your faucet via a network of over 6,500 miles of pipes. Can you imagine a day without access to water for drinking, bathing, cooking or cleaning? Unfortunately, some in Hampton Roads may face losing water services due to a sudden crisis such as death, disability or loss of employment. That's why Help 2 Others provides a one-time assistance to local families facing disconnection. Your donation provides the gift of water to families in need right in your community. Sign up now for a reminder email to support Help 2 Others on May 3 for Give Local 757.
DIY with the Online Media Toolkit
Want to spread your environmental know-how? You've come to the right place! Our team couldn't do what we do without folks like you, which is why we have an Online Media Toolkit for your use. The toolkit features a comprehensive collection of all the fun brochures, posters, graphics and articles that have been developed for the educational outreach program.

These helpful materials are filled with easy-to-understand information and simple tips residents can use to help conserve our natural resources. You'll find everything you need to launch your own "go green" campaign in your neighborhood, office or school. Our resources are specifically designed for sharing and created with civic leagues, community groups, HOAs, schools and businesses in mind. Writing a newsletter? Come snag a seasonally appropriate article from the toolkit. Looking to educate your neighbors about scooping the poop? Print out the Scoop the Poop poster and you're ready to go.

Spreading the go green word has never been easier!
Summer Etiquette 101
Finally! Warmer days are fast approaching, and the changing season is the perfect time to brush up on your summer environmental etiquette. Here's a quick list of do's and don'ts to see you through the summer months. Miss Manners would approve!

Pick up after your pet.

Fido's deposits are filled with bacteria and nutrients that pollute waterways. Scooping the poop protects local waterways---   and your flip flops!

Don't water the sidewalk.

In fact, you probably don't need to water at all. Grass only needs about one inch of water per week to thrive. But when you have to water, adjust sprinklers so that water falls only within your lawn and garden. Watering the pavement sends pollutants into storm drains and runs up your water bill! Your neighborhood walkers and runners will thank you too.

Keep your BBQ out of the sink.

Who doesn't love a good summer barbeque? While you're enjoying this season of outdoor cooking, keep in mind that cooking grease and food scraps should never be rinsed into your drain. Built-up food and grease can cause sewer overflows into your home or neighborhood--- blech!

Wash your car at a commercial wash.
This is probably the easiest green tip of all time! DIY car washing in the street or driveway sends polluted water into storm drains. Commercial car washes, however, are required to recycle their water and send their dirty water discharges into the wastewater system. Less water use, less pollution, and less work!
Keep your butts off the beach!
Cigarette butts, that is. Despite being small in size, cigarette butts take years to breakdown and are the number one form of litter in Virginia and across the world. Always dispose of cigarette butts in an ashtray or other proper receptacle.

Great American Cleanup in Full Swing
The best time to start cleaning up our region was yesterday; the next best time is now ... or so the saying goes. Since March there have been countless organized Great American Cleanup events taking place across Hampton Roads. From Virginia Beach to Williamsburg, and Gloucester to Isle of Wight County, volunteers have been hard at work tidying up roadsides and cleaning up neighborhood blocks. They've responsibly recycled electronics and gave unwanted household items and clothes a second life through donation. They've planted plants and spruced up parks. The Great American Cleanup is all about investing in our neighborhoods and shared natural resources. Do your part during the Great American Cleanup, and every day, to keep Hampton Roads a beautiful place to live, work and play. Find out what your city or county has planned for the upcoming month or start working to form a team of your friends, family and coworkers for Clean the Bay Day on June 4.
If you're living the green life in Hampton Roads, we want to recognize you as a Bay Star Home. Sign up for your free garden flag while supplies last!
Keep on being green
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