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July 30, 2015    



Can housing mobility pay for itself?   We explored this question in a new report published by the San Francisco Federal Reserve, Leveraging the Power of Place: Using Pay for Success to Support Housing Mobility, written by Dan Rinzler (Low Income Investment Fund), Phil Tegeler (PRRAC), Mary Cunningham (Urban Institute), and Craig Pollack (Johns Hopkins).   


Best practices in state Low Income Housing Tax Credit plans: Following up on the Furman Center's excellent recent HUD study of the efficacy of pro-integration incentives in state LIHTC plans, we updated our 2008 50-state survey of state LIHTC plans with this new report: Building Opportunity II: A Fair Housing Assessment of State Low Income Housing Tax Credit Plans. The takeaway:  with some strong progress in a few key states, and less ambitious fair housing incentives starting to take root in other states, we still have a long way to go -- the Department of Treasury needs to take a much stronger leadership role.


From the 6th National Housing Mobility Conference:  we've posted the annotated agenda (with powerpoints & resources) along with photos from the recent conference in Chicago - check it out.  



Other Resources and upcoming events


AFFH for Public Housing Authorities:  The PHA Fair Housing Manual is an excellent new resource from the HOPE Fair Housing Center in Chicago.


AFFH 101:  The National Low Income Housing Coalition has put out this helpful introductory summary and links on final AFFH Rule, draft AFH template, and AFFH data tool.


Register today! for the National Coalition on School Diversity's Third National Conference: 

21st Century School Integration: Building the Movement for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.




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