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September 2013
WDC Sponsors Pathways to Apprenticeship 


Thirty-four high school teachers and counselors from the Spokane region attended the Pathways to Apprenticeship event, presented by the Construction Center of Excellence on September 25.

Attendees received tools and resources to help guide students into apprenticeship, connections to apprenticeship programs representing many industries, a chance to tour the apprenticeship training center and hands-on experience in multiple trades.


"At a time when students and parents are faced with the high costs of university tuition and an education that may or may not lead to a living wage job, apprenticeship is a career path that allows students to work while getting their degree," said Shana Peschek, director of the Construction Center of Excellence.


The event was sponsored by the Spokane Area Workforce Development Council and produced in partnership with Spokane Community College and apprenticeship training programs.


"Apprenticeship provides workers in our region with excellent opportunities to learn vital skills and enter good paying careers," said Mark Mattke, CEO of the WDC. "Businesses in the transportation and construction sectors depend upon apprenticeship programs to deliver the workforce pipeline that builds our nation's infrastructure."

Students Learn Financial Skills at Next Generation Zone


Students at the Next Generation Zone are taking a new class to learn 3_piggy_banks.jpg about personal finances. Fun Money, Inc. is a six-week, 12-hour course in which students discuss banking, credit, savings, insurance and more with facilitator Lisa Adnet.


So far, 15 students have completed the course. Lisa is continuing to shape the curriculum around the needs and interests of the participants. In the last session, some of the key topics included establishing good credit, managing money while in a relationship and deciding whether car, health, and renters insurances are needs or wants.  


The course ends with a friends-and-family event and a chance for participants to share what they've learned. "It was a great session with a lot of learning," said Lisa. "And a general sense that they left the class feeling much more prepared to take on the adult responsibilities that they are either now navigating or will soon be experiencing as they transition to adulthood."


Fun Money, Inc. has been made possible through a grant awarded to the Spokane County United Way. The grant from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Foundation provides funding to educate young adults on basic financial principles, help them set and attain goals and increase their financial stability. 


Any interested youth are encouraged to contact the  Next Generation Zone at 509-340-7800 to speak with a career coach.

Nondestructive Ultrasonic Testing Course Meets Industry Demand


The Community Colleges of Spokane's Center for Workforce and Continuing Education recently offered a nondestructive ultrasonic testing course for employees at local manufacturing and aerospace companies and students interested in those fields.


The course, taught by nationally acclaimed expert Larry Culbertson, has been developed in response to identified industry need. In aerospace, the testing is used to check for stress fractures. However, it is applicable in other fields, such as testing in petro-chemical and power industries.


"The support of the aerospace sector by the Community Colleges of Spokane and the WDC is a key component of our shared strategy," Sara Sexton-Johnson, Executive Director of the college's Center for Workforce and Continuing Education. "This program exemplifies how our partnership effectively works to provide local business with a highly skilled workforce."


The course is planned to be offered again next spring. For more information, contact 509-533-8483 or email

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Students Learn Financial Skills at Next Generation Zone
Nondestructive Ultrasonic Testing Meets Industry Demand

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