Friday, July 13, 2012 
So many of you and our other friends in the running community are about to take on some epic races in the coming weeks.    
Hardrock 100 is this weekend, with Badwater going off next week.  (Be sure and check out the feature below on Alexa Dickerson running across Death Valley for the Dreamchaser Foundation.)  Tahoe Rim Trail, Angeles Crest, and Vermont 100's also take place in the coming weeks! Good luck to all of you in these races and any other adventures you have planned!
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 Lisa & Jay

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JH Town Square
Enter these great races before registration fees increase!  Jackson Hole Marathon fees go up at midnight tonight!

Grand Teton Races:  September 1-2, 2012
50-mile, 50k, Marathon, and 10k trail races in the spectacular Tetons!  Registration fee increases July 31st.

Jackson Hole Marathon Events:  September 23, 2012
Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Marathon Relay road races starting in the historic square in Jackson hole, WY and finishing in the shadow of the Teton Range in Teton Village.  Registration increases by $10 at midnight tonight!!!

Yellowstone-Teton Endurance Races:  October 6-7, 2012
100-mile, 50-mile, and 100-mile Relay races starting in beautiful West Yellowstone following the Scenic By-way to the doorstep of the Teton mountains.

We need volunteers for all races!  Come out and support your friends and family and be a part of a great event!

TETON TRAINING CAMP: Click HERE for information about our Fall Running/Fitness camp with Lisa Smith-Batchen, Marshall Ulrich, and Ray Zahab!

Another great recipe from our friend Jason over at CookTrainEatRace!
Homemade tortilla wrap with red cabbage, green pepper, white onion, chickpeas, fire roasted tomatoes and garlic. Avocado and Brussels sprouts on the side.  Delisch!!!

1/2c of whole wheat flour, 5 Tbsp water, 1/4c chickpeas, 1/2c red cabbage, 1/2 fire roasted diced tomatoes (I used sprout's)' 100g green bell pepper, 100g white onion, 100g Brussels sprouts, garlic to your liking, 75g avocado

1- in food processor add flour and turn on. Start dribbling the water in until the dough starts to come together. It will create a ball in the food processor.
2- remove dough and roll out fairly thin.
3- place rolled out dough on Pre-heated skillet. Allow to cook until no longer raw but not hard. About 3 minutes.
4- julienne the onion and bell pepper. In Pre-heated pan add in all the vegetables, chickpeas and cook for about 5-10mnutes until tender but not soft.
5- toward end of cooking process add in garlic.
6- as vegetables are softening place your wrap on a large plate and then spoon vegetable mixture into center of wrap.
7- lift one end over the vegetables and pull toward you. Fold insides and the roll away from you.
8- on a hot panini pan place wrap and allow to form grill marks. About 3-5 minutes.
9- as wrap is toasting place the split Brussels sprouts in a hot pan to brown.
10- once all is done place on plats. Sprinkle sriracha over the Brussels sprouts and add sliced avocado.
Please note that I do not use oil in my cooking.
562calories, 93g Carbs, 13g Fat, 21g Protein.
Go HERE for more goodness from Jason at CookTrainEatRace!

Chi Running Knee Bending Exercise.wmv 
Chi Running Knee Bending Exercise
Training Tip:  Co-operate with Gravity, don't fight it!


Click on the YouTube video link for this issue's tip on how to run with less effort and reduced impact with Dreamchaser's instructor Damian Stoy.  Damian is a highly regarded, certified Chi Running instructor, winner of this year's Bighorn Trail Run 50 Miler and the Pocatello 20 Miler and an instructor at Dreamchasers.

You can also visit  www.WholisticRunning.com  for additional info about Chi running and to sign up for clinics/lessons.   

   Dreamchaser Profile:  Alexa Dickerson
Alexa Dickerson is America's most promising young ultramarathoner.  At only 23 years old, Alexa won the 2011 Mohican 100 miler and was the youngest female finisher in the prestigious Western States 100 miler.  Alexa attended the California State University at Fullerton where she majored in kinesiology and is now a CrossFit coach. 

Alexa is very excited to have qualified and been selected for the 2012 Badwater 135 miler ultramarathon, commenting: "As one of the youngest female contenders in the history of Badwater, I am proud to carry the torch for my coach Lisa Smith-Batchen and use the race to raise money for Sister Mary Beth Lloyd and the Dreamchaser Foundation.  Knowing that I can use my long distance running ability to raise awareness for a cause even greater than the race keeps me focused and motivated."

Please go to the Dreamchaser's Foundation page for more information and to support the amazing work done on behalf of these children.

Inspiration Corner

With the Olympics around the corner we thought it would be appropriate to draw some inspiration from the great Jesse Owens.....

 "We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."

-Jesse Owens

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