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July 2014
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Water Wisely During Smart Irrigation Month
Did you know that water use hits its peak in July? The arrival of the summer heat isn't an excuse to open the flood gates. You don't need to give your yard a daily drench to keep it looking great. In celebration of Smart Irrigation Month, we invite you to follow these outdoor watering tips to make every drop count during the dog days of summer:
Most grass and plants need only 1 inch of water per week. Invest in a rain gauge and only water when rain isn't cutting it!  

Water in the early morning hours when the sun is low, winds are calm and temperatures are cooler. This will minimize evaporation up to 30%. Watering late in the day may encourage mold or fungus growth overnight.
Apply 1 inch of mulch to flowerbeds to help retain moisture. Mulch will also keep roots cool in the summer and help minimize weeds.

Install a rain barrel to collect rain for outdoor watering.

Make sure you're not sending water down the drain. Set sprinklers to water plants only, not paved areas like your driveway, sidewalk, or porch----how wasteful! 
Trade traditional sprinkler systems for water-efficient drip irrigation systems to get every bit of water into the dirt.
Sharing is Easy with Free Tools from askHRgreen
Green-themed brochures, posters or articles anyone? If you're looking for an easy way to spread environmental messages to your neighbors, office mates or students, we've got just the fix-the askHRgreen Online Media Toolkit. Featured on the website and ready to download, toolkit materials include a variety of grab-and-go online and print advertisements to fit any need including our ever popular campaigns on scooping the poop, what not to flush, and choosing tap water. Need Infographics? We've got those too. Check out the colorful Green Living Home Schematic or Follow the Water Trail guides. We've even provided sample newsletter articles, rack cards and posters on a variety of topics-and for every season. The toolkit is perfect for schools, civic leagues, property managers, community groups, professional associations, businesses looking for that eco-friendly edge--- and everyone in between. So next time you're looking for content, check out our toolkit, the ultimate (and easiest) do-it-yourself project!
Three's a Charm! Happy Birthday,!
Time flies when you're having fun! That's why the past three years of the public awareness and education campaign have zoomed by so fast. Over the past year alone, has...
  • Attended nearly 40 community events to spread the word about the benefits of finding your inner green.
  • Welcomed more than 50,000 people to our website for green news, tips and promotions.
  • Joined forces with local animal shelters, watershed restoration groups and animal welfare groups to encourage citizens to take the pledge to scoop the poop.
  • Launched the new TapIt app making it easy for people to find free water refills on the go.
  • Placed more than 90 pet waste stations in communities throughout the region as part of our new pet waste station grant program.
None of these great achievements would have been possible without the dedicated members and volunteers that you see here in our 2014 "class photo." They represent the 16 cities and counties and HRSD that power the environmental education campaign. Happy Birthday--- to us!
Swingin' Sponsors Needed!
Is your business or organization committed to keeping Hampton Roads a beautiful place to live, work and play? If so, we need your help! and Keep Virginia Beautiful are looking for community partners to sponsor and support the inaugural Keep Hampton Roads Beautiful Golf Tournament, Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 at the Greenbrier Country Club in Chesapeake. Funds raised from the tournament will support local litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, beautification and overall environmental education programs that will inspire residents to be more mindful, green stewards. Become a sponsor, donate a prize or register your team to play in the tournament. Need more information? Email us at or visit the Keep Hampton Roads Beautiful Golf Tournament page to register online.
To learn more about the tournament and sign-up,