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Recent DOE Letter Clarifies Permissible Use of Aggregate Free and Reduced Price Lunch Data in Wake County, NC


Good news! A recent letter from DOE's Office of Civil Rights to attorneys in Wake County clarified that "[a] school food authority...may use and share aggregate data from f/rp applications, so long as the affected students are not identified nor their identities deducible," citing correspondence with USDA's Office of General Counsel and referencing USDA's 2012 Eligibility Manual for School Meals.
The announcement has national implications. A few years ago, President Obama's Agriculture Department expressed concern about the use of such data in socioeconomic integration policies. In February 2013, socioeconomic diversity advocate Richard Kahlenberg urged the administration to clear up this confusion in a blog entitled Why Is Obama's Agriculture Department Standing in the Way of School Integration? (this blog also appeared in the Washington Post).  
Read more about this here
James Ryan to Become Next Dean of Harvard's Graduate School of Education


ryan s hawley and trent James Ryan will become the new dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education this September. Professor Ryan teaches law and education, constitutional law, land use law, and local government law at the University of Virginia. He writes primarily about law and educational opportunity. 
Professor Ryan was an original member of the NCSD steering committee and served on the Equity and Excellence CommissionHis book, Five Miles Away, A World Apart: One City, Two Schools, and the Story of Educational Opportunity in Modern America, explores the history and politics of educational opportunity in Richmond, VA. Professor Ryan gave a great talk about desegregation at the Moving Forward Conference in Richmond, VA (his talk begins at about 6:50). Check it out!

Read the official announcement here. To learn more about Professor Ryan and his vision for HGSE, read this
NCSD Welcomes Two New Member Organizations


NCSD is pleased to announce that Magnet Schools of America and Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law recently joined the NCSD's membership.

LDF's Damon Hewitt Discusses Fisher Decision on Democracy Now


The Court's Fisher v. University of Texas decision reconfirms the educational benefits of diversity, ruling that universities can continue to use race as a factor in admissions. Watch LDF's Damon Hewitt discuss the case on Democracy Now!
For additional resources, check out the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund's website
"[T]he current American system exacerbates the problem by giving these children less of everything that makes a difference in education. As a result, we take the extraordinary diversity--including linguistic backgrounds and familial relationships--that should be our strategic advantage in the international economy and squander it."

The commission recommended that, among other things, the federal government should:
  • "Develop policies that give states and school districts incentives to pursue legal and feasible means to promote racially and socioeconomically diverse schools...the federal government should also continue to support racial diversity as part of a broader equity agenda." 
  • "Along with states, provide assistance to districts and schools that are becoming more diverse, and help districts champion and benefit from that diversity."
 -- U.S. Equity and Excellence Commission Report (2013)
Cited material was pulled from pages 14 & 35


July 2013

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