Expert caring makes a difference®Meeting of Sept. 24 - 25, 2015
Welcome aboard new Councillors!
The following registered nurses began their terms on Oct. 1, 2015.
President-elect: Jerry Macdonald
Edmonton/West: Derrick Cleaver
Calgary/West: Tyler Burley
Northeast: Jeannie Hare

Council appointed several volunteers who applied to serve on CARNA regulatory and governance committees. View committees and members.

Back row: Amie Kerber, Doug Romaniuk, Alison Landreville, Tracy Humphrey, Derrick Cleaver, Jeannie Hare, George Epp, Tyler Burley
Front row: Penny Kwasny , Marlene Pedrick, Elaine Andrews, Mary-Anne Robinson, Shannon Spenceley, Jerry Macdonald, Elva Hammarstrand, Christine Davies, Andria Marin
Your feedback needed on revised Bylaws
We have posted proposed revisions to the following bylaws to provide an opportunity for member feedback.

Bylaw 38: Specialty Practice Groups - Council approved revisions that will make this bylaw easier to read and understand and added clear criteria to remove a Specialty Practice Group.

Bylaw 8: President-elect Election - Council approved revisions to this bylaw to disallow a sitting president to run for president-elect.

Council will consider member feedback submitted and then vote on final ratification of the revised bylaws at a later meeting. 

2016 budget and operational plan Approved
Council approved the 2015-2016 operational plan and a budget with a projected deficit. Major initiatives include: 
  • Ongoing review, negotiation and consultation related to the proposed RN regulation changes
  • Development of an implementation plan in anticipation of regulation changes including RN prescribing and ordering of lab tests and introduction of jurisprudence for entry to practice. For more details on changes, see Revisions to the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation
  • Development of Infection and Prevention guidelines in collaboration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Alberta College of Pharmacists
  • Ongoing work to support nurse practitioner prescribing of controlled drugs and substances such as finalizing a monitoring program, developing practice support and investigating requirements for Methadone prescribing by NPs

These initiatives and others are in addition to the core and ongoing regulatory work of the organization mandated under the Health Professions Act and ongoing activities in our role as a professional association.

education program approval process to undergo review
Council directed a complete external review of the standards, criteria and processes for approving entry to practice nursing education programs. 

Council has been seeking information about the national variation in pass rates on the NCLEX-RN. As a result of that process, it has come to the attention of Council that there is a wide variation in program approval processes across the country. The ultimate goal of this outcome-focused review will be to streamline the approval process in Alberta. This review will include consultation with Alberta nursing education programs. 

All RN re-approval, site visits and annual program approvals will be extended for an additional 18 months while the review is completed. The Nursing Education Program Approval Board (NEPAB) will continue to work on NP program approvals and approvals of nursing refresher programs during the review period. To learn more about NEPAB's role and work, please visit the NEPAB page of the CARNA website.
One step closer to RN prescribing
Council ratified changes to the CARNA Bylaws that confirm authority of the Nursing Education Program Approval Board (NEPAB) to approve education programs/courses required for RNs to order diagnostic tests and prescribe Schedule 1 drugs (excluding controlled drugs and substances). RN prescribing is one of the proposed revisions to the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation currently undergoing review.

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the proposed Bylaw changes.
CARNA supports definition of Occupational Health Nurse
CARNA will provide a letter of support to the Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association (AOHNA) for the following definition submitted to Alberta Workplace Health and Safety - Occupational Health and Safety Code. The letter of support is in response to the resolution submitted by AOHNA at the 2015 CARNA annual general meeting for council consideration.

Occupational Health Nurse: "a registered nurse who has graduated from an accredited occupational health nursing program and/or who has achieved the level of COHN(C) with the Canadian Nurses Association "

Supporting this definition will give further direction to government and employers on the advanced skill sets associated with registered nursing within the workplace.