My major clients are consistently on the Denver Business Journal's list of fastest growing small businesses in Colorado. Few people in the country have the experience I have in growing better sales. I'd like to do the same for your business.

Now's the time to take the steps to make next year the best sales year ever. A Sales and Marketing Tune Up is designed to assess all major areas of your business's sales and marketing. Then we identify the opportunities to increase sales through higher conversions, as well as generating more and better leads.

During our Sales and Marketing Tu
ne Up, we will review:

- All your marketing materials
- Your web site
- Your sales process and procedures from the first contact through asking for referrals
- (Optional) We will interview your sales people and your better customers.

Once this is completed you will have the information that will increase your sales through higher conversion, and generating more leads.

How much more revenue and profit would a 20% increase in conversions mean to your business?

How much more revenue would an additional 10% to 30% in leads mean to your business?

How much better is your life going to be when you can be selective about what customers you accept?

The Sales and Marketing Tune Up is three parts:

1) Answer our questionnaire.
2) A 3-4 hour meeting to discuss all aspects of your sales and marketing.
3) A 2 hour follow up meeting to discuss opportunities and solutions to improve and grow your sales.

We have seen changes that meant millions of dollars in new revenue for businesses found during our Tune Ups! (See testimonials below.)

The normal cost of a Tune Up is $1,950 and 100% guaranteed to generate 10 times that amount of revenue in 2017, but for this select group of former clients or companies that have attended previous seminars, we have two spots available if scheduled before January 1, 2017 for the discounted rate of $1,450. That's a $500 savings.

Call me directly to discuss and schedule: 303 808 1734.

Just a few testimonials. See over 20 more on my linked in Page. 
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Mike Bayes was recommended to us from another business connection who Mike had also work for. Mike's ability to help our company to increase our sales system and knowledge base was excellent. He was able to quickly come into our company, learn our needs and goals from a sales standpoint, and then coach us to 
grow and improve. Thanks Mike!

Matt Shoup. President Shoup Consulting, M&E Painting and best selling Author of How To Become An Awards Winning Company.

"We first hired Mike to provide leads and streamline the lead contact/qualification process for our remodeling company. After several years, we entered into an agreement for him to provide comprehensive
marketing services as well. We have found him to be very supportive and vested in our company's success.

He has really stepped up during these recent lean times with exploring marketing options, marketing efforts 
and providing good advice regarding our business practices."

Jim Cressman
President, 3R Services

"Mike's vast experience in all aspects of Marketing helped us focus our efforts to get results by 
increase the number of leads and an improved sales process to increase our conversion rate. I'd recommend 
him just for providing such a great service but Mike did more than that. He's so personable and easy to work 
with that he made the changes easy and enjoyable. A++ in Marketing and professionalism."

Jerry Hughes
Founder, Stellar Energy Contractors

We also offer a full business Tune Up, including financials and operations, utilizing 
proven Cash Flow Engineering trained financial professions.  Ask us about a full tune up when you call.  

Mike Bayes
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Sales Jump Start
Save $500.

Save $500 on a Sales and Marketing Tune Up if started before January 1, 2017.  Offer good for the first two businesses to sign up.  
Offer Expires: December 31, 2016