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Spring 2014
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Revitalizing a PTW Deck (5-minute video)
Deck revitalization video
Diversify your income streams with deck maintenance services.
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Are your customers' decks looking weathered after the long winter? Are they less than excited about mildew spots from leaves that fell last fall? Our newest video series shows you how to revive their decks from weathered back to wow!


John Paulin of Tailor Decks walks you through the cleaning and pressure washing a pressure-treated wood deck in the first of two videos to show you how to revitalize your customers' decks and diversify your income streams. Whether you're new to deck building or have been doing it for years, refinishing and revitalizing decks can help lead to expanded income for you and your company.


In the next issue, we will walk you through the preparation and staining process after you've cleaned a deck. It's part of the WolmanizedŽ Wood University series described below.

WolmanizedŽ Wood University in the Works
How do you know if the preserved wood you buy is treated properly? 
Wolmanized Wood University will be live next month.
If it's treated for your intended application? Is code-compliant?

With all of the new preservatives available on the market today, it's hard to keep up with all of the information you need. That's why we are developing Wolmanized Wood University to help you make informed product decisions.

Included in the materials will be videos like the Revitalizing PTW Decks shown above, printed materials, and online educational tools. You can help us by replying to this email to let us know your questions about pressure-treated wood so we'll make sure to include the answers in the Series.

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