Here we go! Here is all the info about getting started on the #tt30daychallenge!

Also the week one shopping list and the 30 Day Tracking Calendar are linked at the bottom of the email!
We are VERY excited to get our Taylored Training 30 day Challenge underway because small changes lead to epic change.
We have three different categories for our challenge with the promise that each one will take 5 minutes or less! 

Welcome... the the Taylored Training 30 Day Challenge. 

We are very excited to kick this off and help the world make positive changes to their health and fitness. 

As you get going with this challenge there are going to be a lot of surprises, however, the biggest surprise for most of you will be how truly easy and manageable this challenge will be. 

Don't worry! We live in an all or nothing culture and this fact is at the base of why so much of the health and fitness industry is very ineffective! When it comes to truly changing your health and fitness over the long term, and any habits really, it is far more effective to make small daily changes than to totally rearrange your life and change everything you do overnight. 

Stick with us, trust us, and we will help you make healthy habits simple a part of what you do every day! 

Welcome to the #tt30daychallange 
How it Works

We will post each of the next days challenges, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle on our Instagram feed

All you have to do is check out our IG feed to see what your challenge is for the upcoming day! 

Because we know shopping for food items takes a bit more time, each week we will send out an email that contains a shopping list! (yes - there is a link in this email for the week 1 shopping list). This will let you prep everything you need for the nutrition daily challenge. 

For the fitness and lifestyle challenges, there is no prep work necessary. Yes, we told you this would be easy! 

How do I find the challenges? 

Go to our @tayloredtraining IG feed and all the challenges with cool photos will be there waiting for you. 

Each post we make will be easy to search with hashtags. 
Every post will be hashtagged 

When you search this hashtag you will see all the challenge posts we have made, as well as posts from everyone else who is doing the challenge!  But it gets even better! 

Each post will have a hashtag to make it easy to get the specific challenge for that day! Each day will have a unique hashtag following this format: 

Don't go looking for them yet! We will be posting day by day, so you will need to check everyday. 

How can I see what everyone else is doing? 

That is easy! Simply search the hashtag for the challenge day you want to see, or the general hastag for the challenge and you can get a sense of how other people are accomplishing their personal challenges. 

We highly encourage everyone to share their daily challenges and tag them so that others, who may be stuck for an idea, can get a little inspiration. There will probably be a couple of days where YOU will be able to get inspired by other completing the challenge! 

Download the Calendar

Check at the bottom of this email for the link to our quick and simple calendar. Print this off and post it somewhere you can see it everyday. As you complete each daily challenge, simply check off the box on the calendar to keep track of your progress with the #tt30daychallenge

The Three Daily Challenges

Our daily fitness challenge will introduce you to some of our TT exercises that get our members epic results when it comes to their fitness. Short. Challenging and effective. 

We want to ADD in healthy, delicious fun snacks, meals and recipes to your life!


It's easy to get stuck in a routine. Perhaps you always drive the same way to work, or have had the same screen saver on your phone since you bought it! Well - let's have some fun and change things up. 
Week One Shopping List

30 Day Tracking Calendar