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So it's the end of another year.  I am grateful for the many successes of 2014 and in 2015 I hope to see more growth and expansion of the economic development tools, partnerships, and success than ever before.  Together we can make it happen, and we look forward to you being a part of our success and the success of your community.  


I wanted to mention just a few highlights of 2014, all of which were because of you - our members and partners. 

  • Growth from 220 members to 460 members. 
  • A partnership between BCEDA and Magzter who starting with the 2015 Invest in BC magazine will host the publication for download on tablets and phones to a global audience in the millions.
  • Delivery of ten Local Leader workshops (28 in the past two years).   The delivery of these workshops would not have been possible had it not been our partnership with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.  We truly are thankful. 
  • A signing of an MOU with EDAC and the ongoing partnerships with IEDC.  We look forward to working with both of them in providing additional value.
  • A new partnership with ICSC - with us being involved as co-chair of a BC Alliance in order to increase awareness of the value EDO's provide provincially and allowing us to work with developers and others who are involved in real estate development.
  • A successful BC Economic Summit made possible with the incredible support from our partners.
  • The ongoing expansion of BC BusinessCounts.  We hosted a number of training webinars to highlight the significant changes to the platform making it easier for communities to assist local businesses.  These improvements included the launch of the Executive Pulse mobile App.  We also launch BusinessWalks Retail - an expansion to our already successful Business Walks program.  BusinessWalks is seen as such a valuable tool that even the Province of BC has gotten involved in various communities implementing the program.
  • The launch of the Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap: A toolkit for Economic Preparedness. 

On behalf of me and my family I would like to close this last newsletter of 2014 by thanking you for your incredible support over the past twelve months.    I am very fortunate to have an incredible board of directors to work with, and want to thank them for giving their time to be a part of helping and supporting the work of all EDOs in the Province of BC.  Finally, I want to pass on a special thank you to Ashleigh and Jordan who I am so fortunate to have as part of our team.  Both of them have made such a huge impact to BCEDA, and I hope that we can make it work for them to be around in the years ahead.  Frankly we would not be able to achieve even half of the things we do if I did not have the support that they have shown to both BCEDA and to me personally.  I will be forever thankful.   


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Dale Wheeldon
President & CEO
2015 BC Economic Summit
April 26 - 28, 2015
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

Join economic development professionals, industry, First Nations, local governments, and others as we meet to discuss best practices in Economic Development as well as updates to BC`s Changing Economy.  Super early bird rate ends December 31, 2014 so register today to save!

BCEDA will be hosting the IEDC Economic Development Marketing & Attraction course immediately following the Summit.  Register for both events before December 31, 2014 & save up to $150!

Member Assistance 

The City of Abbotsford's economic development staff are seeking input from BCEDA members to a discussion paper that is being compiled on the advantages and disadvantages of an arms-length economic development organization vs an in-house municipal government economic development department.  If members could share any previous papers that they may have prepared on this topic or send any comments/input that would be very much appreciated. If you can be of assistance, please correspond with Wendy directly (

Resources Manual

We have compiled a detailed list of some of the funding resources available to community and regional economic developers.  The manual will provide a good foundation, and should be viewed as a starting point to build from.  It is not a comprehensive list of all of the programs available.  Each program listed has a brief description as well as a web address for further information. 

Feel free to visit our website and check out the manual for yourself.


Invest in BC Magazine
Interested in increasing the visibility for your community or business? Invest in BC magazine helps business owners and managers make informed decisions by profiling each of B.C.'s eight economic regions. Informed articles highlight living conditions and current business trends along with informative graphs depicting economic data. Invest in BC provides an opportunity to present your products and services to firms entering British Columbia's market or expanding to other regions who are looking for new suppliers and partners. 

BCEDA Sponsorship Opportunities
Our 2015 sponsorship package has just been redesigned, and there has never been a better time to get involved with the BCEDA.  Increase your company's visibility, be recognized as a leader in corporate social responsibility, or network with key community reps who are influencing millions of dollars of spending in the BC Economy.  If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring the BCEDA please contact us today!

Monthly Partner Profile

The Port of Prince Rupert is Canada's leading edge port -- in trade growth, maritime safety, environmental stewardship and community partnerships. With the distinct advantage of being the closest North American port to Asia by up to three days, the Port of Prince Rupert is uniquely positioned on the shortest trade route between the world's most dynamic economies -- an ideal location to serve shippers and producers, facilitate trade and grow the Canadian economy. With five world-class terminals, including the fastest-growing container terminal in North America, and ample industrial land ready for development, the Port of Prince Rupert is growing Canada's trade with Asia's fast growing economies safely, responsibly and sustainably. To learn more visit Prince Rupert Port Authority.


We would like to thank all of our partners for their generous support. For a full list, visit 
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