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Coming May 1, 2015

New 2015 ICC Building Codes go into effect
May 1, with the ex-ception of IECC, which takes effect on July 15, 2015. 

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2018 Code Hearings 


The Development Services Department (DSD) sent four staff members to Memphis, Tennessee for the International Code Council (ICC) Committee Action Hearings. The hearings, held April 19-28, provided an opportunity for stakeholders to propose code changes for the 2018 edition of the I-Codes.


Michael Shannon, Assistant Director; Richard Chamberlain, DSD Engineer; Sylvia Cortez, Inspections Supervisor and Crystal Kastner, Engineer participated in several days of proposed changes to the International Building, Plumbing, Fuel Gas, and Existing Building Codes.   Michael Shannon was also a member of the International Building Code - Fire Safety Committee which is responsible for hearing proposed changes to Chapters 7-9, 14, 26 and Appendix D of the IBC. 


"What I enjoyed most about attending the committee action hearings was the opportunity to meet other Code professionals and ICC Board members," said Sylvia Cortez. "The Women In Code Enforcement and Development (W.I.C.E.D.), an ICC Chapter, recruited me as a new member, and I'm very happy about that."


"I enjoyed hearing discussions on parts of the code where we have worked hard to determine what the code states, and then to set forth, sometimes in writing, how to apply it as a department," said Richard Chamberlin.  "At the code hearings, the same topics come up with very valid and opposite interpretations of the same section with discussions as to what the intent of past language was. I realize all the more that the codes are very fluid changing documents."


The Code Hearings offer a great opportunity for DSD to ensure the next generation of codes benefit public health, safety and welfare.  Proposed changes are heard by the committees, and then ICC Members and other stakeholders, in favor or opposed to the changes, have a chance to present their point of view.  This year is the first year that voting members are able to vote online for changes that may result in public comments. Public comments will be heard and debated at the 2015 Public Comment Hearings in Long Beach, California from Sept. 30 to Oct. 7. 

Michael Shannon and Sylvia Cortez on the left; and
Michael on the jumbo tron on the right.

Information Bulletins and Other Resources

The following Information Bulletins (IB) have been revised to reflect the 2015 ICC Building Codes

 IB 106 - Demolition Process, Checklist and Permit Application 
 IB 101MP - Master Plans for Commercial and Residential
 IB 103 - Commercial Checklist Form
 IB 100 - Review Certification of One/Two Family Dwelling Form
 IB 132 - Special Permits and Inspections Program Policies, Procedures & Guidelines Form

Draft - Energy Code IB will be active July 15, 2015.
 IB 101b - 2015 Residential Checklist and Application
 IB 167b - 2015 IECC Residential Inspection Forms

 IB 221 - Commercial 2015 IECC Submittal Requirements

*New* IB 220 - Reclaimed/Recycled Water Collection for Reuse Purposes
Purpose: Development Services Department (DSD) created IB 220 to provide customers with guidance regarding who shall be properly licensed to secure permits to install on-site water collection and make up water systems intended to be reused to supply an irrigation system, or other approved uses for water conservation purposes.

For a complete list of resources, visit the following sites:   

Performance Measures - FY 2015


To view the performance measures in their entirety, visit


The April metrics are as follows:


Performance Measures



Permit Activity    



40th Annual Beach to Bay Relay Marathon


Congratulations to the Development Services Department (DSD) employees who participated in this year's Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. The event took place on May 16, Armed Forces Day, in Corpus Christi, Texas.


DSD fielded two teams and finished strong and healthy!!!  Martin Ruiz, Development Services Manager, Code Enforcement, said "the race was a blast, lots of fun, and a healthy way to spend some time together."


A big thank you to our team captains Dieudonne Joasidy (DJ) and Sandra Garza who did an excellent job of rallying the troops and keeping everyone motivated and kept the high energy going. 


"This is my fourth year running the marathon and my second time as the team captain," said DJ. "Once you are in, you cannot come out."


"I've been doing the marathon for three years but this is my first time as being captain," said Sandra. "It is so much fun and exciting to watch our team members come in at the last leg! That's when you realize the team has succeeded the goal!"


The teams were as follows:


Team 1 (Red) - WTF! (Where's The Finish!) / 4 hours, 52 minutes

DJ - Team Captain, DP Officer - West Central Field Unit

Israel Villa, CE Officer, Zoning & Permitting

Christopher Dominguez, DP Officer - West Central Field Unit

Sergio Quintanilla, CE Officer - West Central Field Unit

Yvette Ramirez, Solid Waste Management

Joel Garza, Solid Waste Management


Team 2 (Green) - San Antonio Coast Busters / 5 hours, 42 minutes

Sandra Garza, Admin Assistant II, Plan Review

Elias Alcaraz (not present), CE Investigator - Northwest Field Unit

Martin Ruiz, Dev. Services Manager, Code Enforcement

Norma Silva Cantu, Management Analyst, NET

Albert Mora, Training Officer, Training
Oscar Aguilera, Planner, Zoning Section


Honorable mentions:

Alice Guajardo - CE Supervisor - West Central Field Unit; team cheerleader!!!

Zeke Solis - Senior Planner, Zoning Section; ran in the Mixed 3 and 3 Division, placed 9th in division!

Nicole Cantu - CE Officer - Southwest Field Unit; ran on another team as the anchor and last leg (arguably the toughest leg) to her team.

Roman de la Luz - CE Officer - North Field Unit; Team 2 shirt design


The 41st Running of the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon will take place May 20, 2016. So, get your teams ready for next year's event

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Other Department News
 - Customer Comments, New Hires, Promotions, etc.  
Here's what you said about us...


Gustavo Silva, Building Inspector, Commercial Building - Field Services

Mr. Silva was excellent at explaining what steps I needed to take to proceed with the inspection.

Abel Torres, Dev. Services Specialist, & Valerie Huerta, Building Location Specialist, Land Entitlements Section, Land Dev.

Abel Torres, Valerie Huerta, and the team were very responsive to my request. The information he obtained was very helpful and helped me when I had a short deadline. Thank you!

Leslie Zavala, Sr. Dev. Services Specialist & Jose Delgado, Sr. Dev. Services Specialist, Customer Advocate Section, Plan Review

I had to cancel the application on my account, Leslie & Jose helped me solve the problem very fast and very professionally.

Oscar Aguilera, Planner, and Zeke Solis, Senior Planner, Zoning Section, Land Dev.
Email... we would like to express our gratitude toward two of your employees Oscar and Zeke. Both gentlemen have gone above and beyond what was expected. They are both very helpful and really care about the people of San Antonio. Zeke helped us with as much knowledge as he has to direct us in the right path. Oscar saw a red flag and informed us before we continued to make sure that we were on the right path... We want to express to you how grateful we are of your two employees. They both genuinely care about the people of San Antonio.

Joshua Martinez, Code Enforcement Investigator, Northeast Field Unit, Field Services
I am giving kudos to Officer Martinez. I am very grateful for the work he does for your department, our city and in particular my neighborhood. Officer Martinez only recently took over as the compliance officer in my neighborhood. He is professional and responds in a timely manner. He was quick in action to address my concerns for my family's health as well as our neighbors. Again I appreciate all Officer Martinez is doing and feel very fortunate to have him in charge of compliance in my neighborhood. 

John Anglin, Residential Combination Inspector, Field Services
John is great! He is always willing to work with us. Truly an asset to the City of San Antonio.


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