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August 2014
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Save Green, Go Green This School Year
School bells will be ringing soon, marking the official end of summer. (Sorry, teachers!) And while you don't have to hang up your bathing suit just yet, it is time to think about going green with your back-to-school shopping. The following tips will help you save both time and money as you move to the head of the class:

Check Your Inventory. Before you head to the store with that school supply list, check off items right in your own home. You might be surprised to find what leftover notebooks, pens/pencils, binders and pencil cases remain from last year. Reusing saves money and the environment!

Get Thrifty with Fashion. Did your kid shoot up three inches over summer? If so, bag up last year's fashions and bring them to one of the many local thrift stores or consignment shops in the region. While you're there, you can shop for new fall fashions. Buying "new to you" is one way to get ready for school without breaking the bank.

Ditch the Brown Bag. Save money on disposable lunch supplies by investing in a lunch box and reusable snack containers, beverage containers and eating utensils. Eco-friendly options are available in a wide variety of stylish patterns and designs that are fun, functional and reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill each year.

Don't Forget Your Totes. Some stores offer small discounts to customers who use reusable bags over the store-provided plastic bags. So BYOB (that's bag) on all your back-to-school shopping trips!
Attention Hampton Roads Teachers!
When it's time to start lesson plans for this school year, remember and check out the great info found under "Your Classroom" on the website. We make teaching kids to be environmental stewards as easy as A,B,C!
You'll find a wealth of information including our Green Learning Guide and other lesson plans to help get your students thinking green.
Need money for a classroom project or green school initiative? You can apply for up to $500 through the Mini-Grant Program for hands-on projects that get kids connected with local environmental issues.
And don't forget to have your class take the Green Classroom Pledge. See you in class!
The Early Bird Gets the Deal!
Attention all golfers: here's an early bird special you can't miss! Register yourself or a group of four to play in the Inaugural Keep Hampton Roads Beautiful Golf Tournament now through Aug. 15 and get the "Go Green package" for FREE. That's right-you'll get all this for free: mulligan, raffle ticket and contest entry! That's a savings of $25 per person! Chesapeake's Greenbrier Country Club will host the tournament on Oct. 13, and activities will kick off at 10 am.

We've got so many exciting things planned for the day including contests, raffles, prizes and a delicious awards dinner from Outback Steakhouse. Sound like fun? It will be! To join us, visit for more information on the early bird special, tournament registration and sponsorship opportunities.
The Team Behind the Green: Sara Crawford
There are a lot of talented folks working tirelessly behind the scenes of the program. From Virginia Beach to Southampton County and from as far north as James City and Gloucester counties, they come together as one region to encourage environmental stewardship among all residents here in Hampton Roads. We thought our readers might enjoy getting to know some of these dedicated members. This month, meet Team Member Sarah Crawford.

1. Tell us about yourself and what you do.
I work in sewage! OK, not literally "in" sewage, but I'm the community educator at the Hampton Roads Sanitation District, or HRSD, the organization that collects and treats wastewater in Hampton Roads. We maintain over 500 miles of sewer pipelines and operate nine wastewater treatment plants where wastewater is cleaned and then returned to local waterways. Working with sewage may not sound appealing, but wastewater treatment is essential to protecting public health and our environment. I'm responsible for educational and outreach programs and get to spend most of my time explaining the science behind wastewater treatment and the importance of protecting our local waterways, while educating people of all ages on what they can do to help keep our waterways clean.

2. Why is it important for HRSD to be a part of
Most people know they should not litter, but not everyone knows that what they put down the drain can also impact the environment. For example, did you know that flushing those "flushable" wipes or using the garbage disposal can contribute to sewage spills that pollute our waterways? HRSD works hard to protect the environment, but we can do an even better job if more people are aware of the issues and change their behaviors to be better stewards of the environment. helps get the right information out there so we can all work together to protect our local resources.

3. What is your favorite "green" tip to share with people?
Only flush the 3 Ps: Pee, Poo, and (Toilet) Paper!
Save the Date! Sept.13, 2014
Mark your calendar for the Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Expo on Sept. 13 at Kellam High School in Virginia Beach, a LEED Gold-certified building. The expo is a regional event designed to engage the greater Hampton Roads community in exploring the balance between social, economic and environmental responsibility. This year's theme is energy sustainability. Goodwill also will be on-site with e-waste recycling. Don't miss this great chance to be part of the conversation about energy sustainability in Hampton Roads.

To keep up with all the best environmentally friendly events,