PRRAC Update  

November 7, 2013 




Affirmatively furthering fair housing in older diverse suburbsArticles from Myron Orfield and Alan Berube in the new Poverty & Race - "Older, diverse suburbs present an especially important challenge as HUD moves forward with implementation of its newly announced AFFH rule.  These communities can present a vibrant snapshot of the diverse America we are becoming, yet they are also communities at risk of disinvestment and resegregation." 




"The Business Case For Racial Equity":  A new report from the Altarum Institute and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.  The report echoes the Center for American Progress/PolicyLink book "All In America", in reviewing the economic case for racial equity, but also begins to set out an economic case for racial and economic integration in communities and schools. 


"Racial Equity Tools": A new content-rich website, designed for community based education, organizing and advocacy.


From the National Education Policy Center (NEPC): Much Ado about Politics, a policy memo responding to the misinformation campaign launched by Governor Jindal against the Department of Justice over its inquiry into the Louisiana school voucher program. 


Updated social science literature reviews on PRRAC's website:  "Gentrification: an updated literature review," by PRRAC Research Fellow Silva Mathema (October 2013), and "Annotated Bibliography - Recent Literature on Gentrification" (October 2013).


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