2013 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon | March 3, 2013 | San Francisco, CA
January 31, 2013

You are receiving this email because you have registered as a participant or have expressed interest in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. This newsletter will continue to be delivered to you regularly until the start of the event. Each newsletter will contain very important information to help make this event successful and safe for everyone involved. Please read each one carefully.

In this newsletter, we discuss the second leg of the race, the BIKE!

Participant List
A Participant List is now available on our website. Please review your information to make sure it is correct. Note: Per USAT Rules, your age is shown during calendar year, NOT on race day.


Bike Expectations and Guidelines
The Bike

Following your cold, but successful, swim from Alcatraz and a quick safety warm-up run to the transition area at Marina Green, you are now ready for the second leg of your ESCAPE - the Bike.


Usually this race is held in June, but due to America's Cup yacht racing, the race has been temporarily moved up to March for 2013. With temperatures likely cooler than in June, we want to make sure all participants stay warm especially on the bike. Please bring appropriate layers for the bike leg of this race. If you need any cold-weather gear or any sports gear once in San Francisco, Sports Basement (about a mile from Marina Green) will have everything you need and more! And the rumor is a lot of their cold-weather gear will be on sale.   


When discussing the Escape bike course, the first important fact to mention is there is no advantage to riding a triathlon/time trial bicycle on this particular course. Kona coast: Yes. San Francisco: No. Aero bicycles may look cool, but you can still look cool and have better handling skills on a traditional road configuration. If you must, you can add a tiny pair of aero bars like the Vision Mini TT clip to your road bike and you will be dialed in for those rare aero moments here in San Francisco.

The first mile of the bike course is flat so after you ride by all those cheering family and fans, take this time to rinse your mouth, get the Bay water out of your mouth and start this leg off properly with some Cytomax. It is very important to start fueling up now with at least 100 calories before the Golden Gate Bridge and those HILLS! You may be cold over the first 20 to 30 minutes of the bike portion but keep pushing, you will warm up.

Within the second mile of the bike course you are climbing. This course is hilly and technical; we strongly advise that you get your bike tuned up prior to arriving in San Francisco. Make sure your shifting components are running smoothly and make sure your brakes are true and centered with fresh brake pads. Sometime in mid-February change out your old tires for new tires. Be sure to give yourself time to ride on them and still have good rubber left on March 3rd. Sports Basement will have a booth in the Expo and has a retail location less than a mile away, just west from the Registration/ Expo area, with passionate bike technicians who will help you with any last minute adjustments or equipment.

There is 1200 feet of climbing and descending on the bike course as well as ten left hand turns and ten right hand turns over the 18 miles so be advised that you will be turning or shifting every few minutes on this bike course. By mile 2.5 you have climbed from sea level to 300 feet. At mile 5.5 you will reach the Legion of Honor, the highest point of elevation on course at 380 feet. You will come by the Legion of Honor again on your way back to Marina Green.

In between the Legion of Honor and the entrance to Golden Gate Park there is some rough asphalt, especially immediately after the Legion of Honor. Stay in control as you descend downhill by the Lincoln Park Golf Course. Maintain control as you descend 0.8 miles from the VA hospital to the Great Highway. Use caution and stay in control. It is a good idea to wait to pass until GG Park. There are many miles of new asphalt in Golden Gate Park, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the new road and enjoy the beauty around you.


In previous years we have had two aid stations on the bike course. After careful discussion and environmental analysis, we have decided to eliminate ALL bike course aid stations. We will however have plenty of water, Cytomax and aid station support at Marina Green. In the past, these aid stations were highly underutilized yet generated high amounts of unnecessary trash. We thank you ahead of time for your understanding.  

An important note on passing: If you need to pass, do so on the left and courteously advise the fellow athletes about your overtaking course as you pass. If you pass on a downhill, remain in control and use caution when passing. If you pass on the uphill, make sure you have what it takes to complete the pass in a timely manner.


