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2015 UDC Proposed Updates are underway

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BuildSA Update

In July 2015, Development Services (DSD) kicked-off BuildSA - a 30 month, $20M project - to replace its core systems which support DSD's land development transactions, municipal codes enforcement, and ordinances that protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of San Antonio.
The new solution will deliver the latest technology available on the market along with a high degree of change on DSD and its customers. These changes have to be managed in order to foster a successful transformation from the as-is to the future state and realize the aspired business benefits.  To achieve this, DSD staff are working with experienced consultants to prepare stakeholders impacted by the BuildSA project for change in terms of readiness, competence and motivation to take on new work once the solution goes live. 
The value in this investment into people and business process is realized by (A) minimizing the duration of transition-related disruption, (B) limiting the depth of a performance dip, (C) accelerating time to competence/new levels of productivity, and (D) and sustaining ongoing performance/continual improvement. Simply put, get to desired state as soon as possible. 
Since the formal kick-off of Change Management on Sept. 8, the project team has interviewed over 120 internal/external project stakeholders to gather critical insight of the culture, communications, and lessons learned from previous project engagements. With this feedback and analysis, the project team will formulate organizational change strategies to generate awareness, align understanding, and enable the successful implementation and adoption of BuildSA. 

As more information is available, we will share it in the Development Insight Newsletter and post it on Facebook and the DSD website.  
The Latest on 2015 UDC Amendments 
For the last several months, Unified Development Code (UDC) amendments have been reviewed and considered by several stakeholders and the Planning Commissions Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). DSD served as the administrator over this process and accepted more than 200 submissions. 

As the UDC amendment process continues, the timeline below outlines the actions that have occured this year:  
  • May 1 - DSD received 260 amendment submittals by 30 internal/external agencies and/or private citizens
  • July 13 - TAC considered 76 external amendments based on the UDC and sent them to Planning Commission to determine compliance and sponsorship
  • Aug. 12 - Planning Commission convened to consider the 76 external amendments
    • 33 of the 76 amendments were sent back to TAC for full consideration
    • The remaining amendments were not sponsored
  • July - Sept. -TAC has considered and approved 199 amendments since the initial meeting
  • October - TAC will consider the remaining items that include Low Impact Development (LID) and Secondary Access 
The general next steps:
  • October 2015 - Board of Adjustments, Zoning Commission, and Planning Commission public hearings and consideration
  • November 2015 - City Council Committee consideration 
  • December 2015 - City Council public hearing and consideration
  • January 2016 - Amendments to be effective 
To view a list of submitted amendments and TAC Agendas, please visit the   2015 TAC Agendas or the 2015 UDC Drafts Submitted section on the DSD website.
For more information about the UDC process, email Melissa Ramirez, Policy Administrator, at
Winter Holiday Schedule
Information Bulletins and Other Resources
The Information Bulletins (IB) listed below had recent significant changes; to learn more, select the IB link.   
IB 557 - Preliminary Sidewalk Inspections - Process Outline, posted 09/14/2015
This IB was developed to assist the development community in identifying existing sidewalks, curbs, wheelchair ramps, and driveway approaches that will not comply with current code and will require a replacement in order for a building permit to be approved.
In line with the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), this IB was revised to include the new requirements. 

Note: Information Bulletins, located in DSD Documents Online, are numbered based on the assigned section. The assigned numbers are generally categorized as outlined below:
  • 100s - Plan Review
  • 200s - Permits and Inspections
  • 500s - Land Development, Land Entitlements, Zoning, Policy Administrator
  • 800s - Code Enforcement
Keep in mind, there may be some instances where the IB overlaps sections and may be in a different section than thought. 
For a complete list of Code and Rule Interpretations and Information Bulletins, visit the sites shared below:    
The DSD Resources website also offers for more information, including Document Search, Forms and Applications, and Latest News.
Performance Measures - FY 2015


To view the performance measures in their entirety, visit


The August metrics are as follows:


Performance Measures



Permit Activity    



City News 

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Other Department News
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Here's what you said about us...

Letty Villarreal, Code Enforcement Officer, Field Services

JoAnn James called in to send a compliment for Code Officer Letty Villarreal.  She stated that Ms. Villarreal is an asset to the DSD department. She makes it a point to go and check on her and other residents in the area and to make sure landlords/owners are keeping up with their properties; Letty always follows up and is really good at her job. Mrs. James also said that Ms. Villarreal is also very well informed and offers her advice of different places she can go within the city that offers senior services.

Vincent Trevino, Senior Plans Examiner, Plan Review
After encountering much difficulty in getting answers from other jurisdictions, I was impressed with the prompt and courteous service Mr. Vincent Trevino provided. It was truly expedient and outstanding! Sincerely, Ed R. Martin
Juan Gonzales, Sr. Plans Examiner, Plan Review
Juan Gonzales is always helpful and knowledgeable. He is always there to answer any questions. Great asset!
John Anglin, Residential Building Inspector, Field Services

John Anglin came to perform my framing inspection for a small addition on my house. Various contractors have missed deadlines on my engagement putting the timeline at risk under some very strenuous circumstances (displaced for the project with a pregnant wife). John sensed my anxiety and walked me through the project. He affirmed that the work was done appropriately. I told John that he 'restored my faith in humanity today.' And now my project can proceed as planned with confidence that it is being done appropriately.

Melissa Ramirez, Policy Administrator, Land Development
Melissa and her team provide exceptional customer service all the time.
Jesse Vasquez, HVAC Inspections Supervisor, Field Services
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the way Jesse Vasquez presented the power point presentation. I had asked to be recognized at the beginning so that I could thank the audience of 65+people of Castillo Training ACR Licensed Contractors, RSES Chapter of San Antonio, and others who had heard of this special lunch and learn. He came through for me. Previously, I had asked for the top 10 turndowns on inspections, and he came through. I threw questions at him for clarification, and he came through. He showed the audience how to navigate through the DSD website and made every effort to answer the audience questions. If you receive the RSES Newsletter, there will be an article on Jesse. I would especially like to thank you upper echelon gentlemen who listened to my request and made it happen. God bless you all. Respectfully yours, Elena 

Chris McCollin, Planner, Land Development
Chris is an excellent Land Entitlement Planner. He addresses my concerns timely and helps to resolve any issues I have, even technical ones. Even though the time clock ends at 4:30 p.m. for that office, he answers the phone and addresses my concerns up to the minute. He does not stop working at 3 or 3:30 just to put it off for the next day. I really appreciate and need that when I am trying to run a business. 

Brittany Kjos, Code Enforcement Officer, Field Services
Brittany showed concern and interest in helping fix multiple sites where we had code compliance problems.
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