PRRAC Update  

July 24, 2014  





"New Frontiers for Title VI" - a forum in the summer issue of Poverty & Race, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of this key section of the Civil Rights Act, with articles by Robert Garca, Marianne Engelman Lado, Phil Tegeler, and Derek Black.


School diversity at the Dept. of Ed:  PRRAC joined other members of the National Coalition on School Diversity in comments on the Department's proposed addition of socioeconomic diversity to its list of approved priorities for federal discretionary education grants.  


Other Resources 


Two important articles you can't freely access yet (except at the library) -


Molly Metzger, "The Reconcentration of Poverty: Patterns of Housing Voucher Use, 2000 to 2008," Housing Policy Debate, Vol. 24 #3, pp. 544-567.


Craig Pollack, Rachel Thornton, and Stefanie DeLuca, "Targeting Housing Mobility Vouchers to Help Families With Children," JAMA Pediatrics, June 30, 2014.




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