Hot Tip: Keep in mind the best and safest way to gain position within your age group rank is during the run. Do not cross the yellow line as the road serves as out and back for the bike course. Do not endanger any other person, either another athlete or volunteer. Please remember to thank the volunteers for their time and support.

We want each and every one of you to complete the bike course, but with every event there are limitations to how long we can have the roads closed. You must complete the bike course by 10:30 AM. Those still on the course at this time will be picked up by our sweep/sag vehicle. You will not be disqualified. The sweep/sag vehicle will drop you off in the last mile of the bike course where you can complete the bike and continue to the run.

Please take the time to enjoy this ride as it is one of the most gorgeous 18 mile bike rides in the world. Keep your head up, your attitude positive, stay properly fueled on Cytomax and you will have a successful and fun experience on the bike.


Congratulations you have now completed the swim and the bike! One leg left - the RUN. Look for information on the Run course in our next newsletter.

Please remember to view and print the
COURSE MAP and bicycle ELEVATION CHART available on our website. Also, do not come to this race without checking out the instructional videos located in our RACE TIPS section of the website.   




Mile by Mile Bike Course Tips

Mile 1 - Spin your legs out, take in 100 calories.

Mile 2 - Get ready to climb to 300 feet. Top off your fuel tank with Cytomax.

Mile 3 - Descending and climbing stay focused, keep your line.

Mile 4 - Climbing, conserve energy, stay in saddle.

Mile 5 - Still climbing to Legion of Honor. Get out of saddle as you make it to the top.

Mile 6 - Rough asphalt immediately after Legion of Honor.

Mile 7 - Smooth asphalt, good time to take in Cytomax prior to downhill.

Mile 8 - Rough asphalt by Cliff House, enter Golden Gate Park.

Mile 9 - Gentle climb up MLK Drive, good time to push the pace. Take in calories if comfortable.

Miles 10 & 11 - Gentle downhill take in 100 calories; take in beauty of GG Park. Don't miss Buffalo on right side of JFK drive.

Mile 12 - Tough 0.8-mile climb from Balboa and Great Highway to VA Hospital.

Mile 13 - Downhill and uphill pass Legion of Honor again.

Mile 14 - Downhill through Sea Cliff neighborhood. Keep your line, stay in control.

Mile 15 - Final climb up to GG Bridge. Ride it like you stole it.

Mile 16 - Downhill past GG Bridge. Stay focused, keep your line as you descend and keep bike in control.

Mile 17 - Continue downhill, be careful on the last downhill on Crissy Field Ave as you enter Crissy Field area.

Mile 18 - Spin your legs out, don't push too high a gear, take in 100 calories, visualize your transition routine. 

Bicycle Transport

Shipping your bike to the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is made EASY by the help of TriBike Transport and Sports Basement. The following are two great options to choose: 


TriBike Transport
TriBike Transport - Ship your bike FULLY ASSEMBLED through TriBike Transport. Your bike will be securely transported in a large cargo van with other bikes and delivered directly to the Sports Basement (1 mile from the event site) and returned to you using the same method.

You will need to make your arrangements with TriBike Transport before February 15th.  






Sports Basement  

Ship directly to Sports Basement - Ship your bike disassembled to the Sports Basement where bicycle technicians will receive and assemble your bike for the race. Return to Sports Basement following the race to have your bicycle disassembled and shipped to your home.




We Need Volunteers!
Volunteers This race would not be possible without hundreds of amazing volunteers!
There are many opportunities and roles as a Volunteer within this great race.  Some of the "best seats in the house" belong to our amazing and helpful volunteers.  And did you know that volunteering can INCREASE your chances of being selected in next year's lottery! 


We Want Your Story!
Do you have an interesting or heartwarming story about your participation in or your relationship with the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon? have you overcome impossible odds to join us on race day? Are you celebrating a milestone during the event? We want to hear your story!

Please email shelbi@spinpr.com with details!

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