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NCSD members and interdistrict educators visit the Wilson Focus School in Omaha as part of a meeting sponsored by One Nation Indivisible (see story below).
New NCSD Research Brief on the Benefits of Diversity for White Students

by Genevieve Siegel-Hawley


Recognizing that sustained support for school diversity on the part of white families is central to the creation of stable, integrated schools, the NCSD's latest research brief outlines the best evidence to date on the benefits of racially diverse K-12 experiences for white students.

Nearly six decades of multi-disciplinary social science evidence points to important academic, social and civic benefits for low income students of color who attend high quality, diverse schools. Some of this research has also pointed to benefits accruing to students of all races and ethnicities attending integrated schools. Less direct attention has been paid to the ways in which white students benefit from racially diverse school settings.

Summarizing the available research, the brief's author found that enrollment in racially integrated schools is associated with improved learning outcomes for white students, including important social and psychological advantages that improve productivity in an increasingly diverse workplace.
Impressive Academic Results for Hartford Students Participating in Regional Magnet and Choice Programs

From the Sheff Movement coalition


New data obtained by the Center for Children's Advocacy from the Connecticut Department of Education show striking achievement results for Hartford children attending racially and economically integrated regional magnet schools and for Hartford children attending suburban schools through the "Open Choice" program.

For more information, visit the Sheff Movement coalition's website.
Do Federally Assisted Households Have Access to High Performing Public Schools?

by Ingrid Gould Ellen and Keren Mertens Horn, Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at New York University  


This important new study examines the location of federally subsidized family low income housing units in relation to their nearest elementary school, to provide a deeper understanding of access to opportunity in federal housing programs. We hope this report will renew efforts at the federal level to make all federal housing programs more opportunity-driven.  The significant variation in outcomes among different metropolitan areas also suggests the importance of continuing state and local advocacy to promote fair housing goals in the administration of these programs at the regional level.
NCSD Welcomes Three New Members 

The National Coalition on School Diversity


Please join us in welcoming three new members to the National Coalition on School Diversity:

To inquire about NCSD membership, please contact us.

Supporting Regional Efforts to Reduce Segregation & Inequality in Public Education 

Sponsored by the "One Nation Indivisible" project


Last month, NCSD members convened with educators from our nation's eight voluntary cross-district school desegregation programs in Omaha, NE. Metropolitan Omaha is home to the nation's newest and most ambitious regional education model - the "Learning Community." Designed to achieve equity and socioeconomic diversity in a highly segregated region, the 11-district Learning Community establishes a common tax levy across independent school districts and creates opportunities for students to attend more diverse public schools. Click here to learn more about this convening and to access related resources.


This meeting was made possible through the generous support of the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

"[T[alking about race is such a taboo topic so that we don't get much practice in doing so, and that by broaching the topic of race, it becomes more anxiety-provoking than it perhaps needs to be."

"And I have to say, I think it becomes more uncomfortable the less we do it. The more we actually give ourselves opportunities to engage in those types of discussions and really accept, from the get-go, that we're not likely to agree on everything, we're not likely to have the same views on everything, I think that can actually help to reduce the anxiety that we have approaching these types of discussions."

Linda Tropp

Professor of Psychology, Univ. of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA

Member of NCSD's Research Advisory Panel

(Excerpts from NPR's Talk of the Nation, "'Race-Baiter': Media Feed On Fear And Prejudice" on November 1, 2012 )




November 2012

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