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Roderick J. Sanchez

AICP, CBO-Director



Effective May 1, 2015

New 2015 ICC Building Codes are in effect. 

Note: the Energy Code 
IECC), will be effective on July 15, 2015. 

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2015 Unified Development Code Amendments


The Unified Development Code (UDC) implements the City's Comprehensive Plan and Master Plan policies, and includes development regulations for subdivision platting, zoning, and street and drainage design, as well as historic preservation. 


Development Services leads a once every-five-year update program where amendments may be submitted for consideration and recommendation through various boards and commissions. This process is intended to help strengthen and clarify the Code, and carry out City Council priorities.


The 2015 UDC update includes approximately 260 proposed amendments submitted by 30 individuals/agencies. These amendments will be reviewed and considered by several stakeholders, committees, Boards and Commissions prior to final consideration by City Council.  


The next steps are outlined as follows:

July - September 2015 -Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings

October 2015 - Zoning and Planning Commission consideration

December 2015 - City Council consideration

January 2016 - Amendments to be effective


To see a list of submitted amendments, visit the 2015 UDC Drafts Submitted section on the DSD website. Drafts may be revised and adjusted as necessary up until July 1. Please note if staff identifies a conflict between multiple amendment submittals, applicants will be asked to work together to resolve their conflicts.


For more information about the UDC process, visit the UDC section of the Codes & Ordinances website. 


Rezoning and Plan Amendment Process Streamlined


Prior to FY 2014, rezoning and plan amendment processes were handled by Development Services Department (DSD) and Planning and Community Development Department respectively. As a result, two separate cases were filed in these two different departments and two separate case managers were assigned essentially for very similar individual processes for the same land. 


Today, these two functions are grouped in DSD's Zoning Section, allowing us to merge the application intake forms and assign one case manager for both cases. In an effort to making this process more efficient and convenient for the applicants, we have a new combined application form, now available online. 


If you have any questions, or need assistance with the new application, please contact Zeke Solis at 207-7796, zenon.solis@sanantonio.gov, or John Osten at 207-2187, john.osten@sanantonio.gov


Ordinances, Information Bulletins and Other Resources



The following Development Services Ordinances were adopted by City Council on June 18, 2015: 


Development Services Department Parking Expansion Project 

The Development Services Department (DSD) Parking Expansion Project, a Development Services Enterprise Fund project, includes the purchase of privately-owned property at 1920 S. Alamo St. The property, located in Council District 1, will be used as an overflow parking lot for DSD. To learn more, visit the Development Services Department Parking Expansion Project ordinance. 

Accela, Inc. Contract Approved

On June 18, 2015 City Council approved the contract with Accela, Inc. to replace the City's software systems for land and building development and property maintenance. For more information, view the ordinance and supporting documentation.



Information Bulletins (IB)

The 2015 International Council Codes went into effect May 1. As a result, DSD updated many of the IB to reflect editorial revisions to the forms, including changes to show 2015 ICC instead of 2012 ICC. The following IBs include noteworthy changes:


IB 171 - Retaining/Landscaping Walls - Permit/Inspection Requirements Form

Posted June 2, this IB was revised to clarify the process for retaining and landscaping walls and to define the requirements for other walls built in the city limits. 


IB 141- Determination of Valuation for Permit Applications Posted May 29, this IB was revised to include the ICC February construction cost update on determination of valuation for building permit applications.  


Visit the DSD Resources website for more information, including Document Search, Forms and Applications, and Latest News
Performance Measures - FY 2015


To view the performance measures in their entirety, visit


The May metrics are as follows:


Performance Measures



Permit Activity    



The Zoning Section - Growing in Experience & Diversity


The Zoning Section has hired a team of Planning and Zoning Professionals to compliment their knowledgeable and experienced staff, under the supervision of Catherine Hernandez, Planning Manager.  The DSD Zoning professionals include: Senior Planners Zenon Solis and John Osten - customer service, intake of cases, and nonconforming use applications. Senior Planner Margaret Pahl - Board of Adjustment cases, nonconforming uses and customer service. Tyler Sorrells, Planner - plan reviews for Overlay Districts, including, Neighborhood Conservation/Corridor Overlays. Senior Planner Logan Sparrow - recently promoted, manages large area rezoning/annexation; formerly a Planner for Board of Adjustment. Planner Ernest Brown - Zoning Case management. Planner Robert Acosta - Plan Amendment and Zoning Cases management. Administrative Assistant Sandra Gonzalez - staff liaison to the Board of Adjustment and customer service associate. Intern Nyliah Acosta - zoning verification letters and other zoning-related tasks.


Our newest employees recently highlighted in the department meeting video include: Kristie Flores, Principal Planner, Oscar Aguilera, Planner, Veronica Hernandez, Administrative Assistant, Lynette Barrera, Development Services Specialist, Shepard Beamon, Planner.


