PRRAC Update  

October 31, 2014   



HUD's HOME program and fair housing:  PRRAC's latest report reviews national data and case studies in three metro areas to explore the question, "Is the HOME program affirmatively furthering fair housing?"   


Social impact investing and housing mobility?   PRRAC Executive Director Phil Tegeler joined Dan Rinzler of the Nonprofit Finance Fund and Mary Cunningham of the Urban Institute in this commentary on the Pay for Success website - previewing a white paper that will explore the use of a social impact investing model to take advantage of the demonstrated health benefits of housing mobility policies and programs.


PRRAC's 25th anniversary:  We have posted a few photos from our recent celebration at Busboys and Poets - a great time to reconnect with colleagues, and some thought-provoking commentary from our founders during the panel discussion.   This was our first fundraising dinner so we want to especially thank our event sponsors who helped put us "over the top."


Other resources and upcoming events

"The Making of Ferguson": Sherrilyn Ifill, NAACP LDF Director-Counsel, and Richard Rothstein, EPI Research Associate, will discuss how a century of purposeful federal, state, and local policy to segregate the St. Louis metropolitan area by race was at the root of the events in Ferguson. The forum is scheduled for 11:00 on Thursday Nov. 13 at the EPI offices in DC. Register here for the DC event or tune in here next week for a live webcast. We are also featuring a précis of Rothstein's report on Ferguson in the next issue of Poverty & Race.


National Housing Conference "Solutions" conference: We will be participating in the NHC's annual conference in Oakland in two weeks, and the agenda looks like it will be very productive (registration is still open).



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