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November 29, 2012   




Welcome to the PRRAC Update!  Every other Thursday, PRRAC sends out a brief digest of news, recent publications, and other points of interest related to our work in housing, education, and health. We welcome feedback and encourage you to forward to others. To join the PRRAC email list, click here.  



"From Urban Renewal and Displacement to Economic Inclusion": An excellent new study by Marcia Rosen and Wendy Sullivan traces a 30+ year history of displacement, community organizing, advocacy and innovative policy development in San Francisco that have helped to mitigate the harms of gentrification and point the way to more inclusive redevelopment policies in other parts of the country. Published by PRRAC and the National Housing Law Project. Download the full report here, or respond to this email to request a printed copy.  


PRRAC's annual appeal: We rely on our fall fundraising drive to help meet our annual budget. We are a small and effective civil rights policy, research and advocacy organization (not much extra fat in our budget!). If you support our work please consider donating generously this year - online donation option available here



Other news and resources


A final settlement in Thompson v. HUD: We were thrilled to join several dozen clients and a legion of lawyers in Baltimore federal court last week to witness the final class action fairness hearing in Thompson v. HUD, approving an important settlement agreement that will expand and preserve the successful Baltimore Housing Mobility Program that has already helped almost 2000 low income families move from high poverty neighborhoods to high opportunity areas throughout the region. The settlement also includes regional housing development and planning provisions designed to affirmatively further fair housing. Read the press release and settlement materials here.  Congratulations to Secretary Donovan and to our colleagues at the Maryland ACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. PRRAC will continue to be involved in Baltimore through the Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign, as well as serving on the new nonprofit board overseeing implementation of the settlement agreement.


Long term poverty reduction?   In the coming weeks and months, Congress will consider the fate of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and the fate of critical health, nutrition, education, and income supports that provide a pathway to the middle class. With Congress facing these important decisions, Half in Ten's 2012 annual report looks at key indicators of cutting poverty, tracking progress from 2010-2011, as well as longer term trends at the national and state level.



Philip Tegeler

Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Washington, DC