Missing from the video were Mary Moralez-Gonzales, Planner, and Kristin Flores, Planner. To view their experience and hobbies, see below: 


Mary has been with DSD since Dec. 2014, and has a Master's in Public Administration with an Emphasis in City Planning and 4 years experience in Planning from San Diego and Poway, California. Mary's hobbies are reading and skydiving.


Kristin was hired in April. She has a Bachelor's in Biology and is pursuing a Master's in Urban/Regional Planning. Kristin has one year of experience with the San Antonio Planning Department and Americorp and her hobbies are reading and dining out.


Visit the  Zoning Organization Chart to learn more about the team. 


Back row (L-R): Lynette Barrera, Robert Acosta, Oscar Aguilera, John Osten, Mary Gonzales, Logan Sparrow, Tyler Sorrells, Shepard Beamon, and Zeke Solis Front row (L_R): Sandra Gonzalez, Veronica Hernandez, Kristin Flores, Nyliah Acosta, Margaret Pahl, Catherine Hernandez, and Kristie Flores

COREterly Award Celebration


On June 17, Rod Sanchez, DSD Director, recognized the COREterly Award recipients with a luncheon celebration. At the event, each person was presented with a CORE Value Pin and Certificate for demonstrating their specific value. To help recognize these employees, Assistant Directors John Jacks, Michael Shannon, and Terry Kannawin were in attendance, along with the core values committee members, Jenny Ramirez, Javier Castro, and Kathy Quiñones.   



City News 



Tell us which City Services you love! See what your neighbors and City employees have to say about the services they love! 




Three-pronged plan will guide the City toward smart, sustainable growth.






Art with LEGO Bricks, plant sales, and Starlight Movies in the Garden are just a few of the events offered.


Other Department News
 - Customer Comments, Recognition, New Hires, Promotions, etc.  
Here's what you said about us...


Raquel San Martin, Dev. Serv. Specialist, Residential & Fire Plan Intake and Robin Loyd, Plans Examiner II, Plan Review

Just by choosing "Excellent" does not do justice to the service I received from these two staff members.  Both were extremely courteous, extremely knowledgeable and very patient with me and all my questions. As I left, I knew exactly what I had to do because of the answers and service I received from Raquel and Robin... Thanks!!!


Natasha Diaz, Vault Team Member, Plan Review
Although our correspondence is primarily via email, Natasha is always prompt, courteous, and very helpful with my permitting inquires. More importantly, she does not "pass the buck". If she cannot answer a question she will find the right person and follow up with me to make sure my issue was resolved. Her positive attitude and eagerness to help is very much appreciated! Thank you!


Michael Uresti, Code Enforcement Supervisor, Field Services

Mr. Uresti was extremely helpful in regards to my questions and concerns about my salvage yard. He promptly contacted me with answers.


Reid Cassidy, Planner, Addressing, Yvette Thomas, Sr. Planner, Land Entitlements, and Zeke Solis, Sr. Planner, Zoning, Land Development

I'm ALWAYS pleased with every DSD staff person that has ever helped me. Yvette, Zeke and everyone else in the Planning Dept are fantastic!!!


Terry Ramirez, Call Center, Customer Advocate Section, Plan Review

Ms. Ramirez was polite, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. She answered my questions and provided the information I needed. It is a pleasure to deal with a person like Ms. Terry Ramirez. She is to be commended and recognized for her fine work. We are truly getting our "money's worth" with her. Thank you.


John Anglin, Residential Building Combination Inspector, Field Services

John is great! He is always willing to work with us. Truly an asset to the City of San Antonio.


Stephen Voigt, Code Enforcement Officer, Field Services

Mr. Voigt responded quickly and satisfactorily to a code compliance complaint dealing with an overgrown yard and a swimming pool that was not being maintained on a vacant property owned by an out of state holding company in our neighborhood. Thank you for the good work! 




Customer Choice Award

The Customer Choice award is presented to the DSD employee with the most perfect surveys, completed by customers for excellent customer service - Jeremy had 17 perfect surveys over the last quarter and did a great job making sure his customers were cared for. Way to go Jeremy! 






Customer Service Award
The Customer Service Award is presented to Development Services employees who demonstrate outstanding service through their professional interactions with customers, their knowledge of the applicable codes and standards, and/or processes related to the performance of their duties, and their ability to communicate effectively with customers regarding customers' particular needs.  


The following award recipients received a certificate, eight hours of employee recognition leave and access to a reserved parking spot for at least one quarter.

Plan Review: Jeremy Camarillo & Mark Gonzalez

Land Development: Mark C Bird & Richard Carrizales
Field Services - Inspections Team: Gustavo Silva & Jose Ramirez
Field Services - Code Enforcement Team: Melanie Benson & Elisa Valdez
Office of the Director: Phillip Busch & Rebecca Lopez




New Employees









Job Opportunities


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